Social media workshop for Social Bussinesses at NESST network Romania 2012

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My presentation and training for representatives from Social Enterprises from Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, Romania


  • 1. Social Media for Positive Social Change

2. Standby TaskforceOnline Volunteer Community for Live 3. 4. Prague Mothers 5. 6. Random Hacks of Kindness 7. And you want me to do facebook too? 8. ListenCreateShareStrategizeBe safe! 9. LISTEN 10. 1. Better understand the people who mattermost.2. Start conversations with potential newsupporters.3. Answer questions and provide suggestions.4. Correct misconceptions.5. Feed your biggest fans. 11. 6. Increase your own professional knowledge.7. Keep tabs on your critics.8. Spot programmatic trends earlier.9. Respond rapidly to flare-ups.10. Be relevant and timely. 12. SearchFilterGoogle AlertsSocialmention.comTwitter 13. CREATE 14. WHAT PEOPLE LIKE TO SHARE? 15. 16. Audiovisual content (content is the king!) Set Your Theme (What is yours?)Be Regular Always Offer ActionVideo Blogging: Vimeo Vimeo Video School Creative Commons 17. SHARE 18. WHY PEOPLE SHARE CONTENT? 19. People build their identities online,help them and be part of it 20. Own content Others contentNot audience, but communityTopic first, brand in backgroundBecome Media OutletMicroblogging and Social NetworkingNewslettersMailchimp FacebookLinkedInOSOCIO.ORGTwitter (, + 21. Turn articles to:How-to List of / 10 things you need to Review of Summary of debateBe attractiveBe useful 22. Sharing on Facebook Edgerank 23. Videos, Images, LinksComic stripsInfographicsMemes Controversial questionsQuotes - 24. INFOGR.AM 25. Popular memes 26. People arelazy make iteasy to share! 27. Power Users 28. Not cool to share PersonalOrganizationalBegging for attentionCreating profile for your(Is this really happening?)organization/companyBegging for ComplimentsContinuous self-promotion(OMG, I feel I am so fat!)Feeling like everyone caresSpamming(Just ate lunch, going to nap)Leaving house for 2 weeksPosting at wrong times 29. Facebook connects you with people you went to school withTwitter connects you with people you wish to go to school with 30. Revolution in media communication in 140 characters 31. 32. / 33. BE SAFE!!! 34. 35. Communication Action Plan Know the change you want to see and who has the power to createthat change! 36. 1. Split into groups, share the tasks 37. 2. Analyse and AssessFind the less experienced organization in yourgroupAnalyse what they are doing wellIdentify what could be improvedWhat they need the most? 38. 3. Set the theme/topicWhat is their "thing"?What are their keywords? 39. 4. Identify main objectiveRaise awareness about topic?Raise awareness about NGO?Engage supporters?Recruit volunteers?... ? 40. 5. Identify target groupsWho is their primary target groupand why?Who can help them to reach theirgoals?Are there any power users? Whoare they? 41. 6. Message and ActionClearly tell the target audiencewhat you want to tell them andwhat they can do to help 42. 7. Strategy and toolsWhat should they do to reach the audience?What content they have? How to make itattractive? (audiovisual content, how-to, 10things to,)Find attractive content they could shareHelp to create blog, FB page, Twitter andPinterest account 43. 8. Impact and IndicatorsHow will you measure that thecommunication was successful? 44. 9. Share tasks, choose notekeeperand Presenter 16:15 See you here 45. Twitter: jvaluchDelicious: jvaluch