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Photo shoot Plan

Photo shoot plan

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Page 1: Photo shoot plan

Photo shoot Plan

Page 2: Photo shoot plan

Contact SheetThis was too over exposed to use

The stance in this didn’t go well with what I wanted for the cover.

This one would look good on the double page spread. The close framing helps add detail. This

pose could be for either the front cover or the double page spread.

The use of the lights work really well with the dark background.The texture of the floor looks really well the bright lights.

The lighting works well, however the guitar isn’t in shot.

Page 3: Photo shoot plan

Masthead DesignsThe 3D look didn’t go well with how I wanted my magazine to look. The colour is too faded and wouldn’t have stood out.

I chose to go with this one because of it’s bold font. The font works well to show what genre the magazine is.

The font wasn’t bold enough and the colour wouldn’t work with the magazine. However the dark shadow is a really good effect.

The font isn’t clear enough for a magazine masthead. The use of the purple for the shadow does have a good live gig effect.

This font was too much for a magazine cover. It wouldn’t have looked good stretched across the front cover. However, the use of one letter in colour is a technique.

The bold font does work well and it is a good use of the colour. However it doesn’t show what genre the magazine is.

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Making the Front Cover

Decreasing the exposure helped give the picture warmth and more detail in the face. Softening the photograph makes it look more professional and smooth. Adding a vintage filter helped match with the type of magazine. Cropping the photo helped me frame the artist a lot better.

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The Completed Front Cover

Page 6: Photo shoot plan

Evaluate Front CoverThe name means to be unable to sleep. I thought this name would be a fun way to describe the magazine. It works well because of it’s bold font. It works well to show what genre the magazine is.This filler links to the artist on the front and guides you to the right page. The colour works well with what the artist has on, on the cover. The use of the bold works well to get attention.

This pull out goes well with the filler above it. The use of quotations shows that it is part of the interview.

The use of larger text in the pull out helps bring out the main part of the story, intrigue the audience. The use of the artist helps attract the target audience.

This is mainly for the target audience.

The sub heading is catchy and straight to the point. The audience know that there is a new artist on the scene and could intrigue them to want to know what her. The use of her name and then the colon helps with knowing who the artist is and leads to why she’s in the magazine.

The use of the new artist on the magazine cover will attract the target audience. If they know of her or not. The use of the guitar shows the audience what music she plays, showing the genre of magazine too.

The barcode if the finishing touch. Where it is placed it doesn’t get in the way of any text.

The use of the guitar adds texture to the photo and the cover.