Jamie Hamilton, SLP Laura Schroader, SLP TeachMeet – July, 2014.

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<ul><li><p>Jamie Hamilton, SLP Laura Schroader, SLP</p><p>TeachMeet July, 2014</p></li><li><p>Receptive Language Skills</p><p>Expressive Language Skills</p><p>Integrative Thinking Skills</p><p>Speech Production</p><p>Fluency</p><p>Voice</p><p>Social Skills</p></li><li><p>Vocabulary</p><p>Understanding Language Concepts</p><p>Processing messages of increasing length and complexity</p><p>Critical Thinking</p></li><li><p>Vocabulary (nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs)</p><p>Answering concrete questions (Who, What, When, Where)</p><p>Describing people, places, things, and events</p></li><li><p> Simple analogiesThe grasshopper is green and the snake is____</p><p> Inferencing (Sarah is wearing gloves and a coat. What is it like outside?)</p><p> Sorting objects by more than one attribute (SIZE and COLOR) or in more than one way (OUTSIDE ITEMS) by using the same set of objects.</p></li><li><p>Sound formation</p><p>Phonemic awareness</p><p>Count syllables</p><p>Rhyming</p><p>Beginning Sounds</p><p>Ending Sounds</p></li><li><p>Using appropriate social skills will enhance fluency and voice skillsAppropriate loudness levelGood eye contactAppropriate speaking rate (not rushing through message)Not talking while others are talking to decrease competitionAppropriate models provided by teachers</p></li><li><p>Response to InterventionTier 1Teacher has concerns or notices a delay in child's speech and or languageTeacher gathers data/provides modifications for minimum of 30 daysTeacher consults SLP and requests RTI Tier 1 form Speech/Language Screening completed by SLP</p></li><li><p>Response to InterventionTier 2</p><p>Teacher administers direct modifications to assist students speech progress in the classroom and charts progress data</p><p>Teacher returns progress data to SLP</p><p>SLP re-screens and analyzes data to note progress or lack of progress during Tier 2 interventions.</p></li><li><p>Response to InterventionTier 3</p><p>Teacher administers direct modifications to assist students speech- language progress in the classroom and charts progress data</p><p>Teacher returns progress data to SLP</p><p>SLP re-screens and analyzes data to note progress or lack of progress during Tier 3 interventions.</p></li><li><p>Response to InterventionChoices a. The SST team chooses to continue current tier interventions (due to adequate progress). b. The SST team chooses to progress to next tier of interventions (due to little/no progress with interventions). Referral a. Once Tier 3 interventions are complete, if student has made little/no overall progress, a referral meeting to discuss speech/language testing must be scheduled. b. The RTI data must be attached to the referral form.</p></li><li><p>General InformationIf a student is already receiving reading and/or language comprehension intervention services, then a language screening/interventions may be counter-productive.If a student has been dismissed from speech/language services in the past 12 months, then speech/language interventions may be counter-productive.</p></li><li><p>Response to InterventionTier 1 RTI referral page must be turned in to the SLP prior to a speech/language screening</p><p>Data sheets must be returned in order for Tier 2 screening to be completed</p><p>Examples or probes can be provided</p></li><li><p>Response to InterventionData Sheets IncludeIntervention Start Date</p><p>Intervention End Date</p><p>Goals/Objectives</p><p>Dates of Intervention provided</p><p>Checklist of probes utilized</p></li><li><p>Response to Intervention</p><p>If the student is absent, make-up interventions should take place in that week.</p><p>If the student is excessively absent, consult SLP to make arrangements for RTI extension.</p><p>Intervention time-lines can be extended due to absences. </p><p>Plan a time for Interventions:(Ex.) late bus, specials, snack</p></li><li><p>RemindersDate (mo-day-year) each time interventions are provided.Actual data(a percentage is best) on data sheet to show progress.Examples and modeling are GREAT, but data (scores) need to reflect the students actual performance on the goals listed on their data sheet.If you have questions about the interventions then ask the SLP.</p></li><li><p>Response to InterventionThe SLP will gather your data sheet and re-screen the students speech and/or language skills at the end of the intervention period.</p><p>Student Support Team (SST) will make a decision based on intervention data and re-screening data to continue in current tier (based on adequate progress made) or move to next tier (due to no/little progress on speech/language goals).</p><p>If the student stays in current tier OR moves to the next tier, then a new data form will be given to you describing timelines and goals.</p></li><li><p>Referral A referral for a speech and/or language evaluation cannot be made prior to the completion of all 3 tiers of interventions targeting the speech/language areas of concern</p><p>RTI intervention/data sheets must be attached to the referral document for it to be complete</p></li><li><p>Sample FormsRTI Tier 1 form (speech and lang.) - be specific, attach work samplesData sheet - Tier 2 (speech and lang.) - note date (mo-day-yr) and note score. It is very important to include all data points required.Data sheet - Tier 3 (speech and lang.) - note increased sessions, may include SLP as implementer. It is very important to include all data points required.Conference summary form - completed by SLP noting progress data and recommendations. Signatures required.</p><p>**********</p></li></ul>