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The topic of my research is to research minibuses in different cities and how they navigate throughout the transportation realm. In my hometown, minibuses traveled faster than cars and trains, only because of their express stop nature, which can be relatable to New Yorks Select bus service compared to their local stops. I would relate subways to trains in different cities, but my main focus would like to be minibuses and the system of transportation in rural cities especially Manila. My argument I would love to pursue as a thesis would be how these express vehicles can be better than a car in almost everyway because we can cut emissions and stop spending a lot. I find sustainability very interesting, so I believe that doing something that could help a better earth and also a better city would prove to be amazing. Minibuses provide a very vital way of transportation that is often overlooked and by sharing my experience with that and others in this paper would definitely help me develop a better understanding of systems and the way we all act upon each other. The Benefits of Minibuses: The Case of Kuala Lumpur Benefits of minibuses-> pros of how transportation improves cities Energy Policy V38 I9 5242-5250 Statistics of Emissions Multimodal Agent Based Mobile Route Advisory System for Public Transport Network Introduces the system of minibuses Circulation in Third World Countries Different modes of transport throughout city and different items Pattern of Road Traffic Injuries in Ghana: Implications of Control Shows different road injuries and how they affect the system of transportationI. Introductiona. Thesis: Minibuses provide a better transport than other systemsb. 3 points: Emissions, Accidents, TransportII. Emissionsa. .b. .c. .III. Accidents affecting systema. .b. .c. .IV. Transporta. .b. .c. .V. Closinga.

The current state of my research is not complete; I need to get a lot more done in time. Im thinking that I can probably get more physical sources rather than online. The problems I envision, are not getting a clear enough thesis. I will most likely be able to complete the paper in time, but Im struggling right not to catch up with everything else.