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  • 1. Junior 2013

2. Oana & Viviana are drawing a triangularpuzzle to count the number of pieces. 3. Daiana & Luana are the best with moneyword problems. 4. Maria tries to arrange Sylvies cards. 5. Bogdan & Sorin are colouring with redand blue. 6. Alexandra & Iris are counting horses 7. Alexandra & Alessia are placing numberson a pyramid pattern. 8. How long is the pupils line waiting forthe bus? 9. Anda & Miriam are restauring an ancientmozaic 10. Boys are not so good with shopping... 11. How to arrange the cards ? 12. Beny made paper patterns that Sandratries to combine. 13. After counting the puzzle pieces, thegirls divide the piratesbooty. 14. The horses on the field.- Can we draw one? 15. Numbers on the faces of a pyramid.Hard... 16. How long is the line at the bus station? 17. A future architect should know how toreconstruct an ancient mosaic