Jieun Mrs. Branin 5 th Grade. 1729 Ben Franklin establishes Philadelphia’s first newspaper. Ben Franklin was born in Boston in 1706. Ben Franklin also.

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  • JieunMrs. Branin5th Grade

  • 1729Ben Franklin establishes Philadelphias first newspaper.Ben Franklin was born in Boston in 1706.Ben Franklin also helped establish the first fire department, police force, public library, and the citys first college.

  • 1735Trial of John Peter Zenger. The Zenger trial is a remarkable story of divided Colony, the beginnings of a free press.

  • 1739Stone slave rebellion in South Carolina.A captive named Cato led a rebellion in which 30 colonists of south Carolina was killed. What may have caused the rebellion was the Security act, which has been passed a month earlier.

  • 1744Eliza Lucas Pinckney successfully grows indigo.Southern plantations grew tobacco, rice, and indigo, which they sold to buyers in England and elsewhere in America.

  • 1750The colonies have about 250,000 enslaved persons.The enslaved Africans worked on plantations for their owners.On the plantations they grew tobacco, rice, and indigo.

  • 1760More Europeans arrive in the colonies. By 1770, more than 2 million people lived and worked in Great Britains 13 North American colonies.Colonists from all over Europe were welcomed in the Middle colonies.Europeans who settled in the Middle Colonies included: Dutch, German, Scottish, Irish, and English Immigrants.

  • 1775Philadelphia is the largest colonial colony.The population had grown to 35, 000 .Philadelphia was also a city of many ethnic and religious groups.

  • 1720-1765The Colonial EconomiesAgriculture is also known as the business of farming it was the way of life for most peopleIndustry is all the businesses that make one kind of product or provide one kind of service. Ship building is an example of an important industry for New England.Free Enterprise is a system when people can start any business they want to start.

  • 1750-1770Colonial governmentsAssembly is a lawmaking body and an example is the House of Burgesses which was the first meeting of Virginias assembly.Legislation is the making of passing of laws and the laws are passed by assemblies had to be approved by the British government.Delegates is also known as members of the assembly and they were wealthy land owners or merchants. They were mostly elected to office because voters believed these men had the time, education, and experience for public office.