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  • HP Service Manager Software Version: 9.40

    For the supported Windows® and Unix® operating systems

    Application Setup help topics for printing

    Document Release Date: January 2015 Software Release Date: January 2015

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    Application Setup help topics for printing

    HP Service Manager (9.40) Page 2 of 257

  • About this PDF Version of Online Help This document is a PDF version of the online help. This PDF file is provided so you can easily print multiple topics from the help information or read the online help in PDF format. Because this content was originally created to be viewed as online help in a web browser, some topics may not be formatted properly. Some interactive topics may not be present in this PDF version. Those topics can be successfully printed from within the online help.

    Application Setup help topics for printing

    HP Service Manager (9.40) Page 3 of 257

  • Contents Chapter 1: Application Setup 10

    Chapter 2: HP Service Manager Processes and Best Practices Guide 12

    Processes 12

    User Interaction Management overview 13

    Incident Management overview 13

    Request Fulfillment overview 14

    Problem Management overview 14

    Change Management overview 14

    Configuration Management overview 15

    Chapter 3: Adding users 16

    Checklist: Adding a new user 16

    Creating operator records 16

    Operator records 17

    Add an operator record 20

    Add an operator record with the User Quick Add utility 21

    Add an operator to a security group 22

    Create a system default operator record 22

    Define a startup menu for an operator 23

    Define the distinguished name an operator uses to log in to an LDAP directory service 24

    Delete an operator record 24

    Enable an operator to see the command line 25

    Set database access for an operator 25

    Set the first day of week for an operator 27

    Set the maximum file attachment size for an operator 27

    Set the total file attachment size for an operator 28

    Set the time zone for an individual operator 29

    Update an operator record 29

    View an existing operator record 30

    Use Mass Update with operator records 30

    Synchronization between contact and operator records 32

    Mass create contact records from operator records 32

    Mass create operator records from contact records 32

    Create an operator record from a contact record 33

    Create an operator record from an operator template 34

    Create a contact record from an operator record 34

    Application Setup help topics for printing

    HP Service Manager (9.40) Page 4 of 257

  • Operator templates 35

    Create an operator record from an operator template 37

    Create an operator template 38

    Define the operator template applied to LDAP users 39

    Chapter 4: Process Designer 40

    Create a rule set 42

    Clone an existing Rule Set 43

    Adding a rule 43

    Add a Launch a URL rule 46

    Add a Run a Macro rule 47

    Add a Call a Process rule 47

    Add a Case Exchange rule 48

    Add a Run a Wizard rule 49

    Add a Clear Fields rule 50

    Add a JavaScript Validation rule 51

    Add a Run JavaScript rule 52

    Add a Set Mandatory Fields rule 53

    Add a Set Mandatory Variables rule 54

    Add a Send Notifications rule 55

    Add a Launch a Script rule 56

    Add a Send HTML Email rule 57

    Add a Start or Stop Clock rule 59

    Add a Set Field rule 61

    Add a Set Field from Number rule 62

    Add a Validate Date rule 63

    Add a Field Validation against a List rule 64

    Add a Validate against Table rule 65

    Add a Validate Text/Number rule 67

    Add a Field Validation against a Table rule 68

    Add a Popup Message Box rule 69

    Add an Assignment rule 71

    Add a Run Action rule 73

    Add a Run Scheduled Action rule 75

    Group rules 77

    Using the Condition Editor 78

    Launch the Condition Editor from a rule 80

    Launch the Condition Editor from a workflow 80

    Build a condition 81

    Create a group of condition items 86

    Application Setup help topics for printing

    HP Service Manager (9.40) Page 5 of 257

  • Copy a condition 87

    Enable deprecated fields and system fields in the Condition Editor 87

    Task Planner 88

    Plan a task with Task Planner 89

    Setting the input and output data in Task Planner 91

    Configure the recommended maximum number of tasks 92

    Configuring Task Planner 93

    Add fields to Task Planner 93

    Edit additional fields in Task Planner 96

    Remove additional fields from Task Planner 97

    Configure the status mapping between the task file and Task Planner 97

    Configure the additional properties in Task Planner 98

    Add an additional property 98

    Edit an additional property 99

    Delete an additional property 99

    Process Designer workflows 100

    Create a workflow 100

    Copy an existing workflow 102

    Export a Workflow 102

    Workflow phases 103

    Add a phase 103

    Copy a phase 109

    Workflow transitions 110

    Create a manual workflow transition 110

    Create an automatic workflow transition 112

    Create a default workflow transition 113

    Workflow Viewer 114

    View a workflow in Workflow Viewer 114

    View the workflow properties 115

    Integrate Workflow Viewer into a new form 115

    Workflow-based rule sets, actions, and transitions 117

    Workflow-based rule sets 118

    Workflow-based actions 119

    Workflow transitions 120

    Process Designer security mode

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