Canada vs Germany

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Canada vs Germany. A Brief Introduction. Canada & Germany. Size: Approx. 9,980,000 km 2 Approx. 357,000 km 2 Population: 34.7 Million 81.8 Million Pop Density: 3.41/km 2 229/km 2 Capital: Ottawa - Berlin. Another Brief Introduction. Alberta & Saxony. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Canada vs Germany

    A Brief IntroductionCanada & GermanySize: Approx. 9,980,000 km2 Approx. 357,000 km2Population: 34.7 Million 81.8 MillionPop Density: 3.41/km2 229/km2Capital: Ottawa - Berlin

    Another Brief IntroductionAlberta & SaxonySize: Approx. 660,000 km2 Approx. 18,415 km2Population: 3.72 Million 4.15 MillionPop Density: 5.8/km2 225/km2Capital: Edmonton - Dresden

    DOES SIZE REALLY MATTER..?A graphical view

  • Visiting a friend on the opposite side of the cityCanadaDistance? GermanyDistance? 18km (Leipzig)

  • Visit a friend in another cityCanadaEdmonton CalgaryDistance? GermanyLeipzig ChemnitzDistance?

  • Visit your familyCanadaTypically live at home, if studying in same cityDistance? 14 steps (average)GermanyVaries, but typical to study not in the same city as family livesDistance?

  • Watch a football / hockey game at a stadiumCanadaDistance? GermanyDistance?

  • Your cousins wedding on the other side of the countryCanadaDistance? GermanyDistance?

  • How do you do the grocery shopping?CanadaUsage? Usually one time a weekDistance? GermanyUsage? Sometimes 2-3 times a weekDistance?

  • How do you get to the lake to go for a swim?CanadaDistance? GermanyDistance?

  • How do you get home from a party/club?CanadaUse? Taxi (~$30-40) / get picked up by someoneDistance? GermanyUse? Night bus / bike / taxi (~10 euro)Distance?

  • You arrived in another city of your country, how do you get to your hotel?CanadaDistance? GermanyDistance?

  • When do you use your bike?CanadaNext to never (unless for sport/hobby)GermanyTo go anywhere (not only as sport/hobby)

  • SummaryMuch greater distances in CanadaThis affects the culture of travelingCanadians rather use a car to overcome (generally) greater distancesIn Germany, everything is closer people walk and ride their bikes more oftenThe climate has a big impact on transport behaviour since Canada generally has more extreme winters than GermanyDue to the smaller population density in Canada, its not as feasible to build the infrastructure (ie. trains, strassenbahn, etc.)In general, Europe has historically had a culture and higher standard of public transport