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Prison Systems

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Prison Systems. Presented by: Eddie, Calei, Vonnie, Cristina, Curt, and Colleen. History. Gangs. http:// 1minute 10 seconds of MSNBC’s Lock Up Raw – Ganging Up. Tips and Tricks. What’s Right. http:// - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Prison Systems

Prison Systems

Presented by: Eddie, Calei, Vonnie, Cristina, Curt, and ColleenPrison SystemsHistory

Gangs 10 seconds of MSNBCs Lock Up Raw Ganging UpTips and Tricks

Whats Right minutes of TIME Mexican prison investigation.Whats Wrong minute of Prison receiving strip searches.

Prisons compared to Schools minutes of school to prison pipeline.Health Care in Prison minutes of man who robs bank for $1 for jail health care.Video 1Video 2 Teens in Solitary Confinement. Human Rights Watch. Youth In adult jail/prison

Socioeconomic FactorsFactors that contribute to crime and/or imprisonments Substance abuse (drugs and alcohol) Lack or education or lack of proper education (parents and youth)Region (poverty in communities, cities, towns, urban/rural) Poverty/unemployment Lack of supervision (youth, single-parents) Racism (stereotypical thinking, unrepresented/laws,)

Children of prisoner are 5 times more likely to experience incarceration then those with both parents who havent been incarcerated.Private Prisons minutes on privatization of prisons.Planning for the future mins 36 secs of TEDX on Sustainable PrisonsBeyond Prison

ConclusionPrison vs. School.Impossible to keep safe.Stanford Prison Experiment.Private companies making money off of Prisoners.ReformReferencesChuck, E., March 22, 2013. Criminal Justice Systems dark secret: Teenagers in solitary confinement. Rock Center. Retrieved from: Locked-up for life. (n.d.). Retrieved May 15, 2013, from: (Handout) National Juvenile Justice Network.(n.d.). Retrieved May 15, 2013, from:, L. April 2, 2013. Social Justice. Theres No Excuse: Protect Children from Rape in Adult jails and prisons. Retrieved from: on prison Population Rates.(n.d.). Retrieved May 15, 2013, from: Throwing Away Young People: Prison Suicide. (n.d.). November 21, 2007. Retrieved from: