LESSON 09: Mail Merge. LEARNING OUTCOMES: 1.State the usage of mail merge. 2.Create a mail merge document. 3.Save the document.

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  • LESSON 09:Mail Merge

  • LEARNING OUTCOMES:State the usage of mail merge.Create a mail merge document.Save the document.

  • At the end of this lesson, students should be able to:Create a mail merge document and save the document.Create data source in ExcelSet up main documentOpen data sourceInsert merge fieldsMerge to new documentSave the document

  • Activity 1: Create Enrolment Form documentActivity 2: Open Mail merge wizardActivity 3: Insert DataActivity 4: Save dataActivity 5: Change Field Names Activity 6: Merge data in the formActivity 7: Print Mail Merge :Activities Menu(Click on the menu to run the activity.)

  • Activity 1: Create Enrolment Formdocument

  • Activity 2:Open Mail Merge Wizard

  • 1. Open a New Microsoft Document

  • 2. Click Tools from the Menu Bar. 3. Select Letters and Mailings from the drop down menu.

  • 4. Another menu will open.5. Click Mail Merge. The Mail Merge task pane will be opened.

  • 6. Click Directory.7. Click Next Starting document.DirectoryNext : Starting document

  • 8. Click Next: Select recipients.

    Next: Select recipients

  • 9. Click Type a new list.10. Click Create.Type a new list Create

  • Activity 3 : Insert Data

  • Clicking Create will open the New Address List dialog box.

  • 2. Insert data in certain sections :i. Title Azman Bin Mohamad In section First Name, type-in 1 Amanah In section Last Name, type-in 900903-10-6019 In section Company Name, type-in 13 In section Address Line 1, type-in 03 September 1990

  • 2. Insert data in certain sections (continuation) :

    vi. In section Address Line 2, type-in 21 Jalan Besar, Klang, Selangor In section City, type-in Mohamad Bin Basriviii. In section State, type-in 03-33722159 In section ZIP Code, type-in Bahasa Melayu In section Country, type-in Hand Ball.

  • 3. Click New Entry

    New Entry

  • 4.The next dialog box will appear . 5. Click Close.

    Close Button

  • Activity 4:Save Data

  • ii. Save.i. Type DataType-in Data in the File name section :Click Save. ii. Save.Type DataSave

  • Activity 5:Change Field Names

  • The next dialog box will appear.Click Edit.


  • 2. Click Customize.


  • 3.Click Rename.4.Type-in Name at the Rename Field Toolbox.5.Click OK.RenameType-in Name at this section OK

  • 6. Click First Name.7. Click Rename.First NameRenameFirst NameRenameFirst NameRename

  • 8. Click OK.OK

  • 9. Repeat the above steps to change the next section .Last Name to IC NoCompany Name to AgeAddress Line 1 to Date of birthAddress Line 2 to AddressCity to Parents NameState to Telephone NoZip code to SocietyCountry to Club

  • 10. The next outcome will appear. Click OK.OK

  • 11. Click New Entry.New Entry

  • 12. Click Close. Close

  • 13. Click OK at Mail Merge Recipients Toolbox.

  • Activity 6Merge data in the form

  • 1. Click Next Arrange your directory.Next : Arrange your directory

  • 2. Ensure the cursor is placed at the Name section in the formPlace the cursor here

  • 3. Click More Items.More items.

  • 4. The next dialog box will appear. Click Name from the list. Click Insert.

    Insert button

  • 5. Click Close


  • This particular part will appear

  • 6. Place cursor at the form section form section

  • More items7. Click More items in Mail Merge Task Pane.

  • 8. Click Form.Form9. Click insert.Insert

  • 9. Click Close.Close

  • 10. Ensure the cursor is placed at the IC No section in the form.11. Repeat step 3 until 5 to insert other fields:IC NoAgeDate of BirthAddressParents NameTelephone NumberSocietyClub

  • 12. The next outcome will appear.

  • 13. Click Next : Preview your directory.Next: Preview your directory

  • 14. The next outcome will appear :

  • 15. Click Next to complete the merge.Next: Complete the merge

  • 16. The next dialog box will appear.Click To New DocumentClick To New Document

  • 17. Click OK. OK

  • 18. The Enrolment Form will appear as below.

  • Activity 7:Print Mail Merge

  • 1. Click icon open data source.open data source button

  • 2. Click Data file. Then click open.Data fileopen.

  • 3. Merge to printer.Merge to printer button

  • 4. Click OK at Merge To Printer dialog box.OK

  • 5. Click OK to complete printing.OKOK


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