Input output and storage devices activity

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<ul><li> 1. Activity<br />A. Input and Output devices<br />What you put into a computer (input) controls what you get out of it (output). The equipment which you use to put information (called data) into a computer is called input devices. The equipment we use to get out of the computer is called output devices.<br />Here are some input devices. Write the missing letters.<br />k __ __ __ __ __ __ d(b)j __ __ s __ __ __k<br />__ __ u __ e(d) s __ __ n n __ r<br />Here are some output devices. Write the missing letters.<br />l a s __ __ P __ __ n __ __ r(b)__ __ n __ t __ __<br />(c)s p __ __ k __ __ __(d) p __ __ t __ e __<br />Explain in your own words, the difference between an input devices and an output devices.<br /><br />Sort these devices into the correct column.<br />scannerprinter keyboardmouse monitorjoystickspeaker<br />plotter digital camera microphonebarcode reader<br />Input DeviceOutput Device<br /><br />B. Storage devices<br />Draw lines to match the different secondary storage devices to the read/write equipment.<br />[6 Mark]<br /><br /> [Total: 25 Marks]<br /></li></ul>