Post I/O 2014 Meetup : Google I/O '14 recap- Amrit Sanjeev

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Amrit summarizes the changes and updates introduced in the Google I/O 2014


  • 1. GOOGLE IO RECAPAmrit SanjeevGoogle Developer Expert AndroidOrganizer Blrdroid

2. Agenda About me Blrdroid GDG Android Highlights Q&A 3. About me Organizer, Bangalore Android User Group ( ) Google Developer Expert (GDE) for Android. Part of Intel Android Influencer program. Staff engineer for Mobile at Digital Insight (formerly Intuit). Previous companies Philips research, IBM. Mentor at 10,000 startups 4. Bangalore Android User Group ( Largest open Android developer community in the India Over 5100+ members 4.5+ years and completely free. 55 meet-ups 5 hackathons Blrdroid teach College edition more than 2300+ students from over 35 colleges participated. Active participation in events like Droidcon, Global Android Developer hackathon, Google Bizdroid etc 5. Google IO 14 highlights 6. Android L Lollipop or Laddu Improvements In Android L UI Refresh Speed Notifications Multitasking Smart Lockscreen 7. Android L UI refresh 8. Andorid L - notications 9. Android L - Multitasking 10. Material designCommon design language Splash of colors Fluidity Sense of depth Dynamic lighting 11. Material Design Animation Style Layout Components Patterns Material design 12. Material design in action 13. Android OneSet of reference designs for OEMs Control and steer direction in hardware Will run stock android With Google Play Automatic OS updates 14. Project VoltaImprove battery life New tool battery historian Job scheduler API Battery saver mode 36% improve ment 15. Tools 16. ART replaces dalvik Just in time compilation to Ahead of time ~ 2x performance improvement Cross platform support Improved graphics Improved garbage collection 17. Android wear 18. Android Auto In car entertainment system Glance able interface Voice controls Auto alliance Doesnt do a lot and thats good 19. Android TV Interface designed for big screen Heavily search based Tailors itself over time Google play games Integrated directly or via set top box Controller for gaming 20. Google Fit Health and tness platform Rich set of APIs Info from devices like wearables