Issue 1 - Fall 2012

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<ul><li><p>Turkish Student Association is the oldest Turkish </p><p>student organization represented by the dynamic </p><p>Turkish student body at Syracuse University. Were </p><p>excited to announce our newsletter, OrangeTurk, </p><p>which will be one of the key information bridges </p><p>between TSA board, Turkish student body and our </p><p>friends at the campus. This is an important step to </p><p>One Smal l Step : OrangeTurk </p><p>To-do list for new </p><p>Turkish Students </p><p> Join TSA@SU at </p><p> to </p><p>become an official </p><p>member of TSA </p><p> Join us at </p><p> </p><p> Dont miss our </p><p>Welcome Picnic </p><p> Follow our events </p><p>and get involved </p><p> Keep posted </p><p>In this issue: </p><p>Newsletter </p><p>OrangeTurk </p><p>1 </p><p>Welcome Picnic 1 </p><p>Fall 2012 Event </p><p>Calendar </p><p>2 </p><p>Get connected 2 </p><p>TSA Welcome P icn ic / September 1 s t Dear Turkish Students, </p><p>Please save the date for TSA </p><p>Welcome Picnic on the first </p><p>Saturday of the semester to meet </p><p>friends, enjoy great food and have </p><p>lots of fun. </p><p>Turkish Student Association @ Syracuse University Fall 2012 Issue 1 </p><p>OrangeTurk Newsletter is another important step by </p><p>the Turkish Students at Syracuse University Campus... </p><p>Orangeturk </p><p>improve the communication among our members and </p><p>we hope OrangeTurk will be carried over by the next </p><p>generations of our community with great passion and </p><p>solidarity. </p><p>OrangeTurk is anticipated to be published three </p><p>times a year, Fall Issue in August, Winter in January </p><p>and Spring in April. As youll see in this first </p><p>publication, the Fall letter will be furnished towards </p><p>welcoming the arriving Turkish students by </p><p>introducing our student organization and events. </p><p>While winter issue is aimed to summarize successful </p><p>Fall events and introduce upcoming Spring events, </p><p>Spring issue will additionally consist of evaluations of </p><p>TSA Board and introduction of new candidates </p><p>before the annual election for the next year on late-</p><p>April . </p><p>Instead of serving as a term-by-term formal progress </p><p>review booklet, OrangeTurk will publish articles </p><p>about Turkish-American issues and raise the </p><p>awareness about the Turkish presence on campus by </p><p>introducing distinguished faculty, alumni and student </p><p>members of the Turkish Community who have </p><p>common memories with the orange community. </p><p>We wish you a colorful Fall semester as Syracuse is </p><p>going to be. </p><p>TSA Board Members </p><p>Location: Jamesville Beach Park / </p><p>Overlook Shelter </p><p>Date: Saturday, September 1st, </p><p>2012 </p><p>Time: 12 pm (noon) </p><p>See you soon! </p><p>This event is sponsored by </p><p>anonymous student members of </p><p>our community. Hence, a </p><p>voluntary fee of $10/person is set </p><p>to ensure the sustainability of </p><p>future picnic events.. </p><p>Your Student Fee </p></li><li><p>Web: </p><p>OrgSync: </p><p>Facebook:!/groups/tsasyracuse/ </p><p>E-mail: </p><p>Turkish Student Associat ion - Contact In format ion </p><p>Since 2009 has been the official </p><p>platform for the student organizations at </p><p>Syracuse University. In order to become </p><p>registered members of any student </p><p>organization on campus, students are asked </p><p>to join their organizations at </p><p>We have also been actively using </p><p> for communication between </p><p>our members. Please see below step-by-step </p><p>instructions to join us at </p><p> Register at</p><p>register/syracuse-university </p><p> Find TSA and send a request to join. </p><p> Receive your confirmation and you are </p><p>now connected! </p><p>Stay Connected - Webs ite , OrgSync &amp; Facebook </p><p>Since we got engaged with OrgSync Turkish </p><p>Student Association has a new website at </p><p> The </p><p>functionality and contents are in need to be </p><p>improved to serve our organizations goals. </p><p>Hence, we are seeking input and help from </p><p>our valuable members in that matter. </p><p>We are also on Facebook. </p><p>Our group page can be found at http://</p><p>!/groups/tsasyracuse/. </p><p>Arriving students who need help are urged </p><p>to visit our website for information about life </p><p>in Syracuse (accommodation, food, shopping </p><p>etc.) Besides that you can always contact us </p><p>via OrgSync, Facebook and email </p><p>( </p><p>9/1/12: TSA Welcome Picnic </p><p>9/5/12: Orientation for New Students </p><p>9/19/12: Interdisciplinary Lecture Series (Dr. Fehmi Damkaci / SUNY, Oswego) </p><p>10/3/12: Academic Advising </p><p>10/24/12: Annual TSA Friendship Dinner </p><p>11/7/12: Academic Advising </p><p>11/28/12: Interdisciplinary Lecture Series (Dr. Kilic Kanat / Penn State University, Erie) </p><p>12/5/12: Academic Advising </p><p>Fa l l 2012 Events </p><p>Indoor Soccer Tournaments are held weekly </p><p>throughout the year. </p><p>Events concerning observance of nationally </p><p>important holidays will be announced later in </p><p>the semester. </p><p>For more information and updates about the </p><p>upcoming events, please keep in touch with </p><p>Turkish Student Association at </p><p>and follow us at </p><p>Contact us to introduce your </p><p>businesses to Turkish Community in </p><p>Syracuse. </p><p>Advert isement </p><p>Why is it important to get connected:? </p><p> Become a registered member of TSA </p><p> Improve Turkish presence on campus </p><p> Meet your Turkish friends </p><p> Get news and updates timely </p><p> Do not miss any events </p><p> Volunteer in TSA events </p><p> United we are stronger </p><p>Your Student Fee </p></li></ul>