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  • DHARMA LIGHT December 2013 January 2014

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    LIGHT OF THE DHARMASteveston Buddhist Temple4360 Garry Street, Richmond, B.C. V7E 2V2 January 2014Tel: (604) 277-2323 Fax: (604) 277-0313

    New Years Greeting

    Immeasurable Light and Life.

    At the beginning of the year, I would like to send you my greetingsfrom Hongwanji in Kyoto.

    Upon succeeding the position as Monshu, thirty-six years and ninemonths have passed. I have come to empathize with Chinese master,Shan-tao, as he writes in Hymns of Birth in the Pure Land, Caught upin everyday life, the days and nights go left unnoticed, unable tobecome emancipated and escape the sea of suffering. I shall vow towork diligently until my term comes to an end this June.

    For many of us, although the passing of time seems to speed up withage, in recent years, changes within society have sped up, makingthings all the more unsettling. Because these rapid transitions arelargely the result of developments in scientific technology andeconomic growth, they sometimes produce discrepancies in individuallifestyles and societal framework. The gap among socio-economicconcerns including business corporations and peoples lifestyles arewidening that both domestic and international efforts have not beensuccessful in dealing with such issues. As a result, there is a sense thatneither reflecting on the past nor thinking ahead into the future matters,so long as we are content with the present. However, this mentality willresult in repeating past mistakes or passing burdens on to futuregenerations.

    Is it not that the role of Buddhism is to provide us who live in this constantly changing world, with anunfaltering spiritual foundation to live the life which we have received to the fullest? In Jodo ShinshuBuddhism, that foundation is the Primal Vow of Amida Tathagata, namely Namo Amida Butsu. Beingunconditionally embraced by Amida Tathagata, we are enabled to accept our own inconvenient past and at thisvery moment, be joyous of this life we have received.

    May we all continue to live every day of this year in appreciation of the Nembutsu.January 1, 2014

    OHTANI KoshinMonshu

    Jodo Shinshu Hongwanji-ha

  • DHARMA LIGHT December 2013 January 2014

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    Hoonko 2014

    Everything changes,Everything appears and disappears,

    There is perfect tranquilityWhen one transcends both life and extinction.

    (From The Teaching of Buddha pg. 316)

    Happy New Year!! How quickly the time goes by, hardto believe that 2013 has gone by and we are now

    greeting 2014. With the many activitiesat the temple, plus the responsibilitieswith having a family, it seems like mywife and I are always on the go. Therecent year-end period was no differentas we had quite a hectic time with somany events happening. People oftentell us to enjoy it while we are still

    young as it goes by so quickly. I now know how true thisstatement is as our youngest, Erin, has now turned tenyears old. We no longer have a little baby, for thatmatter, not even a little child in our household.

    Shinran Shonin, the founder of Jodo Shinshu, also foundhimself wallowing in the throes of life. Although thosearound him saw him as an accomplished Tendai monk,Shinran realized that he was unable to find true freedomthrough the practices he was following, causing him toleave the confines of Mount Hiei in search of anotherpath. This was, of course, the Nembutsu way. On the18th ~ 19th weekend of January, we will be holding ourHoonko weekend commemorating the passing away ofShinran Shonin. Our guest minister for the service willbe Rev. Michael Hayashi from the Manitoba BuddhistTemple.

    Let us take this moment to reflect on the Nembutsuteachings, which Shinran has left for us. As I mentionedin the opening passage taken from The Teaching ofBuddha, perfect tranquility exists when we transcendboth life and death. It is so easy for us to get caught upin our daily mundane lives, becoming unsettled andunbalanced. Yet such a life can lead to a sense ofemptiness and non-fulfillment. True peace comes fromtranscending our individual lives to seeing the oneness inall life.

    In observing the Hoonko service, let us be mindful thatthe memorial service is not so much to venerate ahistorical being, as it is another opportunity to trulylisten to the wisdom of Amida Buddha. Even in such ahectic world, peace and harmony can be found byawakening to the tranquility within. Namo Amida Butsu.

    Gassho,Grant Ikuta


    1. The large jar of change will be counted onSunday, December 15 in order to determine thewinner of the guessing game. Bonenkai lunchattendees had the opportunity to gauge thevalue of the coins in the glass jar.

    2. Annually three joint services have been heldwith Vancouver Buddhist Temple. This will bereduced to one joint service at Obon so thatthere will be consistency with our weeklySunday services.

    3. Discussions have been held with the City ofRichmond and Gilmore United Church inregards to income raising potential of ourtemple property. This is looking into the futureas Bingo revenue is decreasing.

    4. Legacy Plan has $30,000 which has beendonated by SBT Womens Auxiliary.Additional donations from members andcommunity will be appreciated.

    5. Gym re-roofing and earthquake proofing werebriefly discussed. Plans are being developed fora handicapped washroom.


    The Fujinkai is planning on holding itssemi-annual AGM on January 26thfollowing the morning service.

    There are a number of important topics to bediscussed at the AGM and your attendance andparticipation in the meeting is greatly appreciated.

    Also, please mark off Sunday, February 9th for theFujinkai Dana Day Service beginning at 10:30 AM.Proceeds raised from the Dana Day Service will goto help with programs determined by the NationalJodo Shinshu Buddhist Temples WomensFederation to which our Fujinkai is a local chapter of.

    Meditation in the New YearSeiza Meditation sessions will begin in the New Yearon Thursday evenings starting with January 9th at7:30 PM, and Friday mornings beginning on January10th starting at 10:30 AM. Why not start off the NewYear with some balance in your life.

  • DHARMA LIGHT December 2013 January 2014

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    Ho-onko 2014Hoonko January 18th ~19th, 2014Guest Minister: Rev. Michael Hayashi, ManitobaBuddhist Temple.

    Hoonko Eve Potluck DinnerDate: Saturday, January 18th, 2014Time: 5:30 pm

    Hoonko Eve Service followed byGetting to Know You withRev. Michael HayashiDate: Saturday, January 18th, 2014Time: 7:30 pm

    Hoonko ServiceDate: Sunday, January 19th, 2014Time: 10:30 amGuest Minister: Rev. Michael Hayashi

    Join us in honoring our founder, Shinran Shonin withguest minister Sensei Michael Hayashi from WinnipegBuddhist Temple. We will be hosting a Ho-onko EvePotluck Dinner at the Temple on Saturday, January 18th2014 at 5.30pm followed by the Otaya Hoonko Eveservice.

    The Hoonko Service will be held on Sunday, January 19th,2014 at 10.30 am.


    Unlocking the creative artist in youEveryone can draw and be creative. Once again theSteveston Buddhist Temple will be offering art thiswinter/spring for beginners and to those wanting toadvance their creativity. Creative learning never ends. Ifyou are a beginner, learning to look and see will bringout the artist in you. On the other hand if you are anartist already come and share your skill and advanceyour artistry together with others. Come as you are andallow the artist in you to grow.

    Cut out this article and write your name and telephonenumber and leave it in my mail box at the temple orplease call 604 274 4799. Come and do the joy of art.



    Classes will begin in mid January and will be organizedto suit the needs of all those interested in art as acreative journey.

    Steveston Buddhist Temple AGMSunday, February 16, 2014

    1:00 p.m.

    Everyones attendance is vitalto the operation of the Temple.

    Your input will add to the discussion andgive guidance to the Temple Board!

    SPECIAL DONATIONSThe Steveston Buddhist Temple sincerely appreciates and thanksthe following for their generous donations:

    General: Akune Roy & Itoko, Beresford Terry, Galli Michael &Annette, Harada Jack, Hirose Mary, Ikuta Makoto, Ikuta Noriko,Kamide Glen, Morhista Elmer, Murao Toshio & Kimiyo, NishiIsao & Kayoko, Ryan Larry & Jeanne, Tasaka Hiromi, TommyZablan Imaging,Watanabe Keiko, Yamamoto Kiyomi,

    Eitaikyo Service Donations: Okano Toki, Yamamoto Kiyomi

    Jodo-e (Bodhi Day) Service Donations: Araki Ron & Linda,Akune Roy & Itoko, Akune Ted & Rose, Chow Suezone &Nobu, Domai Kiyo, Fukakusa Shinobu, Fujishima Rumi & Kay,Hama Sally, Hamanishi Y., Hamaura Masako, Hirota Kyoko,Ikuta Makoto, Ikuta Noriko, Kariya Kimiko, Kariya Tsuneko,Kato Akiko, Kawamoto Hiroko, Kawase Masao, King Hiroko,Kokubo Alice, Kokubo Eiko, Kondo Kaoru, Kondo Chieko,Koyanagi Yoshiko, Maede Toyoko, Mizuyabu Misayo, HoriHarue, Morishita Elmer, Morishita Michiyo, Morizawa Chiyoko,Morizawa Sazare, Mukai Akiko, Murao Toshio & Kimiyo,Nakano Yasuo & Minako, Niguma Kazuko, Nishi Isao &Kayoko, Nishi Kazumi, Nishikihama Yoshiharu & Teruko, NittaAyako, Okano Toki, Ohara Nobuye, Osaka Kikue, Oye Hanako,Quan Toshiko, Sakai Hayao & Tomiko,Sakai Mitts & Kay, SakaiMitsuka, Sakai Terry & Marge, Sakamoto Chikako, SakamotoUmeno, Sakata Hozumi, Sameshima Yoshiko Shiozaki Masako,Suzuki Kent, Tanaka Emiko, Tanaka Kiyoko, Tani Kiyoshi,Tasaka Teruko, Yamanaka Miyoko, Yamashita Muneichi &Kazuko, Yamashita Setsuko, Yamamoto Kiyomi

    Eshinniko Ser