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Phil's June 2012 Letter- Serbia

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A letter from Phil about our trip to Serbia.

Text of Phil's June 2012 Letter- Serbia

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    Serbia Mission TripHelp us reach the people of Serbia!

    Scouting Trip Sept. 10th - Sept. 18th, 2012 The HistoryAs you know 2 years ago we at West Sound YFC took our first trip to the nation of Serbia! It was an amazing adventure that was life changing for those we worked with overseas but also those students we took with us!

    A Life ChangedA young blonde haired boy seemed to be around us everywhere we went. He was 12 years old and had a blast at everything we did! He was at our sports camp, the water soccer and Campus Life. On the last day of our sports camp we shared the gospel. That afternoon he raised his hand and accepted Christ. That evening at the concert we hosted he was with our young people jumping, dancing, excited and full of enthusiasm! He was just one life that was changed!

    This Fa" and Beyond...The PlanWe are planning to take another trip next summer in 2013. Our dream is to bring over a team of 30-40 who would be split into 2 teams while we are there. One would focus on sports and vbs. The second on music and arts at the musical festival YFC/Serbia puts on each summer. Our base, will hopefully, be a camp owned by a local Christian organization.

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    This FallIn order to make this trip a reality two of us leaders need to make a "scouting" trip this fall. We will ensure the facilities are safe and will fit our team, we will start to bring over supplies, as well as find some local sources for supplies for next summer. We will also go over the intense planning that will need to take place in Serbia with their team! Phil and Josh will be making the trip in September.

    This CostOur costs are very low just transportation (plane/train tickets and fuel) and a few meals. We would of course also love to bring over some school supplies since our trip will be as school is starting.

    Will you join me in making next years large team mission trip possible by sending me early?The need is very reasonable just $1650 covers the trip!

    Your gift will make a huge dierence! Thank you in advance for your support!

    3 Easy Ways to Give... 1. You can go to and give online.2. You can simply mail back the response card.3. You can call me and we can meet so I can share with you

    our vision of how this trip will make a huge impact on the kids we work with and the ministry in Serbia!

    Next Summer Next summer we will take a team of 30-40 from the West Sound area to serve the ministry of YFC Serbia. Loriana and I plan to take our entire family on this mission trip again! It was a powerful experience two years ago when the girls were a bit younger and we are excited about what they will experience and the life change that will occur this time around! The mission trip will cost our family around $7000. We will make sure to keep you informed as that draws near as well

    Thank You! Thank you for your on going support of Loriana and I as we serve the Father by serving through West Sound YFC! We cannot do it without your prayers & support!

    Thank You!

    Phil & Loriana