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AHIP, NAHU & AHIA Present . . . . Partnership Training Program * * * Train-The- Trainer Workshop. Agenda. PART 1 - Overview What the program provides 3 sponsoring organizations AHIP, NAHU & AHIA Why premier Partnership Training Program - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Partnership Training Program* * * Train-The- Trainer WorkshopAHIP, NAHU & AHIA Present . . .

  • AgendaPART 1 - Overview

    What the program provides3 sponsoring organizations AHIP, NAHU & AHIAWhy premier Partnership Training Program 3 Delivery Systems Self Study, On-line & Live Workshops

  • AgendaPART 2 Details

    Course CurriculumImportant Course Details Testing & State variations Partnership Turnkey Training PackageConclusion Q&A

  • Important Information Questions E-mail address

    Margie Barrie AHIP National Partnership Coordinator

  • LTCIs Premier PartnershipTraining ProgramProvided by 3 leading non-profit national industry associations - AHIP - NAHU - AHIA / NAIFA

  • LTCIs Premier PartnershipTraining ProgramDeveloped by the industry for the industry

    Provides standardization for the training

    Sophisticated tracking capabilities

    8 hours of CE credits

  • Certified Trainer Program Reasons for criteriaMust take on-line courseMust complete form Acknowledgement of AHIP Intellectual Property RightsReference letters from carriers

  • 3 Training Options Self studyOn-line - Reporting & tracking capabilities Live workshop instruction - Turnkey teaching package - Certified Trainer program

  • Administrative & Creative Support Partners Pinpoint GlobalInsuranceEdAHIP

  • Part 2 Review Of Materials & Tips Course Curriculum - Presentation choices - Workshop structure - Information you will be covering Important course details - Testing - State variations

  • Turnkey Training PackageCertified Trainer Sequence of EventsReview of classroom materials - Textbook - Leaders Guide - PowerPoint - Participants Binder

  • Turnkey Training PackagePublicity Kit contents

    Enrollment Kit contents

    Your responsibilities

    Workshop Coordination Kit contents

    Tuition for the Partnership Workshop

    More suggestions

  • ConclusionWhy the Partnership Plans will help our industryKey messages to share 1. It provides standardization and a single unified solution for the trainingsimilar training curriculum for all states. 2. State specific training components 3. Three methods of distribution provides choices of learning 4. Sophisticated tracking capabilities

  • Key Messages 5. Co-sponsored by the three leading non-profit association in our marketplace: AHIP, NAHU and AHIA / NAIFA

    6. Commitment from national association to keep materials continually updated

    7. Commitment to provide the four hour renewal training

    8. The course designed to meet states requirements for 8 hours of Partnership training and 8 hours of CE credits