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  • Princeton Center Teacher Education

    Intelligent, contemporary, in time with a demanding

    world fostering creativity and innovation in every

    student thoughtfully structured, made for children

    animated by the fundamental themes of respect for

    each child, purposeful activity, community involvement,

    and the empowerment of accomplishment

    accommodating varied tempo and style, but

    insistent on understanding nurturing in tonality

    and confident in outlook a composition

    of diverse elements harnessed to a single purpose:

    a symphony of learning.

    Princeton Montessori School

  • The Montessori method was adapted for the American culture by Dr. Nancy McCormick Rambusch, who was instrumental in founding the American Montessori Society (AMS) in 1960. Her vision, together with the effectiveness of AMS, has contributed greatly to the resurgent popularity of Montessori principles in education trends today.

    Dr. Rambusch spent considerable time at Princeton Montessori School, attracted by seeing her concept of a model American Montessori education as a working reality, particularly in the Elementary program. She provided invaluable insight, training, and mentoring to many of our staff and parents.

    Dr. Nancy McCormick Rambusch

    The Montessori Method of Education was developed by Dr. Maria Montessori through her extensive scientific observations of children, both as a physician and later when she opened a childrens house in Rome in 1907.

    Over one hundred years ago, Maria Montessori (1870-1952), the first woman physician in Italy, challenged the traditions of schooling at that time, and presented a revolutionary learning environment based upon her close, scientific observations of how children learn. Her first Casa dei Bambini (Childrens House)

    opened its doors in 1907 to the desperately poor children of San Lorenzo on the edge of Rome. The results were extraordinary. The children showed a love of learning and work, and progressed to a level which no one had expected.

    Dr. Maria Montessori

    The History of Montessori Surfaces at Princeton Montessori SchoolDr. Maria Montessori is featured in this photo sitting next to her son Mario, and in front of Pratapray Harivalabhdas Parekh (1906-1997), great grandfather of Ishrith and Aatrey Bidkar, students at the Princeton Montessori School.

    Mr. Parekh was a freedom fighter in Mahatma Gandhis movement for Indias independence from the British. His theosophical studies led him to the headquarters of the Theosophical Society at Adyar in Chennai (Madreas) India around the 1940s, where Dr. Montessori was training teachers in her method of education. Ishrith and Aatreys great grandfather later started a school in India where he followed the Montessori principles and included an emphasis on music and art in the curriculum.

    MontessoriConnectionsAlexander Graham Bell (inventor) and his wife Mabel founded the Montessori Education Association in 1913.

    Mister Rogers, childrens TV personality, was a strong supporter of Montessori education.

    Thomas Edison, scientist and inventor, helped found a Montessori school.

    President Wilsons daughter trained as a Montessori teacher. There was a Montessori classroom in the basement of the White House during his presidency.

    Alice Waters, restaurateur and writer, is a former Montessori teacher.

    Bruno Bettelheim, noted psychologist/author, was married to a Montessori teacher.

    Erik Erikson, noted anthropologist/author, had a Montessori teaching certificate.

    Jean Piaget, noted Swiss psychologist, made his first observations of children in a Montessori school. He was head of the Swiss Montessori Society for many years.

  • Dear Friends,

    We have created a very special place

    for children. From infant through

    eighth grade, our unique environm

    ent is especially responsive to a chi


    developmental stages and innate d

    esire to learn.

    Our teachers are specialists in the a

    ge group/developmental stage with

    which they work. They are keen obs

    ervers and adept facilitators, recog


    varying paces and learning styles

    , helping not doing, coaching not

    lecturing. Most have committed ye

    ars of service to our school. They be


    in unfolding the child, not moldin

    g or merely stuffi ng with data.

    We offer a broad curriculum in mu

    lti-age classroom suites, aimed at t


    development of the whole personm

    ind, body, heart, and soulteachin


    academic and social skills, as well

    as life skills, to actually last a life


    We are guided not by bureaucratic

    edict but by a philosophy of educa


    that espouses respect for the individ

    ual child, nurturing surrounding


    and self-reliance. Plus, we believe i

    n purposeful and fulfi lling activit

    y that

    breaks down the artifi cial division

    of work and play. And, while we

    dont promote peer competitiveness a

    s a learning tool within the classro

    om, we

    do reinforce the inner drive for self-

    improvement as a motivational forc

    e. Our

    graduates enter the future second

    to none and prepared to excel.

    Lastly, we are a communityof pa

    rents, students, faculty, and staff


    beautiful surroundings, working t

    owards a shared vision, and held to


    by common-sense educational valu


    We call these elements, this shared

    vision, A Symphony of Learning.

    I hope you enjoy learning more abo

    ut our School.


    Marsha Stencel

    Head of School

    Marsha Stencel leads Princeton Montessori School and orchestrates the many parts into the whole we call A Symphony of Learning. Since her appointment to Head of School in 1986, Marsha Stencel has orchestrated the unification of the school under one roof at 487 Cherry Valley Road, Princeton, NJ, the construction of a state-of-the-art facility, and with the support of many has founded the Princeton Center Teacher Education on the school grounds. She has overseen the development of model programs from infancy through Middle School (both nationally and internationally), introduced sophisticated financial management tools and controls, and mentored an unsurpassed faculty and staff.

  • The purposes for which this corporation is formed are to promote, develop and disseminate the educational philosophy and principles of Maria Montessori, fostering their integration with the American educational and cultural environment; assisting others with the formation of Montessori schools and classes; supervision of such schools and classes; establishment of future training programs; granting certificates of training...

    The Princeton Montessori Society Charter, written in 1968 by the founding Trustees, captures the most salient parts of the Schools mission; and that is to provide Montessori Education for children and develop a Montessori teaching program to train teachers and develop a parent education program so the families and teachers can work in partnership to meet the developmental needs of children.

    A Harmony of Purpose...

    Princeton Montessori School Mission Statement Princeton Montessori School, founded in 1968, is an independent, coeducational day school, dedicated to the highest quality education of children, from infancy through middle school, according to the values and principles of the Montessori philosophy. The teachers nurture the individual childs innate abilities and self-exploration that provide children with the skills and foundation for leading full lives. Parents are supported through educational resources and classes and encouraged to be active participants in the school community. The recruitment, training and continued mentorship of talented teachers, along with the integrated curriculum and environments which are tailored to meet the develop-mental needs of the individual child, are the priorities of the School.

    Princeton Montessori School Mission StatementPrinceton Montessori School, founded in 1968, is an independent, coeducational day school, dedicated to the highest quality education of children, from infancy through middle school, according to the values and principles of the Montessori philosophy. The teachers nurture the individu-al childs innate abilities and self- exploration that provide children with the skills and foundation for leading full lives. Parents are supported through educational resources and classes and encouraged to be active participants in the school community. The recruitment, training and continued mentor-ship of talented teachers, along with the integrated curriculum and environments which are tailored to meet the developmental needs of the individual child, are the priorities of the School.

  • LeadershipA Board of Trustees governs the Princeton Montessori Society. The appointed Trustees serve as leaders in the areas of strategic planning, development, financial management, student and faculty services and facilities planning and design.

    Princeton MontessoriSociety Trustees

    1968 Marchand, Lucien

    1968 Marchand, Phylis

    1968 Sulliva, Dan*

    1968 Lanyi, Anthony*

    1968 Lanyi, Helma*

    1968 Luth, Philip*

    1968 Luth, Sara*

    1968 Nathan, Barry*

    1968 Nathan, Gail*

    1968 Sharp, Gordon D.*

    1968 Sullivan, Sally*

    1970 Bleiman, Yvonne

    1970 Moskowitz, William

    1972 Kaplan, Hyla

    1972 Russo, Barbara

    1972 Westgate, Gail Nathan

    1974 Russo, Sabatino

    1976 Faigle, Jeffrey

    1980 Hwong, Corrington

    1982 Giller, Peter

    1984 Shamyer, Maria

    1984 Stencel, Marsha

    1986 Linderberry, Jean

    1986 Burns, Michael

    1990 Easwaran, Sunny

    1992 Scheide, Judith McCartin

    1995 Hlafter, Pat

    2002 Plasko, George

    2007 Peters, Jim

    2007 Cusack, Tom

    2011 Gardner, Lee

    2011 Egbert, Peter

    * = Founding Member

    2012 Princeton Montessori Society Board of Trustees. Pictured, from left to right: George Plasko (Chairman),

    Thomas Cusack, Patricia Hlafter, Peter Egbert, Michael Burns, Lee Gardner, James Peters, Corrington Hwong

    The future belongs to those who see possibilities before they become obvious.

    John Scully

  • Then and Now...

    The child creates, in a very real sense, the adult that is to be, through their experiences, interactions, and environments.

    Maria Montessori

    Location: Our Lady of Princeton, 1968 487 Cherry Valley Road, 1985

  • Then and Now... 1968 Princeton Montessori School founded with a Primary Program in leased space located at ETS in Princeton1969 Primary program in leased space at Our Lady of

    Princeton, now the Princeton Academy for Boys

    1973 Elementary program in leased space at Our Lady of Princeton & Montgomery Public Schools

    1982 Toddler program located at the Arts Council of Princeton in rented space

    1983 Purchased 14 acres at 487 Cherry Valley Road

    1985 Completed 12,500 sq. ft. building to house Primary and Junior I program

    1995 Elementary and Middle School expansion ~14, 920 sq. ft.

    1998 Infant and Toddler expansion ~10,500 sq. ft.

    2000 Six acres of land generously donated to the Princeton Montessori Society to pave the way for the future

    2001 Vitality Room and Primary Library added ~ 2,240 sq. ft. First Capital Campaign

    2011 Crescendo Cultural Arts Center ~ 11,000 sq. ft. Crescendo and Fortissimo Campaigns

    Total Square Footage: 51,160

    Infant/Toddler Expansion, 1998

    Middle School in a Trailer, 1990

    Today 51,160 sq. ft. state of the art campus on 20 acres, 2012

  • The faculty of Princeton Montessori School is superbly qualified, sensitive, committed, observant, and empathetic. All of our more than 60 teachers are certified expert in the age level they teach. More than half of our teachers and administrators have served the school for 10 years or longer. Each of our faculty members holds a B.A. or B.S. degree, and several hold advanced degrees. Our teachers are trained in Montessori principles and practices, and are certified by the American Montessori Society (AMS) or the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI). They are recognized for actively pursuing opportunities for ongoing professional development. Many are instructors in the PCTE, mentors to other Montessori teachers, educational lecturers, and national consultants for teachers in training.

    Faculty members work in teams, so at any given time a student has the benefit of close relationships with more than one professional. Teachers working together collaborate on their approach to the learning needs of each individual student.

    Our Exceptional Faculty

  • Teaching Children the Way They Learn Best

    Like the movements of a symphony, our curriculum is a composition of interrelated themes, wide ranging, moving from concrete to abstract, from overview to detail, and returning again and again to be reconsidered in greater depth.

    The hand that learns to grasp the blocks in the Infant Center is prepared to grasp the sorting shapes as a Toddler. In turn, the Primary child learns to work with number rods, leading to the addition beads in Junior I and the multiplication board in Junior II. By Middle School, that initial training of an infants hand to grasp has led to mastery of algebraic equations and square roots.

  • American Montessori Society (AMS) Accredited

    Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSA) Accredited

    National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) Member

    1968 Princeton Montessori School opens with a Primary Program for children ages 3 to 6 years

    1974 Junior I Program opens for children ages 6 to 8 years

    1983 Toddler Program opens for children 18 months through 3 years old

    1984 Junior II Program opens for children ages 8 to 11 years

    1985 Parent-Infant Class opens for Infants 8 weeks-18 months and their caregivers

    1985 First SummerQuest program

    1986 Suzuki Violin Program opens for children ages 3 years and older. The Program currently has 44 students enrolled under the direction of Ms. Toyoko Kitade.

    1989 Middle School Program opens for children ages 9 to 11 years

    1989 Piano Program opens for children ages 6 years and older. The Program currently has 44 students enrolled direction of Ms. Rimma Skvortsova.

    1993 Infant Center opens for Infants 8 weeks to 22 months. Considered a model program across the country.

    2010 Mommy and Me classes opens for Infants ages 8 weeks-18 months and their caregivers

  • The whole person experience is enriched by several areas of study that are tightly integrated within the academic curriculum and considered crucial to personal development.

    The Arts at Princeton Montessori School

    The Visual Arts curriculum is based upon the premise that everyone is an artist. Children learn respect and appreciation for art, they develop an eye for organization and beauty, and learn to have pride in their own creations and accomplishments. The Art program teaches skills for life; among them sequencing, ordering, processing, focusing, concentration, exposure, confidence, innovation, expression, creativity, and imagination.

    We believe that music is intrinsic to the human being, and thus is an integral part of our curriculum and classroom environment from Infant through Middle School. Infants develop into toddlers listening to music, moving to the sounds, beginning to sing, absorbing the language of music as they absorb their spoken language.

  • In keeping with its philosophy of developing the whole person, the Princeton Montessori School Campus has many outdoor environments suitable for learning and enjoying the outdoors.

    Each program has a dedicated outdoor environments designed specifically for the needs and developmental stages of that age group.

    The Montessori Milestones Garden is a serene outdoor space. When weather permits, you can often find students gathering here for lessons or even lunch.

    Yukis Garden is a special place for peace and meditation on the school grounds. Its tranquil and undisturbed space is perfect for those times in all of our lives when we need some breathing room for reflection. The garden is Japanese in style, and is landscaped with perennial flowers and a soothing fishpond.

    Love of the Environment

  • Progress does not have to be patented to be worthwhile. Progress can also be measured by our interactions with nature and its preservation. Can we teach children to look at a flower and see all the things it represents: beauty, the health of an ecosystem, and the potential for healing?

    Richard Louv, author of Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder

  • Princeton Montessori School

  • Princeton Center Teacher Education

  • The Princeton Center for Teacher Education (PCTE), located at the Princeton Montessori School and accredited by the Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE), is a training facility attracting people from around the country and the world who want to become Montessori teachers. Graduates of the Infant and Toddler, Early Childhood, and Elementary programs receive a credential from the American Montessori Society (AMS).

    Teachers-in-training are able to observe the educational process in action at Princeton Montessori School as part of their course-work, providing them with real-life experience. The interactionand in many cases overlappingof school and PCTE faculties creates a vibrant intellectual community of educators focusing on Montessori first principles and best practices, benefiting children and trainees alike.

    TCNJ Master of Arts in Teaching in Early Childhood Education

    The Master of Arts in Teaching in Early Childhood Education (39 year olds) with an emphasis on Montessori education is a unique program designed for teachers who have their Montessori credential from the Princeton Center Teacher Education (PCTE) either in the AMS Early Childhood Full Credential or Elementary I (69 year olds) Full Credential tracks or are in the process of completing the requirements for said credentials.

    The AMS Early Childhood and Elementary Full Credentials will apply 18 credits toward a Masters of Arts in Teaching degree in early childhood education (39 years). The program will provide graduate course work in early childhood education, which will culminate in P-3 Certification and a masters degree.

    The courses offered by TCNJ are designed to broaden and extend the candidates mastery of the early childhood field and will be offered in a variety of formats to meet the candidates needs.

    The College of New Jersey

    The Master of Arts in Teaching in Early Childhood Education (39 year olds) with an emphasis on Montessori education is a unique program designed for teachers who have their Montessori credential from the Princeton Center Teacher Education (PCTE) either in the AMS Early Childhood Full Credential or Elementary I (69 year olds) Full Credential

    The AMS Early Childhood and Elementary Full Credentials will apply 18 credits toward a Masters of Arts in Teaching degree in early childhood education (39 years). The program will provide graduate course work in early childhood education, which will

    Meanthe Worldto a ChildIf helping a child take on the world appeals to you, then you may be right for the Princeton Center for Teacher

    Education (PCTE). Founded in 1989, PCTE trains adults to nd and cultivate the maximum potential in every

    child as the focus of its American Montessori Society (AMS) and MACTE accredited teacher training pro-

    gram. Its world-class facility within the Princeton Montessori School offers a hands-on learning experience by

    a highly trained and experienced faculty. PCTE graduates are certied AMS teachers of the Infant/Toddler,

    Early Childhood, or Elementary level. PCTEPrinceton Center for Teacher Education 609-924-4594

  • The childs development follows a path of successive stages of independence, and our knowledge of this must guide us in our behavior towards him. Maria Montessori

    1990 Ginny Cusack appointed Director, Princeton Center Teacher Education. Preliminary planning funded through a generous donation from the J. Seward Johnson, Sr. Charitable Foundation

    1991 Early Childhood (EC) teacher training program founded. AMS and MACTE accredited training program

    1994 Infant and Toddler (I/T) teacher training program founded. AMS and MACTE accredited training program

    1995 AMS and MACTE accredited training Elementary teacher training program founded

    2006 Ann Wilson appointed Director, Princeton Center Teacher Education

    2011 TCNJ/PCTE Masters Program for Early Childhood & Elementary initiated

    Montessori Accreditation Council Teacher Education (MACTE) Accredited

    American Montessori Society (AMS) Affiliated

  • Ukrainian-American Montessori ProjectThe American Ukrainian Montessori Project is an educational endeavor initiated by Boris Zhebrovsky, Chairman of the Main Board of Public Education of Kiev, Ukraine, with the Princeton Center for Teacher Education in Princeton, New Jersey.

    The inception of this project began in 1989 and to date has developed into a positive model of Montessori education in Kiev and other regions of Ukraine. The long-term project goal was to develop a Montessori educational model similar to the Princeton Center for Teacher Education Model: that is, a Montessori School with a Montessori Teacher Training Center.

    In 1989 Mr. Zhebrovsky was first introduced to the Montessori philosophy in education. He believed that the best way to effect sociological change in Ukraine is to educate the children, and the Montessori method of education would be the best model to develop independent thinking skills needed in the Ukrainian culture. The Minister of Education of Ukraine accepted Mr. Zhebrovskys proposal to open a public school based on the pedagogical concepts of Montessori education.

    Over the next decade, the Princeton Center for Teacher Education and the many teachers, administrators, and diplomats would work together to bring the model of the Princeton Montessori Society and Princeton Center Teacher Education (PCTE) to the Ukraine.

    The partnership between our two countries has been exceptionally successful. Since the project began, the Ukrainian Montessori educators have established the Ukrainian Montessori Society, opened a Montessori School for children and created the Ukrainian

    One loving community to another

    Montessori Teacher Training Center. Over twenty regions of Ukraine have opened Montessori Schools and several kindergartens use elements of Montessori education. The parents interest and support of these schools and Montessori pedagogy is most positive. For the past two years, there is a waiting list at the Montessori school in Kiev.

    Over twenty administrators attended seminars at the Ukrainian Montessori Teacher Training Center and over three hundred teachers attended seminars and continue to have an interest in Montessori education.

    Each year PCTE educators visit the Ukraine to consult with the teachers and staff, conduct parent meetings, and present workshops for administrators. Ukrainian teachers continue to visit PCTE each year during the summer months to broaden their understanding of Montessori principles and learn from the model here. Without question, both the Americans and Ukrainians have benefited from our connections with each other.

  • Family involvement: You make the musicOur schoolour symphony of learningworks only when all members of the orchestra join in the performance. Teaching children effectively requires a close collaboration between parents and teachers. Research con firms a direct link between student success and parental involvement with the school. We need to understand one another, share knowledge and insights, and agree on goals.

    Thats why we consider the concept of communitythe community that surrounds and supports and secures your childparamount. And, its why we consider that your involvement in Princeton Montessori School is as much of a commitment as the one your child will make.

    Parent, grandparent, graduate, and friend support of our development campaign and fund-raisers is also vital to our ability to sustain and improve the quality of education we provide.

  • ith ratitudeIn 2007, Princeton Montessori School launched its first Endowment campaign, Crescendo, with the goal of raising $2.2 million. Our first year was enormously satisfying and gratifying with contributions from the schools parents, faculty, administration, trustees, trusts and foundations totaling $1 million. Who knew that in the Fall of 2008 a dramatic recession and financial crisis would hit the American economy with a vengeance and impact the financial lives of so many of our Montessori school families. As a result of the crisis, the Crescendo Campaign was suspended in the Spring of 2009.

    In Fall 2010, the Trustees voted to re-ignite the schools capital campaign as Fortissimo. Parents who demonstrated ongoing support and enthusiasm were asked to donate their time and energy to act as Campaign Leaders and reach out to the greater school community.

    These campaigns rely primarily on the generosity and giving from within our current and extended Montessori family and community of parents, alumni and their parents, trustees, and Montessori education supporters. As always, the leadership of Princeton Montessori Society is extremely grateful for the generosity of the Community.

    Crescendo, Fortissimo & Scholarship Major Campaign Donors

    Mr. Damon Grandbouche and Mrs. Rehana Farrell

    Mr. and Mrs. Hasan Koyluoglu

    Mr. and Mrs. Lee Maschler

    Mr. Joseph Hargrove andMs. Carla Servin

    Mr. Stuart Essig and Ms. Erin Enright

    Drs. Sean and Ceilia Fieler

    Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Markowitz

    Mr. and Mrs. Corrington Hwong

    Mr. and Mrs. Jon Hafter

    Mr. and Mrs. Peter Egbert

    Mr. and Mrs. Anton Kuppek

    Mr. Andrew Lazarus andMrs. Donna Tempel

    Mr. and Mrs. Moshe Meidar

    Mr. Dougin Walker andMs. Lisi Bromley

    Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Stencel

    Ms. Brenda OLoughlin

    Mr. and Mrs. James Peters

    Wilbur May Foundation

    Dr. Marcus Schabacker andMrs. Yuh Schabacker-Koppel

    Dr. and Mrs. George Plasko

    Twin Chimney, Inc.

    Mr. Martin Zetterberg

    Mr. Steve Pietrezak and Ms. Anita Canzano

    Ms. Ann Wilson

    Dr. Urvish Bidkar and Mrs. Sunanda Nair-Bidkar

    Clarence & Anne Dillon Dunwalke Trust

    Mr. and Mrs. Tom Cusack

    Drs. Paul Burton and Virginia Owen

    Dr. and Ms. Peter Betz

    Mr. and Mrs. John Cibbarelli

    Mr. and Mrs.Thomas Brenner

    Mr. Michael Burns

    The Alfi Family

    Ms. Christine Allen

    Ms. Bethanne Byrne

    The Bedminster Fund

  • Annual Campaign 2011-12


    $10,000+Peter and Mary Ellen EgbertDrs. Sean and Cecilia FielerJoe Hargrove and Carla ServinLee and Marjorie Maschler

    $5,000-10,000Ms. Bethanne ByrneMr. Stuart Essig and Ms. Erin EnrightMr. and Mrs. Anton KuppekDeborah and Jim Peters

    $1,000-5,000 Kald Abdallah and Sibele FerreiraJohn and Leigh BartlettMr. and Mrs. Thomas BrennerMichael & Marla BurnsMs. Anita Canzano and

    Mr. Steve PietrzakTom and Ginny CusackPhilip and Jennifer DelvecchioJon and Patricia HlafterLee and Nigel GardnerJerzy GruhnAnita May Rosenstein & Pat Hansen

    (in memory of Betty Hansen)Joshua Kulkin and Christina KirbyChris and Andrea MecrayThe Petrov FamilyDr. and Mrs. George PlaskoMr. and Mrs. Raghu RaoMatthew and Annika SalvnerManish and Sunita ShahFrederick and Julie SongMarsha and Joe StencelJulia Wakins Family

    $500-1000 AnonymousCindy* and Peter BetzRandall and Caroline ClouserMr. and Mrs. Paul EvansMr. Taylor Hwong* and Ms. Jessica Koster

    up to $500Elliot and Emmaline AndersenHeather and Geoffrey AtonDelmy BarreraSamuel Becker and Jennifer JangGoran and Bozena BlixAnurag Bhatia and Radhika Singla

    Adeline and Francoi-Xavier Bouchet

    Ms. Elizabeth BremserDrs. Paul Burton and

    Virginia OwenEmma ByrneMr. Terrence ChenRoxy ChoeGinger Christie-CookKathy ChrzanJohn and Lori-Ann CibbarelliRebecca Cibbarelli*Quinn Cook*The Craig FamilyEvelia CunhaMr. Brian Cusack*Ms. Pilar DalyDr. Gabriele Dietrich*Mr. and Mrs. Ravi DhingraMr. Christopher Gardner*Mr. Andrew Gardner*The Gasior FamilyMs. Amy GerstackerMs. Kelly GlenfieldMr. and Mrs. David HartMs. Kelly Hart*Mr. and Mrs. Steven HartnackChristina Hartnack*Caroline Hartnack*Joshua and Julia HochbergThe Hortiatis Family*Ms. Carrie HotchkissTheresa Menders and

    Daniel HuangKen & Michelle JacobMr. and Mrs. Jimmy JimenezMs. Maria JohnsonMr. and Mrs. Syed KazmiJohanna KraftMs. Elena KurnovMr. & Mrs. Lance LewisBob Wills and Derry Light-WillsMs. Sally LukeAnthony and Leslie MagliaroMs. Bridget ManleyRobert and Kathy MarmionMr. and Mrs. Frank McLaughlinMs. Lisa MeisenbacherMr. Alex MitnickSunil and Disha ModiMs. Vandana MonteiroMr. and Mrs. Ken MorrisMs. Michelle Morrison

    Mr. and Mrs. David MoultonMr. and Mrs. James OBoyleMr. and Mrs. Jonathan OBrianMr. and Mrs. Richard PalmerMs. Rashmi PatelMr. Tomas Manning and Ms. Courtney Peters-ManningMs. Andrea Plasko*Mr. and Mrs. Luciano ProcacciniMr. and Mrs. Bradford PoprickMr. and Mrs. Charles RatkayMary Reuter-MayBert and Adele RobinsonChristopher and Amanda RodriguezMrs. Sue SaadJamie and Nili SchnitzerKathleen and David SellersMs. Ayla SenMr. and Mrs. SkvortsovaMs. Kim SmithMr. and Mrs. Antonio SotoMr. and Mrs. Edgar SotoMr. and Mrs. Michael Soto*Mr. and Mrs. Rodrigo SotoIsabel Soto*Lisa SteinbergMajor and Mrs. Matthew Stencel*Ms. Lisa StolzerLarry and Joyce TatschMs. Peggy ThompsonTrisha ThormeDylan TorranceSophia TorranceSuchithra Vikram and

    Vikram RamchandraMichael Wass Smith and

    Kelsey SwansonMr. Lewis WeinMr. Ken Willian and

    Ms. Stacy HofferMs. Ann WilsonMs. Allison Zarra Matching Corporate Gifts Bank of America Merrill LynchBlackRockExxon MobilNorthwestern MutualPrudentialSchroder Investment

    Management, NA

    For Annual Giving, parents are encouraged to sponsor a specific item from these special requests made by teachers.

    In 2011-12, the following teachers wishes were granted. We are grateful!

    Outdoor Art Easel

    Chicken Farm

    Sponsor a Child for SummerQuest

    Professional Development

    Digital Piano

    Infant Stroller

    Toddler Outdoor Enhancements

    Freedom Garden Renewal

    Latin American Cultural Presentation

    Jr. II End-of-Year Party

    Trout in the Classroom Science Program

    Online History Learning Tools

    Middle School Science Enhancements


    Primary Math Materials

    Shelving for Primary Classroom

    Primary Geography Maps

    Gifts made to the Annual Campaign have a direct impact on the everyday lives of students and are used for program enhancements, professional development for our exceptional faculty, and sustaining our beautiful environments. We rely on donations from Trustees, Parents, Faculty, Staff, Alumni, Grandparents and Friends to support the necessary enhancements that keep Princeton Montessori School progressive and make it a very special place for children.

    ith ratitude Wishes Fulfilled

  • AlumniOur alumni had opportunities to play, question, and develop their passions under the guidance of their talented Montessori teachers.

    The solid foundation offered at Princeton Montessori School facilitates smooth transitions to both public and private high schools. Our alumni take their passions and interests on to some of the most prestigious colleges and universities.

    The Princeton Montessori School experience gives our alumni the edge to become purposeful innovators in their real world professions. Our graduates have gone on to become successful and content members of society.

    Life affords no greater responsibility, no greater privilege, than the raising of the next generation. C. Everett Koop


    ss o

    f 201


    Class of 2012

    Class of 2011

    Class of 2010

    Class of 2009

    Class of 2008

  • High Schools

    Blair Academy, NJGeorge School, PA The Hun School, NJThe Lawrenceville School, NJ Notre Dame, NJ Peddie School, NJ The Pennington School, NJ Phillips Academy, MAPortsmouth Abbey, RI Princeton Day School, NJ Rutgers Preparatory School, NJ Solebury School, PA St. Andrews School, DE St. Johns Prep, MN Stuart Country Day School, NJ Valley Forge Military Academy, PALocal Public High Schools


    Barnard College Bentley University Boston College Boston University Brown University Bucknell University College of New Jersey Columbia University Connecticut College Cornell University Dartmouth College Duke University Fashion Institute of Technology Franklin and Marshall CollegeGeorge Washington University Georgetown University

    Gettysburg CollegeHarvard UniversityHobart & William Smith CollegeIthaca College Lehigh UniversityJohn Hopkins University Johnson & Wales UniversityMercer County Community College Moravian College New York University Ohio State University Pitzer College Penn State UniversityPrinceton University Quinnipiac University

    Rochester Institute of TechnologyRutgers University St. Johns University, MNStanford University Tufts University Union College University of Illinois University of Medicine & Dentistry, NJ Universidad Complutense de Madrid Universiteit Leuven, BelgiumVanderbilt UniversityVillanova UniversityVirginia Military InstituteWheaton College

    Analytical ScientistArt Museum CuratorAssistant Professor, HistoryAssistant Professor, PsychologyAttorneyNeonatal ConsultantChiropractorComputer AnimationData ManagementDrone PilotEntertainment Industry VPEnvironmental EducationEvent PlannerFashion Design CEOFilm/Photography PartnerInternational BankerInternational Account ManagerInvestment BankerIronwork DesignerMarketing ManagerMedical StudentMontessori Teacher

    MusicianNeuroscience ResearcherHealth Policy ResearcherPrivate Equity AnalystProduct Development SpecialistApplied Mathematics Professor Educational Resource SpecialistRetail ManagementSchool PsychologistSocial WorkPublic Health ResearchSpeech & Language PathologistStage and Film ActorSystems Integration ConsultantTeacherUS Army OfficerUS JAG CorpsUS Marines US Naval OfficerUS Olympic Health ProviderWebsite DesignerZoo Supervisor and Educator

    Careers and Post-Graduate Studies

    Jeff Bezos , Amazon founder

    David Blaine, magician

    T. Berry Brazelton, pediatrician and author

    Sergey Brin, Google co-founder

    Julia Child, celebrity chef and author

    Chelsea Clinton, former First Daughter

    George Clooney, actor

    Sean P Diddy Combs , media mogul

    Cami Cotler, actress

    Peter Drucker, management guru

    Dakota Fanning , actress

    Anne Frank, author

    Katherine Graham, Washington Post editor

    Melissa Gilbert, actress

    Anne Hathaway, actress

    Friedensreich Hundertwasser, artist

    Helen Hunt, actress

    Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis, former First Lady

    Beyonce Knowles, singer, songwriter and actress

    Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Nobel Peace Price Winner

    Yo Yo Ma, cellist

    Larry Page, Google co-founder

    Taylor Swift, singer/songwriter

    Jimmy Wales , Wikipedia founder

    Will Wright, computer game designer

    Princes William and Harry, British Royal Family

    Did you know they had a Montessori Education?

  • e shall walk together

    on this path of life,

    for all things are part of the universe,

    and are connected with each other

    to form one whole unity.

    - Maria Montessori 1870-1952