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Nutritional Advancements Jennifer Wysocki

Nutritional Advancements

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Nutritional Advancements. Jennifer Wysocki. Starting Out. Breakfast-. Lunch. Deli Meat Sandwich- Usually Ham Mayonnaise Whole Wheat Bread Gatorade Pretzels . Dinner. Protein- Steak- 2/3 Nights a weeks Chicken- 3 Nights a week Carbs- Potatos Pasta Salad. The Problem. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Page 1: Nutritional Advancements

Nutritional Advancements

Jennifer Wysocki

Page 2: Nutritional Advancements

Starting OutBreakfast-

2 mug (8 fl oz) Coffee, brewed, regular 

1½ cup MultiGrain Cheerios Cereal 

1 cup Skim milk 

1 container (6 oz) Strawberry yogurt, low fat 

Page 3: Nutritional Advancements


• Deli Meat Sandwich- Usually Ham

• Mayonnaise• Whole Wheat Bread• Gatorade• Pretzels

Page 4: Nutritional Advancements

DinnerProtein-Steak- 2/3 Nights a weeksChicken- 3 Nights a week

Carbs-Potatos PastaSalad

Page 5: Nutritional Advancements

The Problem

Page 6: Nutritional Advancements

Changes That Needed to Be Made:Negative Effects of Red Meat

1. The biggest problem with red meat is the saturated fat and cholesterol content.

2. Red meat is thought to play a role in cancer of the breast, bladder, pancreas, prostate and other organs, but research was still ongoing as of March, 2011.

3. A 2006 study in Sweden found that women who were heavy meat-eaters had a 42 percent greater chance of suffering a stroke than women who ate less than an ounce of meat per day.

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Page 8: Nutritional Advancements

How I Adjusted My Protein-The Switch to Seafood

Studies have shown that fish alleviates a range of ailments.1. Reduction in cancer: Fish contains selenium, thought to have cancer-fighting properties.2. Depression: The omega-3 fatty acids contained in fish are believed to raise levels of the brain chemical serotonin, which aids in reducing depression. 3. Skin: Some dermatologists say that a salmon rich diet acts like a facial -- smoothing out age lines.4. Inflammation: Omega 3 fatty acids, through several mechanisms, regulate your body's inflammation cycle, which prevents and relieves painful conditions like arthritis.

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Page 10: Nutritional Advancements

Precautions With Pre-Workout/ Post-Workout