Progressive Presidents Continued Mrs. Sadler 2010

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Text of Progressive Presidents Continued Mrs. Sadler 2010

  • Progressive Presidents ContinuedMrs. Sadler 2010

  • Sodoes TR deserve the spot?

  • Theodore Teddy Roosevelt

  • William Howard Taft

  • Taft and Domestic ReformUsed the Sherman Anti-Trust Act to prosecute MonopoliesEndorsed 8 Hour Work DayProsecuted US Steel in 1910Preferred not to Bypass Congress like TRPayne-Aldrich Tariff Act betrayed progressives supposed to lower tariffs but actually raised them on some goods.

  • How do people acquire companies? Purchase out right (but need lots of ready cash)Purchase majority of company stocks (51% = control of the company)Hostile takeoversRockefeller and others created their monopolies this way

  • Taft as a Progressive ReformerChildrens Bureau in Dept. of LaborFederal Income Tax (16th Amendment)Direct Election of Senators (17th Amend)Restored Land for ConservationTook on 80 Anti-Trust Prosecutions

  • Robert LafolletteGovernor of WisconsinProgressive open up the political process to be more democratic, end to political machinesTransparencyWisconsin - Laboratory of Democracy

  • 1912 - TR and Bull Moose PartyRepublicans not progressive enough.Starts own party.

  • AmericanizationCitizens worried that immigrants were diluting American culture and societyWays of Americanizing/forced assimilationUse public schools to make immigrant children AmericanEnglish onlyCitizenshipCivics classes in factories/work places

  • Warm upWhat was notable about Tafts presidency?

  • Woodrow Wilson

  • The Election of 1912Taft-RepublicanWilson- DemocratTheodore Roosevelt- Progressive or Bull Moose PartyEugene Debs- Socialist Party

  • Wilsons New FreedomsLowering TariffsBreaking up the power of Wall Street Control Business and break up the trusts

  • TRs New NationalismRegulate, not destroy, Big BusinessMore Direct Democracy in PoliticsMore Government Social Justice Programs

  • The Election of 1912Teddy splits Republican votes.Democrat Wilson wins.

  • Significance of Election of 1912Featured All ProgressivesFirst Election to feature direct primariesGave Democrats national powerReturn of the South as national powerReformers switch to the Democratic Party (still associated with that party today)

  • Woodrow Wilson

  • Wilsons LegacyTariff reform lowers because he believes greater competition will improve American prices @ cheaper pricesIncome tax based on individual/corporate earningsEstablished Federal Reserve System to monitor interest rates and amount of money in circulation.Federal Trade Commission (FTC) monitors businessClayton Anti-trust Act legalized trade unions

  • Wilson & Womens SuffrageWomen did not think he was doing enough.1916 - National Womens Party formed to force Wilson to take action.Alice Paul - NWP

  • Carrie Chapman CattSuffragetteFounded NAWSA National American Womens Suffrage Association

  • Legacy of ProgressivismEnds with advent of WWINever helped black peopleGreater role for government at every level; local, state, and national

  • Guess Who?Former governor of California, progressive, Bull Moose Party V.P. Candidate?

  • Guess Who?Big name in labor relations and labor unionLegacy - Arbitration

  • Guess Who?Suffragette, founded National Womens Party, used protest to get Wilsons attention

  • Guess who?Americas Herbert Spencer, avid Social Darwinist?Worked with Spencer Herbert

  • Guess Who?Preacher, former baseball player, Leader of Temperance Movement

  • Guess Who?Preacher, Publisher, started Young Mens Christian Association (YMCA), popularized gospel music

  • What is the difference?Social GospelGospel of Wealth

  • African - Americans1905 W.E.B. Dubois and 28 other black leaders meet and launch Niagara MovementLead to founding of NAACP ( National Assoc. of the Advancement of Colored People) in 1909.Mission to end lynching and racial discrimination (Plessy v. Ferguson)