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<ol><li> 1. Smart ButtonSocial MediaSocial Media as Integral Part of Loyalty Program While 70% of shoppers rate friends recommendations as important, just 28% value recommendations from a shopIndustry standard data continues to support a strong needassistant. Some 62% value consumer reviews and 35% thefor a connection between social media outlets and loyalty. media, found the survey of 1,200 people, carried out byLoyalty programs need to be adaptable and elastic to moveFlyResearch.with the ebb and ow of changing conditions within the socialrealm.By becoming social and agile, retailers open the Smart Button Enables Seamless Social Mediaopportunity to improve conversion, encourage engagementIntegrationand build sales. Traditional channels are declining ininuence while social networks and peer channels continueThe interactivity of social media is changing the way your customers interact. Stay on top of this trend and stayto increase in usage and importance. connected to tech-savvy customers in a multi-channel Social media has transformed the ability of consumers to universe using these features through the Smart Buttonmake a purchase decision.Loyalty Platform (SBLP): Consumers rely on social contacts (friends/family) vs. Facebook Application Feature - Connect with yourretailers when it comes to making purchase decisions. customers through this fastest growing social media tool. Need to be able to adopt additional components (asAdvanced functionality such as polls, key codefeatures) to meet the needs of everyone (all ages). promotions, product code promotions and interaction It is within the best interest of every retailer to havepromotions (earn points for Facebook interaction) activateadvocates engaging with your brand. customer engagement. Reward customers for engaging with your brand. Twitter Feature - Post to twitter via the app or throughRetailers are making a direct connection with loyal customers twitter itself. Easy access. Posting messages is reaching beyond the in-store or eCommerce experience.Track mentions and reward points.Customers are already actively engaged in observing real-time stream of their friends likes/dislikes - following links, YouTube Feature - Track the customer activity ofwatching videos, reading status updates, "liking" content,customers viewing videos that youve posted on YouTubeand reward points if you choose to do so.participating in promotions.If a friend indicates brand loyalty by liking a brand page orparticipating in a contest or promotion, it stands toreasonthat this users friend will notice and give that brandtheir attention too.Consumers Rely on Social Contacts (Friends andFamily) vs Retailers in Making Purchase DecisionsConsumers are far more likely to trust social contactsincluding friends and family than retailers when it comes todeciding what to buy, according to new research.300 Creek View RoadSuite 202Newark, DE </li><li> 2. Seamless Social Media IntegrationFACEBOOK APPLICATION FEATUREFacebook Surveys. Useful way to gather additionalEvery 60 seconds users on Facebook, send 230,000information about your customer base. The answers that youmessages, update 95,000 statuses, write 80,000 wall posts,receive from your customers become a priceless source oftag 65,000 photos and share 50,000 links. Connect with yourinformation. Such information can be used to tweak yourcustomers:marketing efforts, ne-tune services provided, vary yourproduct mix; provide denitive results and statistics, make Customize app with your logo Easy HTML editor allows you to get the look and feeladjustments to your loyalty program where needed and more. needed - change fonts, point sizes and colors Customer/member prole access TWITTER Customize messagesOne more way to connect with your customers and extend View account summaryyour multi-channel universe is through twitter. The Smart Check account history Button Loyalty Platform (SBLP) supports integration with Targeted offers and promotionstwitter. This will allow you to post twitter messages (tweets) Incorporate surveys, polls and trivia from the application and monitor twitter mentions as well. Launch promotions Multiple twitter accounts are supported. Manage your twitteraccount communications via two options: post to twitter viaAdvanced functionality such as polls, key code promotions,SBLP or post through twitter itself.product code promotions and interaction promotions activatecustomer engagement:Track Mentions and reward pointsView a list of mentions within a easy-to-view grid. LinkKey Code/Product Code Promotions. Key code or mentions to members and award points.product code promotions available to use. Excellent way todrive participation and continue to build interest andYOUTUBEexcitement.With Smart Buttons YouTube functionality, you can now trackInteraction Promotions. Customers earn points for visits. the customer activity of customers viewing videos that youveDrive participation and increase brand loyalty. posted on YouTube. Now you can see when they viewedyour video (start time and nish time). This increasedPolling Options. Create your own online focus group.functionality enables you to track and reward members (if youCapture real-time customer feedback. Determine preferenceschoose to) for watching your published YouTube content.and interests. Monitor customer satisfaction. Use as a tool toYouTube provides a forum for you to connect, inform andcollect useful information. Get to know your customers. inspire your customers. The more times that your video/Ability to reward customers with points for answering pollcontent is viewed, the more value it has to your company andquestions. Customers see results after selecting answers to brand. Over two billion videos are streamed every day oneach poll question. YouTube and a hundred million unique users visit the siteevery month in the US alone.Promotional Messages. Drop in a custom promotionalmessage within the Facebook application. This promotionalmessage would also be the same one that appears on yourweb site portal. Another way to communicate with customersin a multi-channel universe. 56% of Shoppers Get Promo Info from Retailers Facebook Pages Retailers Facebook pages are taking the place of ad circulars for more than half of online shoppers: 56.2% of consumers visit these pages to stay up-to-date on sales and promotions and its the top-ranked reason for such visits, according to the Compete quarterly Online Shopper Intelligence Study.</li></ol>


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