New York rapid-transit subway

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  • 354 Leamann. [j. F. I.,

    can be made and control can be exerc ised over the work at all points. Wi th regard to wills, I propose that even if it be thought necessary to keep the or ig inal document the publ ic should be allowed access only to the photograph ic copies, which should be bound in indexed volumes. To faci l i tate the work some method of d rawing up legal docu- ments may be laid down, such as s tandard size of sheet, character of ink, and other details; but I am in formed By an at torney that record ing officers would, under present laws and customs, probably be obl iged to accept for record arty legible document, so that very close requ i rements would probably be impract icab le at first, and as far as wil ls are concerned, of course impossible. However , whatever the eyes can read, the camera can also read, and there will be no practical difficulty on this point.

    Mr. Getty, of the In ternat iona l Engrav ing Company, has kindly made a full-size copy from a mor tgage loaned me by an attorney of this city. The or ig inal is about th ir teen years old, and hence presents some greater diff iculty than a fresh document : but, as wil l be seen, the result leaves noth- ing to be desired. In fact, the a t to rney who loaned the document mistook the copy for the original.


    Work is progressing on the great rapid-transit subway in New York at a most satisfactory rate. Despite the great obstacles presented by the extremely diflleult character of the excavation, the street traffic, which nmst be inter. rupted as little as possible, and the presence of a multitude of large and small street pipes in the exact route to be traversed, the work of building the tunnel is being prosecuted with a speed hardly to be expected. In the meantime a site for the great power house has been selected and contracts have been closed for boilers, engines and electrical generating apparatus. The electrical part of the power-house equipment was ordered only a few days ago. New York hesitated a long time before deciding to go in for a rapid-transit sub- way ; tl(e project dragged along for years with all sorts of changes in the laws and commissions having to do with the subject ; but since the final adoption of the plans and the awarding of the blanket contract, the work has been pushed with a vim and energy that is most commendable.--Weslerz ~&'c- lriciaJz.


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