Information Management Trends and Some History

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  • 1. Information Management Trends and Some History C. Mohan , PhD IBM Fellow & IBM India Chief Scientist Member, IBM Software Group, Asset Architecture &Information Management Architecture Boards [email_address]

2. Key Customer Pain Points

  • Cant Find Information Discovery
  • Cant combine Information Integration
  • Cant extract value from Information Insight
  • Cant consume Information Dissemination

3. The Information Challenge Information is in Silos Trusted Information is Not Available Todays business challenges mandate a fresh approach to managing information Managing information in silos hasbecome obsolete Multiple Versions of the Truth Inaccurate, Untimely Inconsistent Incomplete, Inaccessible Out of Context Globalization, M&As Risk & Compliance, Eroding Customer Loyalty, Supply Chain Complexity, Industry Transformations, Cost Cutting 70%of peoples time can be spent searching for relevant information 60%+ of CEOs: Need to do a better job leveraging information Sources: IBM Attributes & Capabilities Study, 2005; Client Interviews 2004; IBM CFO Study, 2006 5X More Valuecreation by organizations effective at using Information as an Asset Information Must Become a Strategic Asset 4. Information Management Trends

  • Information Intensive Applications
    • Shift from transaction-centric to information-intensive applications
  • Information Diversity
    • Delivering insight over increasingly diverse sources of information
  • New Business & Delivery Models
    • Information as a Service, Outsourcing, New Licensing Models
  • Democratization of Information
    • Changing User Expectations & the Parent Test
  • Massive Collaboration & Societal Intelligence
    • Collaboration over shared information to creating business insight

5. Information as a Strategic Asset Presentation Services EDW Legacy Legacy Portals, Browsers, and or Devices Strategic APPL Event Processing Tactical APPL Tx APPL App Server Discovery APPL Master Data APPL ProcessServices Information Integration Services Analytic Services Master Data Services TransactionApplication Services Analytic Application Services Business Process Management Federation DiscoveryServices ECW Content Services CollaborationServices Notes Email Enterprise Service Bus MetadataServices Master data Hubs Product Customer Supplier Location TransactionServices OLTP2 OLTP1 OLTP Business Rules Business Monitoring Streaming Batch Metadata 6. Master Data Compliance& RiskMgmt. Sales andMarketing Closed LoopCampaignMgmt. Customer Service Data Stewardship & Administration Compliance Marketing Account Administration PrivacyManagement Web Self-Service Wireless Self-Service Distributor IVR Self-Service Branch /Sales Office Call Center Browser-based Unlimited Attributes Multiple Categorizations Multi-enterprise Standards-based Security and Audit New Business Processing Privacy and Data Mgmt. Marketing Insight Customer Facing Channels Internal Users Customer Master Data Integration 7. IBM Information Management Software Delivering Value Beyond Traditional Repositories

  • Data Services
    • Databases, Warehouses, Tools
  • Content & Discovery Services
    • Content Mgmt. & Integration Services
    • Discovery Services
  • Information Integration Services
    • Quality Services
    • Transformation Services
    • Federation Services
    • Metadata Services
  • Information Accelerators
    • Master Data Management
    • Entity Analytics
    • Information Warehousing
    • Customizable Dashboards
    • Industry Data Models

Information Delivered On Demand Based on Services Oriented Architecture 8. DB2 9 A Pure XML, Relational Hybrid XML Developer I see a sophisticated XML repository that also supports SQL." SQL Developer "I see a sophisticated RDBMS that also supports XML." FamiliarProgramming Models Optimized Storage Models Mature Services FamiliarTooling Optimized Performance &Scale 9. Integration of XML & Relational Capabilities DB2 SERVER CLIENT SQL/XML XQuery DB2 Engine XML Interface Relational Interface XML DB2 Storage : DB2 Client / Customer ClientApplication

    • Applications combine XML & relational data
    • Native XML data type (server & client side)
    • XML Capabilities in all DB2 components

Relational 10. DB2 V9 pureXML support XQuery SQL/XML APIs/Client XML Indexes XML Schema support Native Storage XML Load Import/Export

  • Native XML support in DB2 with more to come
  • Seamless integration with the relational world

New XMLJoin Methods Tools And all the relational stuff 11. DB2 V9 pureXML support

  • XML as a native data type
  • Pure XML storage and indexing
  • XQuery and SQL/XML support
  • XML Schema Repository
  • Schema validation
  • Application Support (Java, C/C++, .NET, PHP, etc.)
  • Visual Tooling, Control Center Enhancements
  • Annotated schema shredding
  • DB2 Utilities: Import/Export, HADR, etc.
  • and more

Secure and Resilient Infrastructure for a New Breed of Agile Applications DB2 9 12. Someof Our Info Mgmt Research Legacy

  • Invention of Relational Model/Technology & SQL
  • Research prototypes
    • System R
    • R* Distributed DBMS
    • Starburst Extensible Object-Relational DBMS
    • Garlic Heterogeneous DBMS
  • Product Contributions
    • Data sharing on DB2 390 Sysplex
    • DB2 UDB Query Processor
    • Intelligent Miner
    • Lotus Notes R5 Recovery
    • Discovery Link & DB2 Information Integrator
  • 6 IBM Fellows from team of < 50

13. Why We Have Experience with Customers

  • Over 2 decades of partnershipwith SWG Toronto & SVL
    • Incorporation of Starburst prototype into DB2
    • Component Owners of DB2 for LUWs Query Compiler
    • Versions 2 5 (1992-1997)
    • Dealt with customer APARs, Visits, & Presentations
  • Responsible for many DB2 innovations
    • Query Graph Model (internal query representation, key to extensibility)
    • Query ReWrite and Optimizer technology
    • ARIES recovery and locking methods
    • Triggers and Constraints
    • Star Join and Hash Join
    • Object-relational features
    • Automatic Summary Tables (materialized views)
    • Visual Explain
    • Index Advisor
  • Respected for our vision
    • World-class publications in leading database conferences
    • Cognizant of industry trends

14. Leveraging Technology and People IMS Development DB2 Development IDS / U2 Development CustomerRequirements IBM Products IBM Research 15. SVLDB2 UDB for z/OS & OS/390 IMS Business Intelligence Content Management DB2 Everyplace Red Brick Icing Traditional AD Languages BoeblingenDB2 Text Extenders SAP/R3 Enablement Intelligent Miner for Data Intelligent Miner for Text Somers Hawthorne Advanced Technology Almaden Advanced Technology Austin GBIS PortlandXPS & DB2 Lenexa IDS Boulder & Denver Content Management U2 Datablades Boca Raton & Miami EMMS LA Informix Support RochesterDB2 UDB for AS/400 TorontoDB2 UDB for UNIX,Windows, & OS/2 IBM Information Management Teams Beijing Information Integration DB2 for zOS Content Management DB2 and IMS tools Las Vegas Entity Analytics Over 6000 employees worldwide Menlo Park & Oakland IDS XPS JDBC Visionary Cloudscape Datablades Object Connect & Translator Content Management India DB2 UDB Service Business Intelligence IDS YamatoHigh Speed Inverted Index Search Business Intelligence Content Management HursleyEnterprise Master Data Solutions

  • India Software Lab
    • 3000 employees
    • Broad range of skills all SWG Brands
    • Linux Competency Center
  • DB2 Lab within ISL
    • 100+ developers
    • Lab based services teams DB2, CM, BI
  • Other Resources
    • India Research Lab
    • S