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Maria IqbalAbout Her:Maria Iqbal, a Pop furniture artist was born in Kabul, Afghanistan and raised in the UAE. Having worked as an Art Director at an Advertising firm for 10 years, she came back to Dubai to pursue her style of art. She is a pop artist and designer who creates her artisticstrokesonitems & accessories such aschairs, tote bags, tables, cushion covers, clutches. Maria uses her art to create one of a kind hand painted furniture. She uses vibrant colors , forms an themes that the mundane piece suddenly gets a whole lot of personality.

Pop Art & Designs By Her:

Pop Art Collaborations:Showcased her collection at the Garden in Fashion Forward Season III

Collaborated with Essa Walla for his shoe collection during Fashion Forward

Maria Iqbalproducts showcased during s*uce gifts collection displayed in Elle Arab World, March 2014


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