JG fitness treadmill, JG-1900,JG-1600 series

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Text of JG fitness treadmill, JG-1900,JG-1600 series

  • Name JG-9500 Treadmill

    Frequrency converter vector control frequency converter 3.0HP/6.0HP

    AC motor 220V, 8.6A, 3.0HP/MAX 6.0HP

    Elevator motor 220V, 1/6 HP

    Display details 400m circular runway, counter, time, speed, distance, calorie, pulse, slope, fault diagnosis system

    Thicknesss of running belt 4.0mm

    Thickness of running board 25mm

    Dia of roller 90mm

    Speed(km/h) 1.6-20

    Max load 200KG

    Running area 620*1580mm

    Area machine covered 2050*950*1600mm

    G.W. 285KG

    Optional: 1. Screen: Button type , Screen type2. Color: Red, Blue, Green, Silver, Black, Purple

  • JG-1900 series fitness equipment also called hammer strenght or weight plates loaded gym equipment. This series can add weight plates,mainly include: chest press-1901, wide chest press-1902, incline chest press-1903pull down-1904, low row-1905, row-1906, shoulder press-1907, rear kick-1908, calf exercise-1909 and 45 degree leg pess-1910. we opened out JG1911-JG1915 at the end of 2016.

    Optional :1. Cusion Color : Black , Brown, Red, Orange, Green 2. Frame Color: yellow, green, red, blue, According your rquirement.

    Other detials please contact our sales.


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