Society and Culture in Ancient China Chapter 7.2.

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  • Society and Culture in Ancient ChinaChapter 7.2

  • ObjectivesSPI 6.33 Analyze the structure of the Zhou Dynasty and the emergence of Daoism, Confucianism, and LegalismSPI 6.34 Identify the political and cultural patterns prevalent in the time of Confucius and how he sought to solve them

  • Chinese Philosophies3 major philosophiesConfucianismDaoismLegalism

    Main Goal was to create a well-run and peaceful society

  • What Ideas Did Confucius Teach?Confucianism was based on teaching of ConfuciusCriticized kingsUrged people to follow ancestorsTried to bring peace and harmony to ChinaDuty is central idea of ConfucianismParents love childrenChildren respect parentsRulers should rule justly

  • The Influence of ConfuciusConfucius believed the government service should be open to men of abilitySayings of Confucius called The AnalectsHis ideas continued to shape Chinese society until 1900s

  • The Philosophy of DaoismDaoism promoted a peaceful societyBegan with the ideas of LaoziBelieves people should free themselves from worldly desires and live simplyTurn to nature and the Dao-the spiritual force that guides all thingsThis will cause people to live a happy life

  • Confucianism vs DaoismConfucius taught people should work hard to make the world better

    Daoism taught people to turn away from worldly affairs and live in harmony with nature

  • LegalismLegalism-School of LawBelieves humans are evilStrict laws and harsh punishment were necessary to force people to do their dutyEMPHASIZED FORCE

  • Chinese LifeChinese society was divided into 4 classesLandowning aristocratsFarmersArtisansmerchants

  • Lives of AristocratsAristocrats were wealthyOwned large plots of landFamilys land was divided equally among all of the male heirs

  • Lives of the Farmers9 out of 10 Chinese farmedLived in rural villages surrounded by mud wallsRented the fieldPaid taxesFarmers forced to serve as soldiers

  • Lives of the Artisans and MerchantsArtisans are skilled workers WealthyNot respected members of societyPeople believed merchants worked for their own gain and not for the good of society

  • What were Chinese Families Like?Family was at the center of early Chinese societyPracticed filial piety-peoples responsibility to respect and obey their parentsRequired people to take care of their parents

  • Roles of Men and WomenMen were respected because of their jobsConsidered the jobs of men more important than the work of women

    Women raised children and saw to their educationWomen managed household and family finances


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