India vs. canada

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  • 1. Wheres India?

2. Canada vs. India0 There are differences! CanadaIndia 3. Canada vs. India Indias Population =Canadas Population = 33 million 1 billion (thats 3 times larger thanUSA) 4. India Vs. Canada0 There are similarities too! They both have trains!Canada India 5. India Vs. Canada0 They both love hockey!Canada = Ice Hockey India = Field Hockey 6. India Vs. Canada0 They both have big cities VancouverMumbai 7. Cool Facts about IndiaIndia is 13 times larger thanEngland.There are 18 official languagesand 844 dialects.The major cities are New Delhi,Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata. 8. Fun FactsMore movies are made in Bollywood (India)As opposed toHollywood (USA) 9. Interesting FactsChess was invented in India India has the most number of post offices in theworld Yoga originated in India Indian Railways employ more people thanany other organization in the world 10. ReligionHinduism is the major religionBut there are Christian, Jews, BuddhistsAnd Muslims and Sikhs too 11. ReligionRecognize this? Gurudwara, Surrey, Scott Road 12. National SymbolsThe National AnimalThe National BirdThe National Flower 13. Indian food is not all curry and riceNaanKababsSamosas Jalebis 14. Taj Mahal 15. Canada and India have a closerelationship!Prime Minister Stephen Harper in India, 2009