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Orient - Structure. Orient – Act One Concept Storyboard

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Text of Orient - Structure. Orient – Act One Concept Storyboard

  • Orient - Structure

  • Orient Act OneConcept Storyboard

  • Spaceship approaches Orient

  • Oracle Explains

  • We got a message 160 years ago

  • An Asteroid is about to hit

  • Orient has civilisations

  • The message tells of a device

  • ...that can destroy asteroids

  • ...we dont know how big it is

  • ...but we know its broken

  • Oracle tells the crew about Orient

  • The device is in the Spryte Forest

  • The Sprytes are friendly but could be dangerous

  • To get more information click on any of these icons...

  • The information roomHas everything we know about the cultures on Orient.

  • The Communication ArrayHolds messages from Space Command

  • The Tactical RoomHas maps and data about planet.

  • Oracle explains

  • The players practice gestures.

  • The players practice the sound generator.

  • Get ready for launch

  • We cant use the landing craft because of a storm in the area

  • ...youll have to teleport down

  • The astronauts teleport down to Orient and appear in a Spryte trading village.