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2. 3. Parents !!! Common problems!!! Not ableto appraise your childs academic progress. Too busyto monitor or supervise your childs revision or homework. Not satisfiedwith exam results. Your child only bring home report card2 times a yearetc, etc... . 4. Exams areOUTPUT LEARNING ! School Tuition Reading Memorising INPUT LEARNING Maam, we grade students based on theirOutput Learning ability 5. Score-As inception in theOutput-Learningstarted in the year1999for students from Std1-Form3 100% according to the syllabus of the Malaysian Ministry of Education 6. Score-A Introduces Your Children To The World of IT (Internet Teaching) We Bring Tuition To Your Home 24hrs a day. 365 days in a year. Anytime!!! Anywhere!!! 7. TO-DATE10 YEARSAFTER OUR INCEPTIONWe are The Top E-Learning Company in Malaysia. 8. THE ONLY E-LEARNING PORTAL ENDORSEDBY OURMinister of Education Y.B. Dato Sri Hishammuddin 3 rdMac, 2006 9. Primary school(Standard 1 6) 1. Bahasa Malaysia 2. Bahasa Inggeris 3. Matematik( Tahun 16 in English) 4. Sains( Tahun 16 in English) 5. Bahasa Cina 6. Bahasa Tamil Lower secondary School (Form 1 3) 1. Bahasa Malaysia 2. English 3. Bahasa Cina 4. Geografi 5. Sejarah 6. Mathematics(English) 7. Science(English) Syllabus Contents: Up-to-date Syllabus 10. eNotes eTopic eAssessment eTrial Exam ePast Year Exam Science & Matematics English version eDictionary eReport Card Result Stored Online Instant Marking Nationwide Honours Roll eProgress ScoreAMail UNIQUE FEATURES OF SCORE A PROGRAMME NEW ! 11. Key in your user ID and password Go to 1 2 User Friendly Online Demo Id 82828 12. Choose Level, Subject & Set. Set 1:easylevel-15 soalan Set 2 : medium level- 20 soalan Set 3: expert level-30 soalan 13. Instant Marking Answer Question Click Sent 14. Result go intoE-report card Subject, Date & Time Taken Records of attempts are also displayed 15. Time up, system will auto submit. COUNTDOWNTimer For eTrial Exam & ePast Yr. Exam 16. e-Notes for Cross References & Revision 17. eDictionary 18. Solution(Detailed Explanation) given in thee-Schema NEW ! Currently only available for Form 3 Student 19. Subject Level No. of Attempts Average Score E-Report Card For Student E-Report Card For Parents E-Report Card provide to parents and each of the child. 20. See Detailed Report Select Childs Name & Month 21. Click on All Answer or Wrong Answer Only 22. Review the paper the student has done. 23. 24. Advantages: -enable parents to appraise their childrens academic progress-help parents to supervise and determine their childrens strength and weaknesses -parents will know their childrens development any time, any where -enable parents to render help immediately, when necessary - Help students to be ready to face Examinations and Score As A PROVEN OUTPUT e-LEARNING PROGRAMME 25. Score A ProgrammeTestimony from Year 2004 to 2008 26. Testimonies 2004 - 2008 Student Straight As PMR 2008 Student Straight As PMR 2007 Student Straight As PMR 2005 Student Straight As UPSR 2005 Student Straight As PMR 2006 Student Straight As UPSR 2006 Student Straight As UPSR 2004 Student Straight As UPSR 2007 27. List of students using Score A Programme Excellent Results 90% Straight As for 6 consecutive years.. SEK.MEN. SAINS HULU SELANGOR 2003 - 2008 28. Name: Kok Chin Chong Sekolah Menengah SMK Katholik, PJ 2005 Form 3 Form 1 -A weak student Form 2 -School exam result still weak Form 3 - [ With Score A Programme has improved tremendously and also his confident ] BeforeNo.40 in class AfterNo.1 in classA weak student has also improved! 29. Result Slip PMR 2005 Straight As Finally Thank You Score A Programme! TM 30. Muhammad HaziqFahmi b Ismail,SK Seri Sabak UNIUPSR 2008 - 5As Nurul Huda bt Zulkefli SK Seri Sekamat Hulu Langat Selangor2008 UPSR- 5As Parents Testimony Our fourth daughter, Nurul Huda bt Zulkefli is being awarded Knugerah Khas Cemerlang Akademik Keseluruhan SK Seri Sekamat Kajang 2008. Alhamdulillah. Congratulations & thank you Score A! Testimonies from Students and Parents of UPSR 2008 students Straight ASAP iseasy to use & a very effective programme .It has helped my childs understanding level during theexaminations.Alhamdulillah, the results is satisfying.Thank you Score A. Score A Programme has helped me toincrease my level ofunderstanding in learning and my confidenceto undertake exams has increased since I used Score A Programme.SAP is very effective in my learning and I have now achieved 5As in my UPSR examinations Students Testimony At first, I dont have confident to achieve 5As like my elder brother & sister before.After using Score A, I find it fun & challenging to achieve A result in all the subjects.After going through all the questions in the programme, I not only Score 5As, but also achieve the best student in the school.Alhamdulillah, I am awarded the Anugerah Khas Cemerlang Akademik Keseluruhan SK Seri Sekamat Kajang 2008 Students Testimony Parents Testimony 31. Lee Zheng Han SJKC Chung Tack 2008 UPSR- 7As Parents Testimony This program isvery effective for my sonsnot only one child, it works for all my 3 children who are using score A programme.Score very good result .I strongly recommend this programme to all the parents, all of them even schools. Testimonies from Students and Parents of UPSR 2008 students Straight AScore A Programme isvery effective for my children . It doesn't require much involvement of parents.Every test results will be sent to the parents handphone we canmonitor our childrensachievements fromanywhereeven if we are overseas. This is avery helpful programme . Because of this programme, i haveimproved in my studies .Especially Bahasa Malaysia objective paper.I have enrolled into this programme for my form one studies. Students Testimony After using SAP, myresults has improved to tremendously , I am very grateful to score A for helping me achieve my target result.Score A proves to be very effective . Parents Testimony Students Testimony Loga / L Sivaraja SJKT Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi 2008 UPSR- 7As 32. Tan Zhi Huey Sekolah Menengah Seri Omega 2008 PMR - 8As R Jeyasangkari a/p Rajendran SMK Puteri Seremban 2008 PMR - 7As Parents Testimony Score Aprogramme has a very effective output learning method.My daughter did a lot of exercises and past year examinations. Her results improved tremendously, Practice make perfect Testimonies from Students and Parents of PMR 2008 students Straight AScore A is a very useful programme to my children in their revision. Score A consists of good and challenging exercises and notes to my children. Because of that, we have saved a lot of money for sending our children to tuition. We feel that our children has started learning to be independent and they do enjoy their studies. Lastly, we are very proud of Score A who has helped my children all the way.I would like to give a big thank you to Score A for being agreat help in my PMR examination . It was with the help of Score A thatI could save a lot timefrom going to tuition.The questions in SAP were challenging and sufficient enough. Hereby, I would like to thank Score A once more for all the help given. Students Testimony I like Score A Progrmme because of the instant marking system and i can do my exercise or exams anywhere, anytime. Thank you Score A Parents Testimony Students Testimony 33. WHAT IS THE COST? First Child ONLYRM596Subscription for6 MONTHSFor 2 ndChild = FreeFor 3 rd , 4 th , 5 thchild : Additional RM 50 per child RM596/6mths /2children =RM49/30 hari =RM1.65 RM248/3mths /2children =RM41 /30 hari =RM1.401 SET PORTAL (STARTER PACK)NEXT TOP UP RM248for another3 monthsfor all the children, For Members Top Up is OnlyRM198 34. TOGETHER WE BUILD A NATION OF SCHOLARS -Thank you- 35. The Sunrise Business 36. The New World Trend 37. Score A Business Package ValueRM2980 E Partner RM 1,788 5 x Portals SAVE!!!RM1192 U2 U3 U1 3 Account U5 U4 U6 U7 U2 U3 U1 E-Entrepreneur RM 5,548 15 x Portals ValueRM8940 7 Account SAVE!!!RM3392 11 Account U5 U4 U6 U7 U2 U3 U1 E-MAX RM 10,800 ValueRM17880 U8 U9 U10 U11 30 x Portals SAVE!!!RM7080 38. e-Partner e-Partner e-Entrepreneur e-Entrepreneur e- MAX e- MAX RM140 RM210 RM210 RM210 RM210 RM800 RM1500 1.EDU-REWARD BONUS RM800 RM800 U Package **PROCESSING FEE only payable to: & = RM 32.00 = RM 80.00 = RM 80.00 39. RM 210 RM 210 RM 800 - RM 210 RM 210 RM 210 RM 1500 - RM 210 Commission rolled up example: RM 590 RM 1290 40. U 1 x RM80 =RM80 2 x RM80 =RM160 4 x RM80 =RM320 8 x RM80 =RM640 RIGHT LEFT 2. K-MATCH BONUS =RM33,600 per month 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 Infinity 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 A B 14x RM80 =RM1120 x 30 days K-Max Qualifier 41. U 2 2 2 2 4 4 4 4 A 2 2 2 2 4 4 4 4 B RIGHTLEFTInfinity 3. K-REWARD BONUS RM33,600x 5% x 30 =RM50,400per month RM33,600 +RM50,400=RM84,000 per month 30K-Max Qualifiers 2. K-Match 3. K-Reward L1 L2 L3 L4 5% 5% 5% 5% 42. U 2 2 2 2 4 4 4 4 A B RIGHTLEFTInfinity 3. K-REWARD BONUS L1 L2 L3 L4 5% 5% 5% 5% RM33,600x 5% x 15 =RM25,200per month 15K-Max Qualifiers 0 Qualifiers 43. Do you want an income of more than RM 50,000every month ? Q 1.Is there anything that you wish to buy ?But still unable to buy !Q 3.Is there anything that you wish to do ? But still unable to do !Q 2.Is there any place you wish to visit ?But still unable to go !Q 4.Is there any dreams that you have ? But still unable to achieve !When&How ? 44. RM50,000 3 MONTHS !!! YOU TOO CAN ACHIEVE JUST FOLLOW THE SYSTEM 3 EASY STEPS 45. RM1,944 4 64 16 1024 256 1) RM1788 (e-Partner) 1 stMONTH RM6,072 RM67,000 2 ndMONTH RM226,000 3 rdMONTH 4096 3 EASY STEPS U U U 2) U 4 e-Partner =14 DAYS 3) DUPLICATION 46. CAN YOU DO IT??? YES I CAN!!! 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. 52. 53. 54. 55.