Pharmacy Services North Glasgow Trained Nurses Induction Talk.

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  • Pharmacy ServicesNorth GlasgowTrained Nurses Induction Talk

  • LocationGGH lower ground floor

    WIG- Church street outpatients

    Stobhill- End of main medical corridor (next to canteen!)

    GRI Basement of old building

  • Opening hoursMonday- FridayGRI 9.00-5.00Stobhill 08.30-4.45WIG 08.30-5.00GGH 08.45-5.00SaturdayAll 09.00-12.00SundayGRI 09.00-12.00

    Out of hours:Oncall pharmacist through switchboard

  • Pharmacy DepartmentsDispensaryDistributionSterile productsMedicines InformationClinical EffectivenessFormularyClinical TrialsClinical Pharmacists

  • Dispensary

  • Dispensary (1)Discharge Scripts

    1. screen - phcist 2. label 3. dispense 4. check 5. return - porter

    Outpatient Scripts

  • Dispensary (2)Controlled drugs

    Check wards order-day

    Print + sign order (recorded signature)


    Consignment note: sign + return copy

  • Distribution

  • DistributionTechnician ledIndents to top up ward stockNon ward stock ind.Technician ward top-upsResuscitation trays

  • Sterile ProductsTPN orders via nutritional teamSome IV antibiotics/ antifungalsCytotoxic drugsMAPs (e.g. Infliximab)

  • Medicines InformationInformation on medicines Advice on drug administrationBulletins

    FormularyClinical effectiveness

  • Clinical PharmacistsSupport safe + effective use of medsInfo on medicines Confirm drug historyPatient educationMedicines Managem.Screen Discharge RxDevelop protocolsPre-assessment clinics

  • Drug-Kardex Checklist (1)Right patient?Pts name on every pageAllergies? Rx Signed?Generic nameSpecial preparations: Diltiazem- Brand Theophylline- BrandCarbamazepine-Retard or not? Dose, digitsRoute

  • Drug-Kardex Checklist (2)DurationTime of administrationFrequencyDuplicationNurse also to sign on separate sheet (Gentamicin, Vancomycin)Additional instructionsIf out of stock (4): CHASE ORDER!

  • YOU ARE THE LAST CHECKER !!!-Discharge Medication Check-COMPARE WITH KARDEX as items can have been:

    MISSED when copied from kardex to scriptSTOPPED or ADDED since writing of prescription

  • Medicines managementSome wards have a service called medicines management run by pharmacy techniciansPatients own medicines are used in this serviceDrugs are stored in lockers beside each patients bed instead of drug trolleysYou will be given specific training on this service if you work on a medicines management ward

    My name is B.Spread out from one side to the other!!!Via SwitchboardIs at home, but comes in when necessaryTechnicians or PharmacistsCheck that order book is filled in correctlyDispenseCheckEnvopak sealedPorter

    Info for hospitals included in North Glasgow Trust and communityFormulary: assess new drugs` suitability to be included in formulary NON-Formulary forms/list.Clinical effectiveness: Audit if use of meds is appropriateWrite DC Rx


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