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Other Books About Cats. Windrusher by Victor DiGenti. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Slide 1</p> <p> Other Books About CatsWindrusher by Victor DiGenti </p> <p>When Gerry Tremble and his family move from Connecticut to Florida to run his father's hotel they leave behind their pet cat they call Tony. But Windrusher is determined to find his family and sets off on a journey filled with surprise. </p> <p>Warriors Super Edition: SkyClan's Destiny by Erin Hunter</p> <p>A long time ago five Clans lived in peace. But when Twolegs attacked the cats territories the SkyClan had to abandon their home make a new life far away.</p> <p>Varjak Paw by sf said</p> <p>This is a story about a silver blue cat who discovers a special martial art.</p> <p>Warriors: Ravenpaw's Path #3: The Heart of a W... by Erin Hunter</p> <p>Ravenpaw and Barley helped their friends in ThunderClan defeat the BloodClan cats in Twolegplace. Now they are ready to reclaim their home. Firestar has promised to send a patrol to help them. Ravenpaw then worries that it won't be enough to get rid of the invaders. He knows that he has fight or lose his home forever.</p>