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  • September 2014


    The Association www.theora.co.uk

    Cricket www.oldrutscricket.org.uk

    Football www.oldruts.co.uk

    Rugby www.oldrutsrugby.com

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    Old Rutlishians Association

    Orbit Newsletter

    the flooring & dcor was still to be


    One initiative we launched at the

    event was 'adopt-a-chair' at the club.

    When the club makeover is finished,

    our furniture will go back in the

    bar....it will look shabby. So we are

    asking members to give a gift of 50

    to re-furbish a chair as we as an

    Association, are not flushed with

    money. We had four chairs adopted

    on the day.

    If you are interested contact Mike

    Stallard (rstallard@btinternet.com)

    or Donna Trimmings


    Lastly, my Presidents Charity Dinner

    Dance will now show off our

    clubhouse makeover in January. So

    you have plenty of time to contact

    me for tickets please on 07934131343

    or at peterstokes1947@gmail.com.

    Peter Stokes

    Fri 10 Oct 7.30pm

    Cheese & wine party

    Sat 11 Oct 12.30pm

    Senior members lunch

    Sat 1 Nov 7.30Pm

    Halloween Rutsfest

    Tickets on sale behind the bar, just

    8 pp

    January 2015

    BHF Charity Dinner Dance

    Next Edition

    w/c Monday 20 October

    Send contributions to oraorbit@hotmail.com

    by Thursday 16 September

    Our President writes

    It has been a good month at the club,

    weather-wise and success-wise.

    First congratulations to our cricketers

    for winning the 1st, 2nd & 3rd team

    leagues. A great effort by all.

    So in a way, to bring them down to

    earth, it was nice for the President's

    XI to thrash the Club side by 45 runs

    in a Twenty/20 game on 12

    September. I wish to thank all who

    helped make it a memorable day...

    that includes Chas Cooper & Wally

    Morgan for umpiring, Ryan Patel for

    his innings, Gary Forge for starting

    the Club's collapse with the first ball

    of the innings and Adam 'Scuttle'

    Chandler for his remarkable 4


    The next day was the re-union of

    those who left the school around 50

    years ago (starting years 1956-60). It

    was very well attended, with Pat

    Keene and her team giving us a

    veritable feast at lunchtime. There

    were about 80 old pupils and their

    partners, several not having been to

    the club for many a year, three

    domiciled in Canada & one in

    Australia. A great thanks must go to

    Malcolm Griffin & Ian Newton for

    organising the event along with Ian

    Lambert for getting the memorabilia.

    There were many comments about

    the clubhouse makeover, all

    favourable. This was despite the fact

    The President representing the Association at the recent beer festival at Olympia flanked by two past presidents Dave Fisher & Steve Simpson [He makes these things look easy, but thats because he puts the hours in - Ed]

  • In 1973, Lee Hurst started playing rugby at Rutlish school and bought his first rugby book - Rothmans Rugby Yearbook 1973-74. For nostalgic and historical reasons, he wishes to build a collection of material relating to this particular season.

    He would be grateful if anyone can supply scans or photocopies of rugby fixtures, results, reports, etc. for the school from that season.

    Please contact lee.hurst18@hotmail.co.uk

    Our Chairman writes Finch & Co. ORA Sponsors

    Nestled amongst the John Innes designed Merton Park conservation area, Finch & Co enjoys a unique position. Green flag awarded spaces, tree lined avenues and beautiful Edwardian houses occupy the surrounding roads. The area feels rural despite its proximity to London. In the late 19

    th century, John Innes, of

    compost fame, together with his brother James, turned one of Londons original garden suburbs into a semi rural suburb for the City businessmen of the time. Now in the 21

    st century, we can fully appreciate

    the quality and style of these 1920s and 1930s homes that were not destroyed during the war. The homes designed by Quartermain and Brocklesby remain highly sought after.

    The Finch office team are enthusiastic, exuberant and excited. They speak with great affection for the area, especially Beryl who has been with the company for 23 years. Her local knowledge is invaluable, thanks to her super memory. With Manager Katharine; Stefan, David and Beryl provide a service to the community which is unique. Sponsorship and links with Old Ruts sports club demonstrate that the village spirit is alive and thriving. The area is now home to all combinations of housing stock, from flats and cottages to large detached homes, all carefully designed to complement the locality.

    Another month has flown by as our

    builder friends still beaver away to

    get the Clubhouse refurbishment

    finished. As I write the floor in the

    bar is almost finished and Mike

    Stallard hopes to get the Bar re-

    opened again in time for the evening


    Despite the enforced closure, to

    enable the completion of the

    decoration and floor laying, last

    weekend when the bar temporarily

    re-opened for functions ably

    reported elsewhere the actual

    takings for the week over the counter

    exceeded all expectations. If this is a

    sign of things to come after final

    completion then the future is bright


    I attended the Tri-reunion on

    Saturday 13 September, where the

    guests especially those who are less

    frequent visitors were most

    complementary about decor of the

    redecorated hall. Together with the

    new round tables and chairs, it

    certainly is now becoming a first

    class venue for functions.

    The new scheme to Adopt a Chair

    was launched with some immediate

    takers so I hope that there will be

    many more to come in the new few

    weeks. This scheme is explained

    elsewhere but any Committee

    Member would be willing to point you

    in the right direction. I do hope that

    you will be able to support us in

    replacing, refurbishing and increasing

    the bar furniture.

    The bar kitchen has also been

    stripped and re-fitted together with

    a new oven. While doing so it was

    found that the gas supply pipes were

    badly in need of replacing and as a

    result these have been replaced to

    both kitchens.

    Finally I overheard a conversation

    from two gentlemen at the re-union

    about 50 Shades of Grey. I thought

    this was a comment on the new

    decor but it turns out that its a


    Geoff Aldis

    [As youll see on the sports pages, we

    have some new (monochrome) murals

    to decorate the clubhouse too]

    Rutlish Year 11 GCSE results

    recognised the hard work put in by

    all staff and all students. For 5

    subjects, including English &

    Mathematics, 70% of the students

    achieved either an A*, A, B or C

    grade. This is up from 64% last year.

    As has been identified in the press,

    examination marking is getting

    tougher and results nationally overall

    are slighter lower this year. The

    national average for a boys school is

    now around 50%, compared to Rutlish

    achieving 70%. A very good

    performance indeed.

    With regards RR6 (Ricards & Rutlish

    sixth form students) the 65 students

    who took their final examination

    achieved the following results:

    19% achieved A*/A;

    74% achieving A* to C; and

    98% A* to E grades.

    Of the 50 students who applied to go

    to university, all will go, with our top

    students gaining entry to the top

    prestigious universities.

    The A/S examinations results at the

    end of year 12 were at the upper end

    of expectations and the best so far.

    From year 11 across both Rutlish &

    Ricards, 145 students have entered

    RR6 which is the highest number of

    students since the 6th form was

    reintroduced five years ago.

    At Rutlish, the Year 7 just started

    was full in terms of student entry

    with the majority of new students

    making Rutlish their first choice.

    The school under the leadership of

    Alex Williamson and his committed

    staff continue to perform to a very

    high standard where significant

    progress has also been made on the

    PE and sporting competition side and

    also in the performing arts and


    Peter A. Norrie

    Chair of Rutlish Full Governing Body

    Rutlish School results 2014

    Rutlish School rugby season 1973-74


  • Seventy former pupils and their

    wives enjoyed the Reunion Lunch at

    the ORs clubhouse on Saturday 13

    September. Forty made a nostalgic

    tour of the school thanks to Peter

    Norrie & Graham Mills, after which

    they joined the other thirty at the

    clubhouse to enjoy an excellent four

    course lunch provided by Pat Keene

    and her team in the newly decorated

    upstairs hall. Donna and her team

    also kept us well refreshed as we

    tripped down memory lane.

    Thanks go to Donna T who captured

    the reunion on camera, ready to be

    added to the Rutlish Reunions