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  • 8/13/2019 ROR Questions1


    Term Rule 1

    Definition Application

    Term International Rules

    Definition Apply to all vessels on the high seas and inall waters connected therwith navigable by

    seagoing vessels

    Term Inland rules apply

    Definition To all vessels upon the inland waters of theUnited States and to vessels of the UnitedStates on the Canadian waters of the GreatLakes to the extent that there is no conflict

    with Canadian law


    Rule 2


    Responsibility- Compliance with the ruleswill not exonerate any vessel, or her masteror captain, from the consequences of any

    neglect to abide by the precautions of goodseamanship.

    Term Definition

    Term Rule 3

    Definition General Definitions

    Term Vessel (RULE 3)

    Definition Every description of water craft, including

    non-displacement craft and seaplanes

    Term Power driven vessel (RULE 3)

    Definition any vessel propelled by machinery

    Term vessel engaged in fishing (RULE 3)

    Definition any vessel fishing with nets, lines, trawls, or

    other fishing apparatus that RESTRICTSMANEUVERABILITY



    Term SEAPLANE (RULE 3)




    Definition any vessel that THROUGH SOME


    to comply with the rules

    Term Definition any vessel which from the NATURE OF HER

  • 8/13/2019 ROR Questions1


    Vessel restricted in maneuverability (Rule 3) WORK IS RESTRICTED IN HER ABILITY TOMANEUVER (laying pipe, dredge, survey,underway replenishment, lanch/recover

    aircraft, etc.)

    Term Underway (rule 3)

    Definition a vessel not at anchor, not made fast to

    shore, not aground

    Term underway and making way (rule 3)

    Definition a vessel that fits the definition of underway

    and is being propelled through the water

    Term vessels in sight of one another (rule 3)

    Definition when one vessel can be observed by the



    restricted visibility (rule 3)


    any condition in which visibility is restrictedby weather

    Term Rule 5

    Definition every vessel shall at all times maintain a

    proper lookout. must be able to determinethe risk of collision using sight and hearing

    Term Rule 6

    Definition Safe speed- every vessel shall at all timesproceed at a safe speed such that she can

    take proper and effective action to avoidcollision and be able to stop with anappropriate distance to the prevailing

    circumstances and conditions

    Term Factors for Rule 6

    Definition visibility, traffic density, manueverability of

    vessel, backround light at night,wind/current/sea state, draft,

    Term Rule 7

    Definition Risk of Collision

    all available means shall be used todetermine if risk of collision exists, if in

    doubt, assume that it does; use radar; don'tassume if info is limited, especially scanty

    radar information

    Term Rule 8

    Definition Action to avoind collision

    positive, made in ample time, with dueregard to rules of good semanship, readily


  • 8/13/2019 ROR Questions1


    Term Rule 9

    Definition Narrow channels- stay as near to starboard

    side of channel as possible

    Term rule 10

    Definition traffic separation scheme


    Rule 11


    Conduct of vessels in sight of each other Term

    Rule 12 Definition

    Sailing vessels

    right of way:

    wind on starboard, leeward

    Term Rule 13

    Definition Overtaking

    right of way:

    vessel being overtaken

    Term RUle 14

    Definition Head on situation

    pass port to port

    Term Rule 15

    Definition crossing situation

    right of way: vessel on starboard (see green,go)

    inland rules only: vessel crossing riverkeeps out of way


    Rule 16


    action of the give way vessel (early andsubstancial action to keep well clear

    Term Rule 17

    Definition action of stand on vessle (maintain course

    and speed unless danger)

    Term Rule 18

    Definition Responsiibilities between vessels

    right of way order:

    not under command, restricted in ability tomaneuver, constrained by draft (int'l only),vessel engaged in fishing, sailing vessel,

    power-driven vessel, seaplane (except

  • 8/13/2019 ROR Questions1


    where other rules take over)

    Term Rule 19

    Definition COnduct of cessels in restricted visibility

    safe speed, be careful, etc

    Term Rule 20

    Definition Lights and shapes

    complied with in all weather; lights onsunset to sunrise and restricted visibility;

    shapes by day

    Term Rule 21

    Definition Definitions of lights

    Term masthead light

    Definition white, 225 degrees of visibility (22.5 deg

    from beam back aft)

    Term Port sidelight

    Definition red, from 000deg relative to 22.5 abaft port

    of beam

    Term starboard sidelight

    Definition green, from 000R to 22.5 abaft of beam


    Term stern light

    Definition white, from ends of sidelights (22.5 degabaft of beam to other 22.5 deg abaft of


    Term towing light

    Definition yellow, same as stern light

    Term all around light

    Definition various colors, 360 deg

    Term flashing light

    Definition various colors, 120 flashes per minute

    Term special flashing light

    Definition yellow, 50-70 flashes per min, between 180deg and 225 deg arc of visibility placed as

    far forward as possible

    Term rule 23

    Definition lighitng of vessels underway

    Term powerdriven vessel >50m

    Definition masthead light, second masthead light,

  • 8/13/2019 ROR Questions1


    sidelights, sternlight

    Term power driven vessel 50m one forward and one aft

    >100m must illuminate decks with lights

    Term Rule 31

    Definition Seaplane lighting- comply with other rules

  • 8/13/2019 ROR Questions1


    as best as possible

    Term Rule 32

    Definition sounds definitions

    whistle- described by blasts

    short blast- 1 second

    prolonged blast- 4-6 sec

    Term Rule 33

    Definition equipment for sound signals

    less than 12m- some means of makingsound


  • 8/13/2019 ROR Questions1


    Term Rule 37

    Definition distress signals

    red star shells

    black ball and square in orange

    dye marker

    radio telegraph

    fog hornSOS

    Rule 2 Responsibilities

    (Q) Define Rule 2-Responsibilities? (a) That everybody is responsible for any action taken aboard a vessel, and if involved in a collisionthen both parties are at fault, because the stand-on vessel did not use rule 7 risk of collision and rule 8Action to avoid collision.

    (Q) What is the responsibilities of a skipper on the vessel?(a) To make sure the vessel is a safe and healthy working environment

    (Q) What are the responsibilities of individuals aboard your vessel? (a) To make sure their health is good and if they see any dangers then to report them to the skipper


    Rule 3 General Definitions

    (Q) Describe the term "not under command"?(a) Means a vessel through some exceptional circumstances is unable to deviate from thecourse she is following.

    (Q) Describe the term" vessel restricted in her ability to manoeuvre"?(a) Is a vessel through the nature of her work; she is unable to deviate from her course sheis following.

    (Q) Describe a "vessel constrained by her draught"?(a) Is a power-driven vessel, because of her draught in relation to the depth of water she isin, cannot deviate from the course she is following

    (Q) Describe the word "Underway"?(a) When a vessel is not at anchor, aground or made fast to the shore, and is only goingthrough the water by tide and/or wind.

    (Q) Describe the word "Making way"?(a) When a vessel is being propelled through the water by engine propulsion, sails or oars.

    (Q) In the Rules of the road, in some rules the word "vessel" comes up, but what would yousay a vessel is?(a) Any type of watercraft than can carry personnel.
  • 8/13/2019 ROR Questions1


    (Q) Describe a power-driven vessel?(a) Any vessel that has an engine to propel herself through the water

    (Q) Describe a sailing vessel?(a) A vessel using sails and not using engine propulsion to push her through the sea.

    (Q) Describe the word "seaplane"?(a) Any aircraft that can land on water.

    (Q) Your asked about the "Length and Breadth" of your vessel, what is this?(a) The longest length of your vessel and the widest part of the vessel, you'll get this fromyour "Stability book" and the "Record of particulars"

    (Q) The term "when vessels are in sight of one another" what does this mean?(a) When you can see the vessel visually by the naked eye during daylight or at night, Rule34 explains the sound signals used "When vessels are in sight of one another"


    Rule 5 Look-out.

    (Q) Descr