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Portfolio Johanna Nordin

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First semester at Umeå University of Architecture.

Text of Portfolio Johanna Nordin

  • UMA HT11Johanna Nordin

  • Space and BodyQ-park Wasagatan 7Teamwork, Oscar H, Oscar B, Krut, Petra & Johanna

    A movie with sound. My blind object.

    Perception model. To the left going down. To right going up. Below a scale model.

    Change the spaceQ-park Wasagatan 7New use, a different style, interaction, sounds, nature?

    Group assignment Johanna Nordin

  • How would adding nature or new style or both effect the space?

    A collage of the site today with surroundings.

    SequencesQ-park Wasagatan 7Change, new model and section.

    Johanna Nordin

    The result.

  • SOPHRONIAGroup assignment

    Our text were about a city called Sophronia. A city with two parts. One part is a tivoli and the other are hospitals and schools and so on.

    Key words:ChangeExpectationsOpposites

    First thought of how our space would look like.

    Trying to create what we want.

    New thought, a Z-tunnel.

    Johanna Nordin

  • Group assignment

    How can we improve.

    Stairs to create a new level and a light entre that suck you in.

    Mirror-box with fences to create a felling of being in prison. Tunnel with two ways to cre-ate a option.

    Playing with light to lead the visitor. We also created sequences with this plastic wall.

    The tape is to make a connection to the place to the left. We took the sound from the group to the right. See the movie and experience our Sophronia.

    Johanna Nordin

  • Theatre at an amphitheateras a concept of space, team work,

    Richard Wagner Bertold Brecht

    Mum cooking food, home alone.

    Dad arrives home from work.

    Dad is reading the paper.Son is wearing headphones with music. Daughter is quiet.

    Family is eat-ing in silence and the mum tries to start a dialogue, but fails.

    Theme: Boredom the group choosed and saw it as everyday life, when the time is ticking slow. We read about the average swedish family to come up with a story.


    Boredom: the desire for desires.Leo TolstoyAnna Karenina

    Wagner Linn, Erik and Josefine

    Johanna Nordin

  • Brecht Johanna, Lukas, Johannes and Matti

    We thought that the family sat around the same table but didnt have any contact That became what we want-ed to show with our scene.

    Brecht Johanna, Lukas, Johannes and Matti

    Wagner Linn, Erik and Josefine


    Johanna Nordin

  • Above: Entrance to the curch.To the left: Interior.

    Up to the left and above: Exterior of the curch.

    A shopping malls entrance.

    Statue on the big square in Vaasa.

    Sketchbook from VaasaJohanna Nordin

  • Sketchbook from SeinjokiAalto The city Seinjoki

    Johanna Nordin

  • Croquis

    Johanna Nordin

  • Croquis

    Johanna Nordin

  • Croquis trying to understand

    Johanna Nordin

  • Croquis shadows

    Johanna Nordin

  • Dissection of a squash

    Johanna Nordin

  • Future cityi wanted to create a utopia. a city where the individual where in centre.i wanted to create a city with a basic structure which isnt questioned, and i wanted to add a new way oF moving Freely within that structure.

  • economygroup research.

    standardbecome my solution

    We found this pic but with the motto in greed we trust. since the only light future we could see were a fu-ture there we took care of our nature so I changed the it to in green we trust.

    In the past we could see a trend. Be-tween the crisis there were a green movement.

    I thought that with a standard we could erase the bad behaviours that humans pursued now a days.

    Can we for example take away the car and replace it with something else? It would set a new standard for how peo-ple move.

    While thinking of standard It hit me: why not do everything standardized?

  • what is an utopia and a dystopia?For me.

    utopia dystopiaFreedom SupervisionJustice No choices


    Can it be a utopia when everything looks the same?

    Fun standard, better?

    can you be happy in a world oF standard?

    A crazy standard. In the nature with pigs as transporta-tion.

  • is there any good stand-ard?based on what?

    what about weird standard?

    Imagine a city there you charged your phone and etc in a pigs snout and that the only Vehicle are big pink balloons.

    Good or bad?Better or worse?Anything Interesting?

    Nature and human.

  • pigs stupid, balloons interesting!

    what kind oF city do i want to create?

    I wanted to create a city with a basic structure which isnt questioned, And I wanted to add a new way of mov-ing freely within that structure.

    The balloons are my addition that pro-viding the free movement for the indi-vidual.

    So how should my basic structure look like?

    The future technique, a new way to move.

  • basic structure


    my structureI WANT TO COME UP a STANDARD, A MODULE that I can build my city on. Houses and streets can be built up from these units.

    The smallest unit will be one suitable for an apartment. What dimensions could work as the Smallest space? After some thinking about spaces Ive experi-enced the answer Became 5 x 5 x 5 meters.

  • structure and Freedom

    As the diagram shows I search for structure and freedom. Since the bal-loons makes it possi-ble to move freely both vertical and horizon-tal, the free Movement will existing between the built structure, The higher you get more freely you can move.


    The street level doesnt have the same pur-pose in a city organized in this way. The balloons have created a Vertical street. The city can be place on the shoreline where there might be a flood, inde-pendent of the ground for transportation.

  • model 1:200 model 1:100

    Looked on how the flood may effect the city.

    Looked into how would it be on street level.

  • abstract models




    See movie, where different spaces have been made with these two figures.

    How did the space change while moving around this two figures?

  • abstract models

    see movie, where diFFerent spaces have been made with these Figures.

  • abstract models

    inside/ outside

    horizontal/ vertical

    rigid/ Flexible

  • spatial croquisThe citys non-place would be the air space Between the houses.



    Since you will have people outside your window even if you living on the 35th floor you arent totally private in-side your apartment.

    Solution: priva-lite with distance- sensi-tivity.

    Image to the right shows how it would work.My utopia meets two others.

    Spacial croquis of my abstarct models.

    Spacial croquis of school.

    The free movement creates a problem. The di-agrams shows the citys private and public spaces

  • overall apartment

    Overall arrangment. Spaces in air space and in the appartments.

    Flood area

    Other way of put units on top of each other.

    Different facades.Pri-vate/ public. And how to get in and out.

  • See the film shadow Showing how the facade reacts to the balloons.

    Facade balloonThe Balloon are add-ed to the city to create disorder in the order/ stand-ardized houses and city planning sys-tem. It also ques-tions the notion of standard. Because All the standard we live with now arent optimal.I also want to keep something from my fun standard. thats why they are pink and still are balloons and not replaced with something else more efficient. I appreciate the floating movement. It questions how we move.

    See the movie bal-loons movement.

    Sketches of how to get in and out from appartment.

  • today vs. Future

  • balloonmy Future city

    a city where standard is questioned. balloon is probably an utopia For some and dystopia For others. iF i could move in there today i would see it as an utopia.

    the individual has a Free movement in balloon. the standard For the smallest apartment is big compared with todays standard.

    the basic structure can be easily ac-cepted because we can imagine it.

    see the movie Flying in balloon and get a Feeling oF how it would be in balloon.