Smart social media ethics

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This presentation offers up tips for avoiding the ethical pitfalls of social media and guidelines for how to stay on the straight and narrow with your social media efforts.


<ul><li> 1. Social Media Ethics:What You Need to Know Laura Click Blue Kite Marketing @lauraclick</li></ul> <p> 2. Lets talk about social media@lauraclick 3. RAISEAWARENESS 4. Build relationships. 5. Enhance customer service. 6. Communicate during a crisis. Image credit: Kelsey Wynns 7. Test ideas &amp; get feedback. Image credit 8. Find business opportunities. 9. And so much more 10. But, how can you do it ethically? 11. Be honest. 12. Give proper credit. 13. Do not solicit clients. 14. Dont give specificlegal advice. 15. Be careful about who you friend. 16. Dont share confidential information. 17. Disclose your relationships. 18. Usediscretion.Google never forgets! 19. Here are some people (and businesses)who didnt follow these tips 20. Should I tweet this suggestivepicture?Image source:Talk News Radio Service 21. Buying Twitter Followers? 22. The $4,000 photo Read the story here. 23. This is why you need a policy. 24. Keep it consistent with your overallemployee policy. 25. Bring together the right teammembers. Human Resources IT Marketing Legal Customer service Executive leadership 26. Include industry guidelines and laws. 27. Determine whats fair game to share. 28. Designate who shareson behalf of the company. 29. Train employees. 30. So, how do you be successful?Here are some best practices 31. How to Use Social Media the Right Way Educate people. Develop relationships. Be helpful. Dont be overly promotional. Share your content. Share other peoples content. Follow the Golden Rule. Have fun!@lauraclick 32. Ideas for Title Insurance Agents Write a blog. Write guest articles. Make targeted connections for referrals. Connect with your community.@lauraclick 33. You can do it! 34. Any questions? 35. Laura ClickFounder &amp; CEO - Blue Kite Marketingwww.flybluekite.comConnect with me!Email: laura@flybluekite.comTwitter: </p>