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Literacy Train the Trainer. Yolanda McNair (Kindergarten): St. Pauls Elementary Tanya Fore-McDonald (First Grade): Peterson Elementary Holly Clegg (Second Grade): Parkton Elementary Mrs. Vonnie Lewis: Lead Teacher Mrs. Sandra Evans: Central Office/Program Services - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Yolanda McNair (Kindergarten): St. Pauls ElementaryTanya Fore-McDonald (First Grade): Peterson ElementaryHolly Clegg (Second Grade): Parkton ElementaryMrs. Vonnie Lewis: Lead TeacherMrs. Sandra Evans: Central Office/Program ServicesMrs. Elizabeth Sanders: Central Office/Program Services

  • PurposeEvery Teacher is a Teacher of Reading By Addressing cross-curricular literacy strategies. HOW?How to integrate cross-curricular strategies?Social StudiesSciencePhysical EducationMath

  • Integration Example:All About Me! Social Studies: create a booklet that describes their individual families, likes, favorite things, etc. (Goal 1: the learner will investigate how individual families and groups are similar and different).Math: record the students height and weight.

  • ActivityUsing the subject area indicated on your table, design literacy integrated activities.Think---pair-----share

  • DataResearch says:Need to teach more informational textPrimary focus for grades 3-5 is comprehension. Proficiency Standards for this school year:Reading: 71.6%Math: 88.6%

  • ActivityAt your table, work in a group to design informational comprehension stem questions.Example: What might happen if.?

    Spider Story

  • BasicsSight WordsPhonicsBlendsDiagraphsLong/short vowels

    Shelby County Schools Kindergarten Kove


  • Make and Take ActivityKindergarten

    1st Grade

    2nd GradeRhyme Time


    Letter-Sound Match

  • Break Time!

  • Grammar/Basic PunctuationShould be taught beginning in KindergartenEach grade level should build upon the otherStudent writing proficiencies should progress from year to year to ensure student successBeginning this year in middle school students will be graded on content and grammar.

  • Round-UpWrite a sentence on sentence strip paper.

    Cut the sentence strip apart.

    Allow students to round up the words in thecorrect order to make a complete sentence.

  • Reasons to ReadPleasureInformational

  • How to help struggling readers?Use leveled textBoost confidenceFind what interest the studentChoose predictable text Recorded books