The Progressive Presidents 1901-1921 What does it mean to be progressive? How truly progressive were these presidents?

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Text of The Progressive Presidents 1901-1921 What does it mean to be progressive? How truly progressive were...

  • The Progressive Presidents1901-1921

    What does it mean to be progressive?How truly progressive were these presidents?

  • PRESIDENTTheodore (Teddy)Roosevelt(became president after President McKinley was shot)

  • YEARS IN OFFICE1901-1909

  • Governor of New York

    Rancher in DakotaHarvard GraduateCavalry (Rough Riders)


  • POLITICAL PARTYRepublican Progressive

  • T.R.s Efforts to ReformBased on Belief in Square Deal1st time government intervened in a strike to protect workers and public Expanded the role of government by trustbusting 44 trusts.

  • T.Rs Additional ReformsHelped Enact Food & Drug ActHelped Enact Meat Inspection Act

  • T.Rs Additional ReformsSet aside 150 millions acres as forest preserveNewlands Reclamation Act: paid for making damaged land productive. Created National Conservation Commission

  • Cruise of the Great White Fleet 1907-1909

  • T.Rs PROBLEMSVery popular, no opposition in 1904 for reelection.Critics said conservation efforts too costly.Great White Fleet represented imperialism.

  • PRESIDENTWilliam H. Taft

  • YEARS IN OFFICE1909-1913Secretary of War for Teddy Roosevelt

  • Taft was from which party? (Look at the poster for clue)

  • BackgroundAccepted Nomination in Cincinnati (now the Taft Museum of Art)Back was so round. Taft needed a custom tub!

  • Tafts Efforts to ReformFiled 90 suits against trusts.Helped adopt the 16th AmendmentIncome tax based on individual income: now fund government programs in a fair manner.

  • Tafts Additional ReformsCreated the Department of LaborAdded vast areas to nations forest preserves

  • PROBLEMSFormer judge. Did not want presidency. Progressives did not like his support for lowering tariffs & firing US Forestry Service head & not helping dispute in Congressional Rules Committee Lost Teddy Roosevelts support (TR ran against Taft, but Wilson won)

  • PRESIDENTWoodrow Wilson

  • YEARS IN OFFICE1913-1921Governor of New Jersey

  • BackgroundGovernor of New Jersey

    Dean of Princeton University


  • Wilsons Efforts to ReformBased on Belief in New FreedomWanted a return to small business, where the little guy was free from control of big business and government. Passed Clayton Anti-Trust ActCorporations could not undersell, or buy stock to be monopoly

  • Wilsons Additional ReformsEstablished the Federal Trade CommissionFederal Reserve Act

  • PROBLEMSCould not get child labor laws passed. Did not support suffrage for women in his campaign for reelection. Blacks rights unprotected. Prohibition difficult to enforce.