Fall 2012, Issue 3

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Fall 2012 Issue 3 of the Gainesville State College Compass.


  • t h e l a s t s t u d e n t n e w s p a p e r o f G S C

    A Board of Regents Production


    w w w . g s c C o m p a s s . o r g

    GSC timelineof major events

    PAGES 9 & 10

    We reprintthe past

    PAGE 20

  • 2 the compass, nov. 30, 2012

    the compass xlviii no. 3November 30, 2012

    Gainesville State CollegeGainesville, Georgia

    Editor-iN-CHiEF Audrey Williams 924203752@gsc.eduASSiStANt Editor Brent VanFleet924226297@gsc.edu

    SECtioN EditorSNEWS Colin ochs 924154345@gsc.eduCAmPuS liFE Zachary Perry 924245300@gsc.eduArt & ENtErtAiNmENt Brittany Poole 924192707@gsc.eduSPortS mike Williams 924198432@gsc.edu

    StAFFHunter leger, michael Blanton, Emily Primm, Sandra reyes, michelle Shellnut, mackenzie Hamilton, Will Anthony, Jessica Anderson, Katie Keiger, Kevin Eagleson, mike mullins, Elise Perkins, matt Hobbs, max mager

    FACulty AdViSEr merrill morris mmorris@gsc.edu

    the Compass releases three printed issues each semester and an online edition at www.gscCompass.org

    f r o m t h e e d i t o rit--iS--FiNiSHEd!

    The semester is finished. This paper is finished. GSC is finished.

    According to the mayan calendar, we too will be finished by the end of this year. Go figure.

    until then, enjoy your winter break. Enjoy the last bits of GSC before the big merge. Enjoy this paper! it was a fun one to make.

    this issue is special because it is our last as GSCs student newspaper. Paying homage to GSCs pa-per before us, the Anchor, we did a little blast from the past featuring their very first issue from 1966.

    take a look at page 17 for all that nostalgic fun.

    Audrey Williams Editor-in-Chief


    the compass staff

    for more of our stories, visit GSCcompass.org

  • the compass, nov. 30, 2012 3layout of this page Zachary Perry

    C A M P U S L I F EMackenzie HamiltonStaff Writer924211016@gsc.edu

    Its that time of the year again, the time of giving and spreading holiday cheer, and Gainesville State knows how to get in the spirit.

    Paula Zwillich, the SOAR gradu-ate assistant at Gainesville State, helps plan holiday events for GSC stu-dents.

    The Student Government As-sociation, Stu-dent Life Office, and Staff Coun-cil work together to place a tree on the stage in the Student Cen-ter Commons where members of the Gaines-ville State Col-lege community can come pick up a star orna-ment, said Zwil-lich.

    The Star or-naments are part of a charity pro-gram that GSC is participating in for elementary students in need. Amy Bradford, who works in the Student life office, is helping out with the Star tree program.

    It gets its name Star Tree because someone who wants to participate takes a star ornament off the tree that is set up, she said.

    The specific star taken off the tree has items that are needed for a specific

    child. The person with that star will get the items for the child and return them to Student Life.

    Sean Magee, a member of the Stu-dent Government Association, helps out with the charity.

    The charity allows kids to get items that they really need.

    The ornaments are things that

    local needy children need or want for the holidays. They are usually toys and books, he said.

    This year GSC is holding the charity program for students at White Sulphur Elementary.

    There are a lot of students in need

    and GSC wants to help these children at White Sulphur have a good Holiday.

    The Star Tree program is a great way for students, faculty, and staff to get involved in the giving spirit of the holiday season, while putting our ser-vice efforts to local needs, Bradford said.

    The Star tree will be set up in Stu-dent Center on the stage and its for any-one who wants to get involved at GSC.

    If you want to participate just pick a star off the tree, let the Student Life of-fice know which one you picked, and go get the items needed for that particular student.

    Bring the star back and the gifts wrapped to the Stu-dent Life office.

    There will be a sign and instruc-tions placed by the tree to show every-one who wants to participate in the Star Tree how to participate and what to do.

    The tree will be up starting Nov. 12 and Student Life is asking that all gifts are delivered to the Student Life Office by Nov. 30.

    Paula Zwillich is very enthusiastic

    about the cause and wants Students and Faculty to be too.

    This is a great way to give back to the community during this holiday season. Please help us in making the holiday a little brighter for some local children, she said.

    The only stars on this stage are the ones on the tree. Each star has a gift item that can be donated for specific students.

    do you WANt to GEt iNVolVEd? HErES HoW!1.Choose your star and remove it from the tree.

    2.Go to Student life and register you star.3.Purpose and wrap you gifts. All gifts must be new.4.Bundle gifts together in a gift bag or with a ribbon.

    5.take your gifts to Student life by Friday, Nov. 30

    Star tree shines in student center

    Zachary Perry

    tHE ComPASSdirECtioNS

    CoVEr dESiGNAudrey Williams

    Alex morrisCompass Staff

    SPECiAl tHANKSPorky, that Wascally

    Wabbit and the rest of looney tunes



    FEAturES &oPiNioNS


  • 4 the compass, nov. 30, 2012 layout of this page Michael Mullins

    C A M P U S L I F E

    Michael MullinsStaff Writer924214355@gsc.edu

    Pending approval by the Board of Regents on Janu-ary 8, North Georgia College & State University and Gainesville State College will consolidate. Earlier this month, Bonita Jacobs, president of North Georgia Col-lege & State University and the future president of the University of North Georgia, held a town hall meeting in the Nesbitt Building with GSC students.

    Jacobs said she is very excited about the two colleges merging.

    One of the things that will be very, very exciting about this opportunity is that we be able to add a lot more baccalaureate and masters degrees at Gaines-ville, Jacob said.

    Jacobs also noted how the Gainesville campus is growing at a fast pace.

    Gainesville is growing very rapidly and to be able to expand the program right here in Gainesville is a tre-mendous opportunity for the city, for this campus and also for this region, she said.

    With the upcoming consolidation with NGSCU many students asked Jacobs about being able to take classes at both campuses.

    You will be asked to designate your home campus, she said. There will be some extra fees if you split more than one course on another campus because you end paying additional parking fees.

    GSC Interim President Randy Pierce was also in at-tendance and helped answer some questions.

    The programs that will be coming to this campus will really be based on the kind of demands that you make in terms of the institution and telling us what you want on this campus, Pierce said.

    Some of the masters degrees that will be brought in include biochemistry, biology, public health and others.

    There is a whole list of masters degrees that will be brought in in 2014, 2015, Pierce said. Most of these programs already exist at North Georgia.

    Having sports on the Gainesville campus is a fre-quently asked question among students.

    Jacobs said that it will be up to the students of the Gaines-ville campus if there are athlet-ics here. Students at this cam-pus will have to pay extra fees if we have athletics.

    You have to balance it with the cost, she said. And its very important that we keep the cost down for students on our campuses.

    Jacobs did note the positives of athletics.

    There is nothing like athlet-ics that build that community with faculty, staff, students and the community. Its pretty mag-ical, Jacobs said.

    When asked if there were going to be dramatic changes

    to the campus, Jacobs said she did not expect any.Im willing to bet that when I come here this time

    next year and Im talking with you, youre not going to have a lot say about dramatic changes that happened on your campus, Jacobs said. Our goal is for you all to graduate, not set set up obstacles for you to run an obstacle course through.

    Jacobs answers questions at meetingBonita Jacobs, president of North Georgia College & State University, talks to students about consolidation in the Martha Nesbitt Building on Tuesday, Nov. 6.

    We will be able to add a lot more baccalaureate and masters degrees at Gainesville.

    Bonita Jacobs,President of North Georgia

    College and State university

  • the compass, nov. 30, 2012 5

    C A M P U S L I F E

    8:00 am -10:00 am

    ExAm timE

    8:00 AM S8:30 AM S9:00 AM S

    SAt, dEC 1

    9:00 AM MWF, MW, MTWF, M only9:05 AM MW9:30 AM MW, MWF

    moN, dEC 3

    8:00 AM TR, MTWR

    tuE, dEC 4

    7:35 AM WF8:00 AM MWF, MW, WF, W only

    WEd, dEC 5

    9:00 AM TR, MTWR, R only9:30 AM TR

    tHu, dEC 6

    7:00 AM MWF, MTWR8:00 AM F only

    Fri, dEC 7

    10:30 am - 12:30 pm 10:00 AM S

    11:00 AM S

    10:00 AM MWF, MW, MTWR, MTWF10:10 AM M only, MW10:30 AM MW

    10:00 am TR, T only

    10:10 AM W only11:00 AM MWF, MW, MTWR, MTWF11:15 AM MW

    11:00 AM TR

    9:00 AM F only10:00 AM F only11:00 AM F only

    1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

    1:15 PM M only2:00 PM MW, MMF2:15 PM MW

    1:00 PM T only2:00 PM TR, T only2:30 PM TR

    12:00 PM W only12:30 PM MW1:00 PM MWF, MW1:15 PM MWF, MW, W only

    12:00 PM TR12:30 PM TR, R only1:00 PM TR

    12:00 PM MWF, MW, MF, F only12:30 PM F only1:00 PM F only, MF

    3:15 pm 5:15 pm

    2:40 PM MW2:45 PM MW3:00 PM MW, M oNLy3:30 PM MW3:35 PM M oNLy

    3:00 PM TR3:30 PM TR, T only4:00 PM TR4:30 PM TR

    3:00 PM W only3:35 PM W only4:00 PM MW, W only4:05 PM MW, W only

    2:00 PM R only4:30 PM R only

    5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

    5:00 PM MW5:30 PM MW, M only6:00 PM M only

    5:30 PM T only6:00 PM T only

    5:30 PM W oNLy7:00 PM W oNLy

    5:00pm TR5:30pm TR, R only

    F i N A l E x A m S C H E d u l E

    8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

    7:00 PM T only8:30 PM TR

    7:00 PM MW, M only7:30 PM MW 8:30 PM MW

    7:00 PM TR, R only7:30 PM TR

    Fall 2012 Final Exams begin Saturday, dec. 1, and go through Friday, dec. 7.

    Get it on your phone. Find the exam schedule for all classes here:

  • 6 the compass, nov. 30, 2012

    2 YEAR 4 YEAR

    layout of this page Compass Staff


    Are you ready for The University of North Georgia?










    30 + hours 2.0 GPA

    completion of learning support & college preparatory curriculum, but...

    You will be eligible to transition from


    acceptance into bachelors degree program doesnt guarantee admittance into the program of your choice. There will be a separate accep-

    tance programs with higher standards.

    BANNERWEBfor both schools wont merge

    until March/April 2013.

    AppLICATIONS will be handled separately

    until then.

    Be enrolled in a Bachelors Degree program by

    JANuARY 8th 2013 to pay the current GSC rate of tuition. This rate will only be available on UNGs Oakwood campus.

    2013 with 90+credits2014 with 60 - 89 credits2015 with 1 - 59 credits

    to finish it paying the current GSC rate for Bachelors Degrees. After then you will pay the state university rate.

    Started a Bachelors Degree at GSC? You have until


    Application fees to NGCSU will be waived for students who want to attend the Dahlonega campus of UNG before the establishment of a joint application process in Fall 2013. Find your special fee waived form in the admissions office.

    94.87Associate Degrees will cost

    / hour

    161.74Bachelors Degrees will cost

    / hour$

  • the compass, nov. 30, 2012 7

    N E W S

    Hunter LegerStaff Writer924246077@gsc.edu

    With the upcoming con-solidation, student email ac-counts are going to change, along with Banner Web. These changes will not be happening immediately, but are inevi-table, according to GSC Chief Information Officer Brandon Haag

    Haag said students should not see any drastic changes to the system until Fall 2013.

    We will have a consolidat-ed email system in place for all UNG students beginning in Fall 2013, Haag said.

    Until that time NG and GSC students will continue to use the current email systems that rely on information from our individual Banner sys-tems, Haag said.

    Students will start to use the integrated Banner system for registration in the coming Spring 2013 semester.

    The consolidated Ban-ner system will be available in April 2013 in time for Fall registration to occur in that system, Haag said.

    Many other systems, in-cluding student email and eL-earning, that depend on con-solidated Banner for account information will be brought online during late spring and summer, Haag said, more in-formation will become avail-able relating to student email as technical details relating to the project are determined over the next several months.

    The name of this new email service is still unknown. While it is likely that it will no longer end in @gsc.edu, will it end in @ung.edu? This informa-

    tion has yet to be announced.Esther Mireles, a student

    a GSC, approaches the con-solidation of student email ac-counts with indifference.

    Just go with the flow. Mireles said. People have lots of email account anyways. It doesnt matter. Ill survive. Other students, along with Mireles, are seeing the email consolidation with an air of nonchalance.

    Kimberly James is also a student at GSC, and she sees the consolidation of student email accounts as just a bump in the road. Its OK, I will learn it anyways. There isnt much we can do about it, James said.

    Starting next year, students can expect to see their inboxes changed, as the school takes another step toward consoli-dation.

    Student email, Bannerweb accounts merging

    Taylor GanttContributing Writer924236483@gsc.edu

    With the upcoming consolidation right around the corner, the University of North Georgia will have another hurdle to jump be-fore it is officially founded.

    The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) is currently reviewing the prospectus submitted by Gainesville State College and North Georgia College and State University, which de-tails important information about the merger of the two schools.

    All consolidating schools must be approved by the SACS in order to receive accreditation. The prospectus was completed in Septem-ber and will be voted on by the Southern Association of Colleges and School Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) later this year.

    Faculty and staff from both colleges played integral roles in cre-ating the prospectus. Denise Young from NGCSU worked closely with Betsy Cantrell from GSC on the project as accreditation liai-sons for their respective campuses.

    The prospectus is cur-rently under review by the SACSCOC Board of Trustees, Young said. They will vote on the Prospectus during their December meeting and the re-sult will be announced on De-cember 11.

    If the prospectus is ap-proved, the consolidation will move forward towards imple-mentation in January.

    The prospectus is made up 450 pages of material. This in-cludes narratives from the au-thors, faculty rosters, program planning assessments, lists of physical resources, and vari-ous other areas of interest.

    Along with Cantrell and Young, Patricia Donat from NGCSU and Chaudron Gille from GSC helped put together the prospectus. While the bulk of the work of compiling the document was completed by the above-mentioned authors,

    several other people with specific areas of e...