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Philip DiStefanoHopatcong Board of Education

bring wisdom to our youth

In a nut shellAcademic Achievement is going down.Pupil enrollment is going downCosts are going UP !Current Board just Rubber Stamps funding requests!

We Need Better Management of the Educational Process in our town

Our highest responsibility must be to the education of our young. Prepare them for higher education college or vocationalBest teachers and teaching staff we can affordTeaching staff must be observed and measured in a fair and effective manner, but based upon Learning not Teaching!Staff which excel must be rewarded for their work and dedicationRanking and Rating of the staff within their contract boundaries but established by the Board, the Superintended and school principals utilizing industry and state standards.Research and application of modern teaching techniquesUse of specialized teaching staff even if only on a temporary basis, to teach our educators.

Conclusion of the Abbott Study done by Columbia College:Sciarra, whose organization serves as a legal watchdog for the Abbott districts, said the gap in state math test scores between fourth graders in Abbott districts and non-Abbott districts narrowed from 31 points in 1999 to 19 points in 2007, and on state reading tests from 22 points in 2001 to 15 points in 2007. Success in eighth grade was more modest, narrowing from 30 points in 2000 for math in 2000 to 26 points in 2007, and staying at 20 points for reading during the same years. The achievement gap has not narrowed in high schools, but New Jersey has the highest high school graduation rates in the nation for African American males, Sciarra said.3

Philip DiStefano (PD) - Manage the education processEstablish a clear visionWhich induces corresponding goalsAnd measurable objectives for the entire staff from the superintendent through the teaching staff.a clear vision statement which addresses the vision of the board, not just the superintendent or the principalsThe vision statement must include phrases indicating the education of the towns youth is the highest priority, but cannot exclude the boards fiduciary responsibilities to the citizens & businesses within it. Budget Accountability.Set Clear and unambiguous GoalsThe superintendent should participate in the creation of the districts goals but should be the sole architect. This must come from the board not just approved by the board. From Clear goals come detailed ObjectivesObjectives must be measureable and assigned to individuals which can then be held accountable or responsible for its achievement.

So Why Phil DiStefano?More than 30 years Experience managing highly educated Staffs.Many years creating and managing BudgetsA thorough understanding of organizational structures and behaviors. Many Years Experience in Process Engineering.Will impart an Entrepreneurial spirt to the Students and FacilityI will ensure that our money is spend on the Students !!!

2013-2014 Academic achievement4 out of 5 high schools statewide report higher achievement.


2013-2014 Academic achievement97 out of 100 of our peers report higher achievement than Hopatcong.


Student enrollment is becoming less and less each year.

This chart shows only 2012 &2014, but by 2015 the Hopatcong enrollment was down to ~ 1,742 in 2015 with expected decrease to 1,736 in 2016.

Costs per student keep going up, but academic achievement has gone down.

Were not getting our monies worth !

AppendixAdditional Charts to be used as needed


Academic AchievementSignificant improvement but not nearly good enough.

The Objective ought be 60th percentile or better.

Academic AchievementDramatic decrease in academic achievement.

What went Wrong ?

Academic AchievementLittle change but clearly not acceptable.

The Objective ought be 60th percentile or better.

Academic AchievementOMG ! The 3rd Percentile !!!.

The Objective ought be 60th percentile or better.

We are doing the students, the parents and the community no benefit turning out students which must have such low expectations.

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