Monkey ’ s body ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~P.3 What Do Monkeys eat~~~~~~~~~~~P.4 Monkey ’ s photo ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~P.5 Monkey’s picture ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~P.6 What Do Monkeys

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Text of Monkey ’ s body ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~P.3 What Do Monkeys eat~~~~~~~~~~~P.4 Monkey ’ s photo...

  • Monkeys body ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~P.3What Do Monkeys eat~~~~~~~~~~~P.4Monkeys photo ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~P.5Monkeys picture ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~P.6What Do Monkeys play~~~~~~~~~~P.7Monkeys growth~~~~~~~~~~~~~~P.8Monkeys growing up picture ~~~~P.9How do I feel ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~P.10References ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~P.11


  • Monkeys look like people. They also have eyes, ears, mouth, nose, hands and foot.Many people say monkeys look like people. But they have fur and tail, so I think they are not the same.Monkeys body

  • Monkeys like to eat bananas, fruits, leaves, flowers, insects and eggs. They always eat.What Do Monkeys Eat

  • Monkeys photo

  • Monkeys picture

  • Many monkeys like to play. They play with trees. They like to play with each others. What Do Monkeys Play

  • Monkeys growth When monkey is a baby, their father and mother give them food. They are very happy. In childhood, they play with the others. They are happy too. In adult life, they will marry and give birth to the baby. When they are old, they will not move very fast.

  • Monkeys growing up picture

  • I feel some of the monkeys are very cute. They have much fur. I see many monkeys are very strong. I dont know much about them. I feel this project can help me to open my eyes. I like this project. I think I can do more this kind of project. How do I feel




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