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  • HPBusiness Service ManagementSoftware Version: 9.26

    BSM Installation Guide

    Document Release Date: September 2016Software Release Date: September 2016

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    BSM Installation Guide

    HP Business ServiceManagement (9.26) Page 2 of 151

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    BSM Installation Guide

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  • Contents

    Introduction 7

    Part I: Installation Workflow 8

    Chapter 1: BSM 9.26 Installation Overview 9

    Chapter 2: General Prerequisites 10Installation Prerequisites -Windows 12Installation Prerequisites - Linux 14

    Chapter 3: Install BSM 9.26 19

    Chapter 4: Post-Installation Procedures 21General Post-Installation Procedures 22Starting and Stopping BSM 26Logging In andOut 27Adding Additional BSM Servers 28Monitoring Automation 28

    OMi Management Packs and Content Packs 30Connecting an HP Operations Agent 31Connecting a SiteScope Server 33t'sManaging a BSMHost System with Monitoring Automation (Optional) 36UsingMonitoring Automation 38

    User Engagement 39Setting UpUser Engagement 39

    Chapter 5: Configuring Secure Access to BSM Reverse Proxy 42Reverse Proxy Configuration 43Reverse Proxy ConfigurationWorkflow 44Configuring a Reverse Proxy - Apache 45

    Configuring Apache toWork as a Reverse Proxy 45Configuring BBC Port 383 Connection on Reverse Proxy 48Reference - Support for BSM Application Users 50Reference - Support for BSM Data Collectors 53

    Configuring a Reverse Proxy - IIS 54Configure IIS toWork as a Reverse Proxy 54Configure IIS Reverse Proxy toWork with SSL 55Configure IIS to Require Client Authentication - Optional 56Additional Required Configurations for someData Connections 57

    BSM Installation Guide

    HP Business ServiceManagement (9.26) Page 4 of 151

  • HP BSM Specific Configuration 60Enabling BSM to ConfigureMultiple Reverse Proxies 62Notes and Limitations 62Specific andGeneric Reverse Proxy Mode Support for BSM 63

    Specific Mode 63Generic Mode 63

    Chapter 6: Install and Configure Additional Components 64

    Part II: Appendixes 65

    Appendix A: Installing BSM on a Linux Platform 66Preparing Information Required for Installation 67Working with theWeb Server 68Installing BSM Servers on a Linux Platform 69

    Appendix B: Installing BSM on aWindows Platform 72Preparing Information Required for Installation 73Working with theWeb Server 75Installing BSM Servers on aWindows Platform 77

    Appendix C: Server Deployment and Setting Database Parameters 80Setup and Database Configuration Utility Overview 81Setting Database Parameters 82Required Information for Setting Database Parameters 84Running the Setup and Database Configuration Utility 87

    Appendix D: Installing BSMSilently 91How to Fully Install BSM9.26 Silently 92How to Generate a Response File to Rerun the Post-InstallationWizard and the Setup andDatabase Configuration Utility Silently 94How to ConfigureWindows AuthenticationWhenRunning the Setup and DatabaseConfiguration Utility Silently 95How to Encrypt Passwords in the Response File 96

    Chapter E: Disaster Recovery for BSM 97Introduction to Disaster Recovery for BSM 98Preparing the Disaster Recovery Environment 100Cleanup Procedure 104Configure the New Environment 110Configure Data Collectors 111

    Appendix F: High Availability for BSM 116Overview of High Availability Options 117Load Balancing for the Gateway Server 118High Availability for the Gateway Server 122

    BSM Installation Guide

    HP Business ServiceManagement (9.26) Page 5 of 151

  • High Availability for the Data Processing Server 123Configuring BSM Data Collectors in a Distributed Environment 134

    Appendix G: Uninstalling BSM Servers 135

    Appendix H: Changing BSM Service Users 138Switching theWindows User 138Switching the Linux User 139

    Appendix I: SwitchingWeb Servers 140

    Appendix J: Troubleshooting 141Troubleshooting Resources 142Installation and Connectivity Troubleshooting 143

    Installation fails due to security restrictions of the /tmp directory on Linux 144After installing BSM 9.26, RTSM is not accessible 144Server is not ready message 149

    User Engagement Troubleshooting 150

    Send Documentation Feedback 151

    BSM Installation Guide

    HP Business ServiceManagement (9.26) Page 6 of 151

  • IntroductionWelcome to the BSM Installation Guide. This guide provides a detailed workflow for installing BSM.

    This guide is for customers who do not have any version of BSM.

    If you have a previous version of BSM, see the BSMUpgradeGuides.

    How This Guide is Organized

    This book is divided into two parts:

    l Part I contains the step-by-step workflow for installing BSM.

    l Part II, the appendix, contains reference information and optional procedures.

    HP Business ServiceManagement (9.26) Page 7 of 151

  • HP Business ServiceManagement (9.26) Page 8 of 151

    Part I: Installation Workflow

  • Chapter 1: BSM 9.26 Installation OverviewThe installation of BSM9.26 involves the followingmain steps:

    HP Business ServiceManagement (9.26) Page 9 of 151

  • Chapter 2: General PrerequisitesPerform the following steps before starting the installation process:

    1. Create a deployment plan

    Create a complete deployment plan including the required software, hardware, and components.For details, see the BSMGetting Started Guide and the BSM System Requirements and SupportMatrixes.

    2. Order and register licenses

    Order licenses with a sales representative based on your deployment plan. Register your copy ofBSM to gain access to technical support and information on all HP products. You will also beeligible for updates and upgrades. You can register your copy of BSM on the HP Software Supportsite (

    3. Prepare hardware

    Set up your BSM servers and your BSM database server. For information about setting up yourdatabase server, s

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