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contoh tugas grammar , semoga bermanfaat

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  • PREFER & WOULD PREFERPrefer to do or prefer ing to say what you prefer in general. Example:I dont like cities. I prefer to live in the country. Or I prefer living in the country.Would prefer to say what somebody want in particular situation(not in general). Example:would you prefer tea or coffee?We say would prefer to do( not doing). Example :Id prefer to go by car.(not Id prefer going).

  • Would rather (Id rather)= would prefer( to do) after would rather we use the infinitive without to. Example : Id rather go by car (not to go)The negative is Id rather not (do something).The structure ( Id rather do something than do something else). Example : Id rather stay at home than go to the beach.

  • Id rather you did something. When you want somebody to do something. Example:Id rather you came with us.In this structure we use the past,but the meaning is present or future, not past.Exampe : Id rather you cooked the dinner now.(not Id rather you cook).The negative form is Id rather you didnt.

  • Preposition (in/for/about/etc)+ingIf a preposition is followed by a verb, the verb ends in ing. ( preposition + ing). Examples: are you interested in working for us?Before ing and after ing. Example:Before going out, I phoned Ari.what did you do after leaving school.By ing( to say how something happens). Example: you can improve your English by reading more.Without- ing. Example: I ran ten km without stopping

  • To ing is often part of the invinitive(to do/ to see). Example: we decide to go out.But to is also a preposition. Example: We drove from Seririt to Singaraja.If a preposition is followed by a verb, the verb in- ing. Example: I prefer driving to travelling by plan.

  • BE/GET USED TO SOMETHING (IM USED)Im used to do something = it is not strange for me. Example: Ari lives alone for 15 years,its not strange for her ,she used to living alone.After be/ get used you cannot use the invinitive. (to do/to drive). We say: she is used to driving on the left. ( not she is used drive).But we used I am used to (to is a preposition) not mean a part of the invinitive. Example: ari is used to living alone

  • I am used to doing something= something is not strange or new for me. Example : iam used to the weather in this country.I am used to do something= I did something regularly in the past but no longer do it. This structure only for the past not for present or future. Example: we used to live in small village, but now we live in London.

  • Verb+preposition + ingThe structure verb+ preposition( in/for/etc)+object. Example : we talked about the problem.If the object is another verb, it ends ing. Verb+preposition+ ing. Example:We talked about going to London.

  • Some more verbs Succeed inInsist ofThink ofDream of approve of decide againstFeel likeLook forward toWe say apologize to somebody for.

  • Verb+ preposition+ somebody+ ing. Example: we are looking forward to ari coming here.Some verbs can have structure (verb+ object+ preposition+ ing) example:I Congratulated Ari on passing the exam. The following verbs have this structure, they are :

  • Congratulate(on)Accuse(of)Suspect(of)Prevent(from)Stop(from)Thank(For)forgiveFor)Warn(againt)Some of these verbs are often used in the passive. Example: I was accused of telling lies