Unit 3- Input, Output, & Peripherals.  Identify & describe input devices  Identify & describe output devices  Connect input & output devices to a computer.

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<p>Integrated Technology</p> <p>Integrated TechnologyUnit 3- Input, Output, &amp; PeripheralsIdentify &amp; describe input devicesIdentify &amp; describe output devicesConnect input &amp; output devices to a computerIdentify common peripheralsObjectives</p> <p>Input DevicesAllow data IN the computer</p> <p>RegularErgonomicWirelessFlexibleVirtualKeyboard- Input</p> <p>Ergonomic: allows use of more natural hand, wrist, and arm position. Help prevent carpal tunnel.Wireless: Has a USB device to receive/transmit signals.Flexible: rolls up for travel; is water-resistant.Virtual: portable.4Ball MouseNeed mouse pad</p> <p>OpticalAlmost any surface</p> <p>LaserEven on glass</p> <p>WirelessUSB receiverOptical or laserMouse- Input</p> <p>Voice Recognition- InputSpeak commands into PC &amp; enter textSoftware must be installedDisabled people use</p> <p>Are these input devices?</p> <p>Capture still pics &amp; videosPoint &amp; shootDSLR</p> <p>Pictures stored to media cardSD is most common</p> <p>Transfer to computerDigital Camera- Special Input</p> <p>8Lens/ZoomDigital ZoomOptical Zoom</p> <p>Rechargeable BatteryNO ALKALINES!</p> <p>MegapixelsPixel= single dotMega= millionMore= better prints</p> <p>Touch screen</p> <p>Wireless Transfer</p> <p>Digital Camera Features</p> <p>Bring in your digital camera/brand &amp; modelMake a feature chart</p> <p>Include:Brand, Megapixels, Optical zoom, digital zoom, screen size, type of memory card, special features, type of batteryProjectOutput DevicesData comes OUT of the computerName some</p> <p>Printers- Output DeviceDPIDots per inchMore dots= better quality4800 x 1200 (H x V)</p> <p>PPMPages per minuteBlack &amp; Color speedsColor is slower</p> <p>Nozzles spray liquid inkVery good qualityQuietFastInexpensive</p> <p>Inkjet Printers</p> <p>Laser insideToner is a powderThousands of pages from tonerVery fast printingB&amp;W or color4 color toners (CMYK)Laser Printer</p> <p>Other PrintersAll-In-OnePrint, copy, scanSome have fax tooInkjet &amp; laser</p> <p>Photo PrinterSmall4 x 6 glossy</p> <p>More About PrintersHow they connectWired- USB or networkWirelessPrint from any PC, phone, tablet</p> <p>Make money from ink &amp; tonerPrinter: $50Ink Cost: $6Price You Pay: $20-$30</p> <p>Get your printer brand &amp; model #</p> <p>Look up:Inkjet or LaserAll-in-one or notdpippm (black &amp; color)ConnectionsInk or toner costCost of printerCost of a ream of paperCost of a 3 USB cableCost of 8 x 10 photo paperYour PrinterMonitorsVideo card in case sends images to monitor</p> <p>CRTBig &amp; bulkyLCD &amp; LEDThin, flat-panelLess energy</p> <p>Connect w/ video cable &amp; power</p> <p>Front of Case</p> <p>PC Connections</p> <p>PS/2 PortsPurpleKeyboard</p> <p>GreenMouse</p> <p>Both 6 pin female</p> <p>Video Display PortsVGABlue15 pin femaleVideo only, analogHDMIDigital HD video &amp; audio through one cable</p> <p>Transfer data &amp; electricity</p> <p>Plug and play (PnP)Hot swappable</p> <p>High speed2.0- fast; 10 songs/sec.3.0- faster; 100 songs/sec.</p> <p>USB Ports</p> <p>23Average digital photo is 2MB. Average mp3 song is 3-4MB. At typical USB speeds, you can transfer about 10 songs per second or 20 pictures per second. FRONT &amp; BACK of PC.NIC or Ethernet</p> <p>Connect to network</p> <p>Use an Ethernet Cable /Network CableNetwork Port</p> <p>Audio PortsLine InAudio into PCRecord Player to PC</p> <p>Line OutHeadphoneSpeakers</p> <p>MicrophoneBring in Laptop or Take picture of laptop/desktop portsLaptop- all sides</p> <p>Print in class &amp; label</p> <p>View &amp; connect wires to class PCs</p> <p>Practice connecting wires Ports on Your ComputerWhich video port sends HD audio &amp; video through one cable?HDMIWhat common port transfers data and can charge your cell phone?USBHow many pins is the old keyboard &amp; mouse ports?6 pin femaleThe VGA port is what color and how many pins?Blue, 15 pin femaleReviewWhich port would you connect to get access to a network?EthernetJoe wants to convert his old records to CDs. Which port can you plug his record player into?Line InWhich port is a common plug and play one?USBReviewPC Connections</p> <p>Practice Connecting Cables</p> <p>HandoutWhat port would you connect the device to?Review 1Integrated TechnologyUnit 3- Input, Output, &amp; Peripherals</p>


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