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  • 7/28/2019 Ben Franklin - JHLI


  • 7/28/2019 Ben Franklin - JHLI


  • 7/28/2019 Ben Franklin - JHLI



    Wrli ';.=n"._By R7CHAD SAUNDER, Phi\o .


    Apstle ofThriand Frugit

    Por Richad, 173).

    AlmanackF Y ofC,

    1 7 3 ,g ir ae LE YA.

    & By h of Ihe En G: te C e 0 t r 691By the Cmpl&1in ofJH j 74By th RI1Dn lO 5682 the J(" Rb" 9

    ; dps um p Pch ! 8 u Mn :nd1g n o D im f WL'IJ fb s

    Ft e;i.r:l my w E ( e , e c.

    PHLADE.rinlc a d

  • 7/28/2019 Ben Franklin - JHLI


    of TH RI F and RUG

    is Autbigrphy


    NE o t)e most interesting autobiog

    word as ever known, a cassc n Amere read and oved ake n eey land, waBenjamn Franklin. Hee as nowee ese s persona of s grea mecan-s ndingeny; is ison and is praccay ndersandng of man nae is inees o grea and smarankn egan wrtng s oogapwen n ngland n e om of a ee Urged y s rends o conne e soy oe sake of postery e added o it om writng the latte pat in Piladelpia a year


    he ded B te narrave og down oony ftyone years of rankin's ong ife Tyears of s fe e yeas of s sates

  • 7/28/2019 Ben Franklin - JHLI


    "A peny saved is Twoece clear.A i a day is a grat a

    to him. He was rst and last a sef-made Amts he makes known in is Auobiogapy



    good dea more tan two centes ago

    January 17 1706, a boy was bon n a ouse on Mik Street in Boston The same awas aken to te Od Soth eeting Hosete steet where e was chsened BenjamiHis paents Josia and Abia ankin we

    aware tha an ustrous name had been addedthat ther son woud become Ameica's st ist posope and statesman They knewtere was anote cild in an aeady numeto eed and othe Benjamin was te teen teen cldrn e tenth and youngest sonanklin

    Trit and galty wee watchwods oEngland hoseod and te chid Benjamiperienced a lesson in wise spending hich heto orget any years afterwads when an oreconted he stoy n a camng litte e"Te \stle He was seen yeas old andgien a ew pennies wch e asened to spthemon a whstle When his paents saw

  • 7/28/2019 Ben Franklin - JHLI


    "Reading makes a full an-edtatoa profod andscourse a

    school at the age of eight, but te ard-wosoon became aare that e could ot aorte necessay college edcaion and Betasfeed to a schoo for riig ad aritten yeas ld e left scool eirey in ordfate n is candle and soap sop. But he rsome to ct wcs and dip molds and rnhreaened to un aay to sea as a oldedoe He as an acve youngster and cold ohe boys in smmig and roing Eve

    was a dividualist; one of hs smming y a ite fasen e sting o is rist anpull hm trog te ater hle e lay qbac

    One ing ths boy lied abve all else

    ad tis bis tendecy persuaded his fa pe of m A he age of tele e at s hafbrter James o ad a prBoston The sory of tese appriceip dfly tod i Fanlin's Auobiography Haccess to more boos as he could borroappetices o booksellers. Often e sat ught so hat e could rern te boo i Te is ingeniy deised a plan erby a fe boos and also ae more tme for re

  • 7/28/2019 Ben Franklin - JHLI


    "Au things are easy to ndusry,A hngs ae dcu o s

    He had found aritmec dcul fo now e ook n artmetc and a geomemased em by msel Levse e stugamma ad next underook o mproe hwng. H happened upon a olume o te

    was so deited wi e ease and carm o te decded, f possble o miae t After seeal o the ideas epressed n he islf e tas of dscussng and enlargngusing hs own words b ae e manneand Seee Upon omleion e omped hthe orgn dsoeng and correcng hFindng e needed o nese s ourned seeral papers o he Sp ntoac o pose Thoug su self-tanmasery Bnjamn anln grew nto great

    bou s ime James Fanln began nespaper caled T Nw Ef Cful of sy humo and se obseaons sglene Dogood wee slpped a nght undee pinin oce They wre so good thapubised amid mu spelaion as o eiBt Benamin ep s seet seeal moneaed ha s wrng sold cause so much

    I 1722 J l bdd

  • 7/28/2019 Ben Franklin - JHLI


    "Look before, or you'l nd yoursef be"Borrowing makes sorrowing

    becoming more ovebeaing and jealous, anannonced. that he wod work fo him Vistng the other pnting - hoses n Bostonhat hs brother had peceded hm and peowners not to empoy him Aodingy Bprner and Philadephia gained one

    "B. Franklin Prte

    EERYONE kows he soy o Fakl

    esqe arrial n Phladepha He eft hand went by boa to e ok hee he wnd work A storm-tossed oyage o Phiahe ired hungry unaay boy on a bigmorning in tobe 1723, aied in Philadstopped at a bakery and boght thee penniebread which in Boston ould hae been amoun but here he was supised to ecee puy ros With a o unde eah am anhird he aked up Make eet geaty oent of a yong grl sanding n a dooway M

    Ree who seen yeas ae was to eome hiIn Phiadephia ankin soon found work

    ing oe and a getting aong el hen nowedge and abiiy attaed i Will

  • 7/28/2019 Ben Franklin - JHLI


    Keep thy Shop, and thy Shop will keepMany a Le makes a Mckle

    second time in a stange city, with only a tBut Frankn made is way in London as

    Padepia seurng wor a s prnng ganng a ds of expeene Afer eigeenreuned o Padelpa an ode and a ws

    become e e of Mr Denam a meanwor ased ony s mons; Mr Denamran ened o e pnng bsness

    anin was weny-wo wen e and Hgse p a png rm on Mae Sree wo

    e panesp was dssoved and e sign "BPrner appae ove e door Te road weasy as er wee wo oer prnng esaPadepa Man sad a ann wod o mee e ompeion b a fend of s

    preded oerwse o e nds o asad e s uperor o anng I ever saw oI see m s a wor wen I go ome om e s a wor agan beore s negbors are oTe Aograpy reveas a vvd pe ondsry "I dres plany woe ranna no paes o dle dverson I neve wen or soong and o sow a I wasmy sness I somees rog ome prcased a e soes o' e sees o

  • 7/28/2019 Ben Franklin - JHLI


    "For Age and Want sve while you myNo mornng Sn asts wh

    he te as aive with good humo and I fc, he is knon s the rst Ameri huPo Rcr

    OST piners o ht tme issued an M mtte of urse but hen Frnklin Poor Richard's Almana, he reed a hjs as lie tody as in 1733 hen Poor rs trodued Poor Rihard's srps of it stteed throughout the Amana prehi

    f thrift ad frugality o ork-dsepopulr fny Not al he sayigs o oor Rrigil ih Frkln; he himse sated thisdom mny ges and ntions But made them the per of iuene n our ee

    For tetye years Franklin pubim his iuene reputtion goeereasig popurity of oor Rihissue edite by hmthat o the year 175summarie l the best syings f or Rremarkable preae hih is si to be the eer preahed on ndustry rugalitno s The Wy to Weath it hs beto lmost eery lnguge and hs een reprited agai nd gn

  • 7/28/2019 Ben Franklin - JHLI


    "B y Diligence and Patnce thMous ae n twO th C

    T S Ivr

    WHEN Franklin rst returned to PhaLondn, e organzed among s fre

    and sudy crce caled te Juno Cu wcweek o dsu questons o mors, poltcs

    posopy. Ma of the subjects prestedby Franl ad a scentc erng: "Hopenomena o vaors e expaned? and \ame of a cande end upwards in spre

    Ony to eore wout an pacal

    no nkln' ay In 1742, usy tug s prntng busness e nented te PFrepce an open stove wc gave more hess waseul o uel than a replace It wcessuy o more tan a century and n m

    s stl used and caled te rankn toveTe sto o Franklns eperments ws one o e most hrng and amang nvestgaton ere as a retred prnter of ho castn ade the complcated fomua

    rae eoes o oe censts poved thlghtnng and eectrcty rst y oseratiotheoy the y actua test wth s kte s aways e at once pu hs dscoery tovented the ghtnng rod whc s to ths

  • 7/28/2019 Ben Franklin - JHLI


    "Dost thou love Lfe? Then do not squanfor tat's te Stu Lie s made o.

    tncly, he posIIve ad egative or pus aHe uggesed o Frech scies a ehoghg coud be dra fro couds y meevated ea rod ut before he eceived o

    had bee accopihed i Frace he had okie. a ecause ere as o eevaio phia high eou or his experie ha Feied he idea o usig a ite.

    O a Jue day 752, a ma ad a boy-Frak ad hs soe oth ito a torkie They aed o the oukirts o Phiadeuder e proecio o a od hed they ekie o the ory ky A a ack thude

    acoss he kte a key atached to te ed oFrak as odig ecame caged ih ad ro he key e oud he coud charge jar or \ha oday e oud ca a sorage badd Fra acuay pro that igtig a

    are idetcaFaki' ame a a phioopher ad a ma

    a soo recogized ot at home ad ai d th d M t A t

  • 7/28/2019 Ben Franklin - JHLI


    Lost Tim is nvr found agan."He that rsth lat ust trot al D

    Thoghout his life he was alays observvestigating, coeting fats ad iting his It old e mossile hee to eont al thtons n oiga thiking he made to tis olfe of them ll sho the ativiy of hs mi

    vesatity of his nteest

    Fankli as the st to disove thatstoms ome ot of the sothest poving ttavel in an ooste dietion fom that of

    He demonstted that oi on the ate iaves He the st to poose daylight-savdemonstate the podtion of old y evaote man ates on food and det emhasia "saing an simpe diet By makig tests

    ooed loth on sno on a snny day e dehat hte dos not attat the heat as mh adak olos and eommended whie lothtopis. He as fa ahead of hs time in hventlation, elievg that the ai of a oom s epeated esiation anklin hew oen hwndows hn eveyone ese slept with thosed.

  • 7/28/2019 Ben Franklin - JHLI


    "W yo'r good o ors,yo ar o yo

    ennsvania farmers to use ineral fertilzebeen plastered, he wote in eters of plasteeld, and hese etters soon ose high aoundng egeaton. While n Fance he fol

    he aon expement. "Of hat ue soe one asked in Dr. Franlin's presence. Ohe nswered, is a new-on ae?

    He had ision t see the ast pogress unt and for ciilatin He wrte in a lesoeties aost wished t had een y don two o thee centuies hence r inpoveen t ae pic, and ege re ohe pesent pogress is apid Man of geat

    no unthought of wil efore hat perid and then I igh not onl enj their adhae curiosit graed n knwing wo e H\ een r anln would reif radio and aeroplane

    The Public Citzen

    To d good to his elow an \as nprncples f Benain Frankli In is

    Phadelpha is underaings ere progre

  • 7/28/2019 Ben Franklin - JHLI


    "If you wuld have yur Businessdne, g; if nt s

    delphia, now the University f Pennsylanat fund e rs hstal and ganized thsylania miita.

    Te Diplomt nd e Sesm

    LIVING at mber 7 Craen Stree

    Fankn spent fteen years n Engandthe lny f Pennsvana and t as dinmissin in s capaity that hs alty as a drst revealed hen at the tme f the agitatSta Tax he as caled efre aiamentined Trgh hs ng eaminatn Das a h est; alm dignied, aste n hisas an impran fatr in the reeal f the S

    At he time hen mst men retie fmDr Fanklin in 5, ega a send gesefness t his cntry He as n his sevhen he beame a member f he ntinenand thre al he eight f hs igs pe

    te case f ndependene. He as ae mittees an ked tieess day and nigJesn sitted the rigna daft f th Indepenene t Franklin h makng

  • 7/28/2019 Ben Franklin - JHLI


    "If you wod reap Praise o mst sow gente Words aJsefl Deeds."

    was acheed-the Decaraion of IndepeTeay of Aiance wh Fance he Treay oEglad ad the Cosuo o he Uedoher pao has hs dscon

    Hs dplomac egoaos wth Fangreaes contribuon o Amecan deperesuled he Frech alace whou whdependece coud o have bee esabshed aNo oe excep Fank so respeced ad esa home ad abroad coud have accompshay as a dploma has been unequaled n Frakl ared n Pas ae Decemble over a yea laer he Treay o Aance

    and he Frech ee was hured o he ad ve eore ths Frakln had securedoas wih whch o cary on he wawere ady eeded I 1780 Geneal \Vash hm "We must have one o wo hgs

    oey om France Ad Fankn espmoney; a he secued wenysx mlon

    Almos overgh he aged phlosophe dol of he Frech aio he was recee

  • 7/28/2019 Ben Franklin - JHLI


    "Hide not yur Talens, hey fr Use wee Wha's a Su-Da he

    great censt whoe experimen wth elecmade h old-famou; ad to he Fench he o ypy a ha America a ghng orreedom an emocracy. Ye wh it a elghtully hman and unaecte, orginal in

    he dd wearg h own fur cap md thehead nd g alay ready th a chamnor an ancdoe paklng th good hmo

    More tha a year afte the teaty o

    England a gned D rankln ked ofrom anc and a ucceeded y Thomaou epac r rankln I hea ad tMinit of oegn ar "I ucceed hm replace hm epled that emnent gentleman

    eft Pa) a Jeeron t eemed a had lot t patach He landed n PhlaSeptem 1785, amd geat rejocng Not pemtted t rete to pate le ut w eleent o the enyana Execue Counc

    oce he a three tme rlcted

    In 77 t the age f eghtne he tookthe coenton called n Phladelpha to

  • 7/28/2019 Ben Franklin - JHLI


    "No man e'er was glorious, ho was not labo

    would save the day and conclate the facttime the question of how the states shold bproduced a deadock, but Frankln was compromise and sggested a Senate to

    states equaly and a House of Repesrepresent the states accodng to the popul

    Fnay the great docment was eady tothe members of the conventon Calng thto a paintng of a haf disk of the sn on

    Washigton's cha, Fankin sad: " havoften in the couse of the sesson and the vmy hopes and feas as to ts ssue, ooked atthe Presdent without beng able to tell whrising or settng; but now at length I have t

    to know that t s a isng, and not a settng s

    Benjamn Fankln lived to see the comprst yea of the Unted States under the Cohad heped to fomulate Death came on A

    I nto every home Poo Rchad stl bngs thrift and frgality and the name of Benawil ever be respected and enowned amonAs Poor Richad says A good exampe

  • 7/28/2019 Ben Franklin - JHLI