Other Support : Tips, Tools & Tricks

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Other Support : Tips, Tools & Tricks. Office for Nursing Research Crystal Welliver June 12, 2013. Research Timeline & Just-In-Time. Just-In-Time Requests. When do we respond to JIT?. Other Support. What is Other Support?. What MUST be listed in Other Support?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Other Support: Tips, Tools & Tricks

Other Support: Tips, Tools & TricksOffice for Nursing ResearchCrystal WelliverJune 12, 2013Research Timeline & Just-In-TimeJust-In-Time RequestsWhen do we respond to JIT?Other Support

What is Other Support?What MUST be listed in Other Support?FORMAT: no official template, just samples

Format (continued)11pt Arial font (preferred)0.5 marginsFormat all entries the same way.Include all 3 sections for each key personnel (active, pending, overlap).Do not put Other Support into a table format; use tabs to add space:

Dos & Donts DO include all key personnel including subcontract key persons & consultants.DO NOT include Other Significant Contributors.DO include active, pending & overlap info.DO include $$ and effort based on appointment type.DO include all research projects funded or pending funding, private and federal.DO NOT include training grants (unless there is a committed level of effort), fellowships, scholarships, or gifts.Key PersonnelActive & PendingOverlapREMEMBERPulling Together Other Support for UW Faculty Who Dont Know Theirs

Cut & Paste From Recent Biosketch?

Cut & Paste From Recent Biosketch?Its a good place to start But many people forget to update it or add the extra information thats required.

Project #DatesEffortSource$$TitleGoalsRolesOverlapBiosketchYYNYNYYYNOther SupportYYYYYYYNYSupplementing Biosketch InfoEffort: OPUSDirect Costs: MyFDRole: eGC1/SAGEOverlap: Have the investigator evaluate & write about any overlap [scientific, budgetary, commitment]Project #DatesEffortSource$$TitleGoalsRolesOverlapBiosketchYYNYNYYYNOther SupportYYYYYYYNYEffort: OPUSExample (assuming the grant would start June 10, 2013):3% on 66-63264% on 66-181938% on 66-593225% on 62-407630% on 09-8448

Effort: Person MonthsNIH Person Month Calculator: grants.nih.gov/grants/policy/person_months_conversion_chart.xls 38% effort = 3.42 academic months (9-month)38% effort = 4.56 calendar months (12-month)

Direct Costs: MyFinancial Desktop

Role: SAGE

Finding Other Missing InfoInfo NeededSourceProject #GrantTracker, NIH Reporter (if NIH)Project DatesGrantTracker, NIH Reporter (if NIH)Funding SourceGrantTrackerFull TitleSAGE/eGC1, NIH Reporter (if NIH)Goals StatementSAGE/eGC1, NIH Reporter (if NIH), or ask the investigator

Other Support from SubcontractorsInvestigator Review

Other ResourcesOther Support ChecklistData current and accurate for each project?Include Active AND Pending support (even if none) for each key personnel (parent grant, subcontract, consultants but excluding Other Significant Contributors or mentors)?Active support as of the day the new grant would startAnnual direct costs?Dates of project?Person months used (rather than percentages)?Person months add up to greater than 12 calendar, 9 academic or 3 summer months? If so, update/correct effort information.Expired projects not included under Active?Denied or funded proposals not included under Pending?Major goal summaries included for all projects?Active support complete (i.e. corporate support included, etc.) Overlap addressed for all key personnel (even if they have no other support)?If there is overlap, it is indicated how the investigator would address it if the proposal were funded?Biosketch data updated and supplemented?Investigator reviewed and approved their own Other Support?ONR WebsiteNew tool on the wayMichelangeloMichelangelo