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Introducing our new class pets… Twiggy and Spike!

Introducing our new class pets… Twiggy and Spike!

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Text of Introducing our new class pets… Twiggy and Spike!

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  • Introducing our new class pets Twiggy and Spike!
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  • Interesting facts about Spiny Leaf Insects Females live much longer than males. They can live up to 18 months, whereas the males only live up to 6-8 months. They come in all sorts of colours, depending on what they eat. If you disturb a Spiny Leaf Insect, it may sway its body to imitate a leaf blowing in the wind. Only the males have wings and can fly. They shed their skin and then eat it! Amazingly, the female does not need to mate to produce babies. However, without mating all her eggs will hatch as females.
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  • How to Look after a Spiny Leaf Insect Aim: to make sure our new class pets are happy and safe.
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  • What you will need: A mesh wire enclosure. As a general rule, the cage should be at least 3 times as long as the adult insect. A collection of both young and older gum leaves. When collecting the leaves, make sure that nobody has sprayed any chemicals on the tree. A spray bottle that has had no chemicals in it. Newspaper. Sticks for them to climb on. A glass jar of water. River sand for the eggs.
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  • Steps: 1.Firstly, get an enclosure that has mesh wire around it.
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  • 2. Next, cover the bottom of the enclosure with newspaper.
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  • 3. Put the gum leaves in the jar of water and place it in the middle of the enclosure.
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  • 4. Add your Spiny Leaf friends. 5. Change the newspaper and clean out the enclosure every second day.
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  • 6. Spray the gum leaves with water once every second day.
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  • 7. Be very gentle when handling them because they are very fragile. 8. Lastly, when the female lays eggs, put some river sand in a container and lay the eggs gently on top. Then you spray them with water every 2-3 days.
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  • Thanks for Listening!