PERIPATETIC MUSIC TEACHERS GUIDE 2017/ booklet contains details about the current music peripatetic teachers, ... and Bananarama. He con nued to play sets in pres gious

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Text of PERIPATETIC MUSIC TEACHERS GUIDE 2017/ booklet contains details about the current music peripatetic...


    TEACHERS GUIDE 2017/2018

  • This booklet contains details about the current music peripatetic teachers, available at The BRIT School for 2017/2018

    This information is provided to help you find the most suitable teacher for you. Please take time to read through this information and then choose the teacher you feel would be the most suitable.

    We make every effort to ensure you have the teacher of your choice, but please note that in some cases, a teacher may be oversubscribed.



    PIANO Matt Dibble Claire Tilby

    Carollyn Eden

    Guitar Kevin Keating Dave Colquhoun

    BassGuitar Derek Baxter

    Drums Andy Woodard Colin Woolway

    Flute,ClarinetSaxophone Claire Tilby Violin Joanna Watts Songwriting Sam Marlow Angela Luzi DJ Emily Richou MusicTheory Angela Luzi MusicTechnology Ali Jamieson

    Anton Browne Scilla Stewart

    Jenny Howe Georg Tormann

    Beth Litttlewood Sam Marlow

    Rachel Lyske Claire Tilby

    James Moriarty

    Carollyn Eden



    Derek Baxter teaches all aspects of bass guitar from fingerboard harmony, bass line construc on, sight reading, groove playing including styles such as Funk (finger style and slap), Pop, Rock, Reggae, Blues, Jazz (walking bass) and Country. Specialist techniques such as soloing, chord playing, harmonics can also be included.

    Custom hand outs and backing tracks are provided to maximise the students prac ce me and progress.

    Derek also teaches double bass in the jazz walking bass and soloing style incorpora ng jazz theory into the lessons.



    My ini a on in music began at a me when legends walked the

    earth. The Swinging Six es had changed the face of Britain and in London at least, home grown brown faces were becoming a common sight. Rock & Roll had exploded and in its wake came... Jimi Hendrix, Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin, Bob Marley. The Beatles and The Stones, Joni

    Mitchell, Stevie Wonder, James Brown, Michael Jackson, David Bowie. The list goes on and on and on legendary mes. Like aspiring musicians today I would go to concerts and copy my heroes as best I could; wear out my vinyls trying to get it right! The classic instruments of Rock, Blues, Country and Soul from Fender and Gibson started appearing on UK shores, it was an exci ng me. I was in various bands wri ng songs and playing guitar, keyboards and bass (not at the same me) and later singing. I would load my '76 Strat and 79 Twin into my van and drive off to make music. I s ll do, with some 200 gigs a year. Early on, I got seriously into singing and studied at Goldsmiths College and then at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. I have been teaching at the BRIT School since it opened in 1991 and in universi es, conservatoires and colleges around London. There is more detailed informa on about my teaching and performing at the links below and I hope you will be able to make an informed decision as to whether I'm the right teacher for you. I do not teach Musical Theatre or Classical styles but most other genres are of my ken. Im pleased that The BRIT School offers me the opportunity to: Work with unique, mo vated and talented singers and musicians. Enjoy my voca on with facili es that mean great music can be made in the classroom.

    The BRIT pianos, computers and audio interfaces, along with my own cu ng edge microphones and vocal processors, afford students a current and quality experience.

    Savour a 20 minute walk from home hah! www.thesingthing.ukTutorial videos, singing exercise compila ons and much singing stuff there is sufficient here that you may not even need me as a More about yours truly, along with videos of live performances and examples of original songs.



    Ma studied Music at The University of York, and Jazz at The Guildhall School of Music and Drama. He is a songwriter/composer, mul instrumentalist, arranger and producer, and has released numerous albums and EPs, including six solo albums, three with guitarist Fabio Zambelli, and one with his band Super db. His solo album Around The Corner released in October 2013 reached number 4 on the Amazon Jazz downloads chart. He has had radio airplay on BBC Radio 2, Radio 3 and 6Music. He plays the piano, clarinet, sax, and sings in the punkjazz band DOLLYman, as well as with numerous func on bands. These include Beach Boys Smile, considered one of the top Beach Boys tribute bands in the UK. He has composed many pieces including 3 piano sonatas, 4 pieces for piano, various composi ons for DOLLYman including Poke, Jam and Toast, and many jazz pieces including Minor Mood and Miles To Go, as well as larger scale pieces including a string quartet. Apart from teaching at The BRIT School, Ma has taught the piano, clarinet, saxophone and composi on at The Sound & Music Summer School, Junior Trinity in Greenwich, The Michael Tippe School, Rose Bruford College and Benslow Music Trust.



    Singer Pianist Songwriter Composer/Arranger Styles of music: Classical, Rock, Folk, Singer/Songwriter, World Music, Musical Theatre, Jazz Lessons available: singing, piano, songwri ng, composing/arranging, theory of music. Students can choose to either learn one skill such as singing or songwri ng, or they can combine any of the subjects, eg a student could choose to learn singing, piano and songwri ng.

    Carollyn has taught singing and piano for more than twenty years. Her past students include West End performers, professional actors and Adele, whom she taught singing and piano to for more than a year before Adele's Brit School audi on. She has arranged and played music for BBC Radio dramas including this years Radio 4 adapta on of The Hours. Her main focus outside of the Brit School now is as singer and songwriter for her band Storm Deva. Carollyn's career has been highly varied, performing as a singer and pianist in a wide range of genres, including classical, folk, historical/early music, rock and musical theatre. She has also worked as a musical director and director, played the organ and run her own choir for eight years. Herperformancesinclude Working with contemporary composers, included lead singing roles in premiers of new musical works, as well as pianist for the premier of Austrian composer Wolfram Wagner's 1st piano sonata. Singer/actress with her duo the Phantasia Ensemble, including drama sed performances of the melodrama Enoch Arden in the UK and Japan. Japans leading music magazine said, [Carollyn] Eden conveyed the story with incredible focus, immersing herself into the drama c world of the text, which impressively she acted almost en rely from memory. Singer with the Nigh ngale Consort, her early music trio in which she combines drama and songs in programmes of 17th and 18th century music. Singer/pianist in The Enlightenment Cafe, an interac ve science and theatre show at the Waterloo Tunnels. Carollyn studied piano at the Guildhall School of Music; drama at Richmond Drama School and with Delia Lindon; and singing with teachers including Mary Hammond, Laura Sar , Emma Kirkby and Sally Burgess.



    Jenny is thrilled to be involved as a Vocal Coach on ITVS upcoming exci ng series of The Voice and also The VoiceKids which launched in 2017. Jenny spent many years as the vocalist of the Na onal Youth Jazz Orchestra, she toured extensively with them in the UK and abroad, and appeared several mes at Ronnie Sco s where she is featured on many of their live albums including Co oning on, In Control, and A View From The Hill. She is also featured on the compila on album Nite at Ronnies. She recorded the main soundtrack for the film The Brylcreem Boys, starring Gabriel Byrne, and Jean Butler, and

    sang at the Cannes film fes val, where it was premiered, she also sang on the soundtrack of the highly acclaimed James Ellroy film L.A. Sheriffs Homicide. Jenny filmed in Belfast playing the part of Mrs Croucher in the Spike Milligan film Pukoon, starring Elliot Gould, and narrated by Sir Richard A enborough. Other TV credits include TFI Friday, BBC Hall of Fame, CH4 comedy series Barking, and BBC Looking Good, she has also done voiceovers for programs such as BBC's Ballykissangel. Down me a dance album released by the band Playpen, features Jenny singing lead vocals on two cowri en tracks, playing on many ITV and BBC and CH4. Check out her website for more informa on Singinglessons:Jenny teaches a varied range of contemporary styles including:

    Lessonswillinclude Voice technique working on range and voice quali es Finding and exploring your sound as ar st/ singer/songwriter Stagecra /presenta on skills Explora on of various styles and how to sing them in a stylis cally appropriate way by

    exploring a wide and varied repertoire. Working on microphone technique. Working on confidence issues and controlling nerves.

    Jazz Gospel

    Pop Rock

    Blues Voice for Singers/songwriters

    Funk Musical Theatre



    Kevin Kea ng is one of the UKs premier guitarists and an experienced teacher. Kevin trained under his father world renowned composer and arranger Johnny Kea ng and amongst many other styles qualified as a Classical guitarist from Trinity music college. Kevin has immense professional and teaching experience in all contemporary styles and is comfortable teaching everything from Rock to Jazz, Soul, Spanish and acous c styles. Kevin