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Humanities & Arts Magazine, Volume 2014, Issue 1

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Magazine for the Division of Humanities & the Arts at The City College of New York, Volume 2014, Issue 1

Text of Humanities & Arts Magazine, Volume 2014, Issue 1

  • Humanities & arts MAGAZINE

    The City College of New York

    Powers: Page 6


    Message from the Dean 1-2

    Student Project Highlight 2

    Publishing Certificate Program 3-5

    Alumni Profiles 6-7

    Student Experiences at Stanford 8-9

    Faculty Publications 10

    Faculty Presentations/Exhibitions 11

    Faculty Awards & Grants 12

    Dear Friends and Colleagues,

    As I write these lines, we are

    slowly emerging from a

    record-setting cold spell. But

    the sun is out and theres blue

    sky, which to me at least

    more than compensates for the

    frigid temperature!

    With this, our second issue of

    the Humanities and Arts

    Magazine, we inaugurate two

    regular features, Alumni

    Profiles and Spotlight on H&A

    Programs. Youll read about

    Richard Strier (66), just

    retiring from a long and

    distinguished career as

    professor of English at the

    University of Chicago, and Vu

    Chung (01), vice president of

    Prosek, a global public

    relations and corporate

    communications firm. Our

    exciting and highly successful

    Publishing Certificate

    Program takes center stage in

    our Spotlight column. In


    Volume 2014, Issue 1

    succeeding issues of the

    Magazine we plan on three per

    year youll read about many

    more of our highly accomplished

    alumni and our innovative edu-

    cational, scholarly, and creative


    One of my major goals as Dean is

    to increase the number of full-

    time faculty in the Humanities

    and Arts. Last year we hired

    seven great new colleagues. This

    year we have ten searches

    underway in Philosophy,

    English, History, Theatre and

    Speech, Jewish Studies, and Art.

    The search committees are busily

    sifting through piles of

    applications. In some cases, we

    have well over 400 applications,

    which tells us that City College is

    a highly desirable institution for

    outstanding scholars and

    creative artists who are also

    committed to teaching. We look

    forward to another set of great

    and diverse colleagues joining us

    in Fall 2014!

    Continued on Page 2

    Humanities & Arts Magazine, Edited by Melissa KR

  • Volume 2014, Issue 1 Page 2

    Humanities & arts MAGAZINE

    This year we launched a new and exciting masters degree in Branding and Integrated

    Communications. Were in the second year of an excellent Masters of Fine Arts in Digital and

    Interdisciplinary Art Practice. Both programs are emblematic of so much that goes on in the

    Division: they draw on the best traditions of humanistic, creative, and professional knowledge, and

    work at the frontiers of new forms of expression that go beyond individual disciplines. In the next

    few years we hope to establish a new Center for Applied Philosophy. Our colleagues in History

    have already started building a dynamic program, Science and Society. Last year we hired a new

    director of Black Studies, Cheryl Sterling, and shes already brought great verve to the program.

    Jewish Studies is also on the upswing with new hires adding a scholarly dimension to the excellent

    curriculum that Roy Mittelman has developed. And over the next few years we hope to carry out a

    top to bottom renovation of our Art Department studios and electronic equipment. Our students

    deserve only the best!

    One of the developments Im most pleased about are the new interdisciplinary projects weve

    established across the 8 divisions and schools of CCNY. Our Division, the Colin Powell School for

    Civic and Global Leadership, and the Center for Worker Education have established a year-long forum on Human Rights. Were bringing leading scholars, activists, and writers to campus for

    lectures, exhibits, and discussions that are open to the entire campus and the New York City

    community. You can find the description and schedule here: The

    participation of our Division in this exciting enterprise has been enabled by the generosity of the

    Rifkind Family and the Winston Foundation, which have funded the Simon H. Rifkind Center for

    the Humanities and the Arts at CCNY.

    In the pages below youll read some comments from the students who spent 10 weeks this past

    summer at Stanford University for a research program in the Humanities. Theyre an impressive

    group, and our Stanford colleagues agreed. So much so that Stanford has agreed to fund the

    program for another two years while my Stanford counterpart, Debra Satz (73), and I search for

    private gifts to secure the program in perpetuity. Well be selecting another 10 CCNY students to go

    off to sunny California this summer for a new and invaluable educational experience.

    As you can see, a lot is going on in the Division of Humanities and Arts!

    Its only possible because of the dedication and hard work of our faculty and

    staff and the support of our alumni. Thanks to all of you, and best wishes for the

    New Year!

    With best regards,

    Eric D. Weitz

    MESSAGE FROM THE DEAN (continued from Page 1)


    Steven Chalmers is currently enrolled in

    the Studio Art program concentrating in

    Photography, and is scheduled to graduate

    in Spring 2014. (Continued on page 12)

  • Volume 2014, Issue 1 Page 3


    Humanities & arts MAGAZINE

    The Division of Humanities and Arts has many exciting, successful programs that all of us should celebrate. In each issue we will highlight one of those programs. To inaugurate this column, we have asked David Unger to write about the Publishing Certificate Program he directs. The PCP provides rigorous, intellectually challenging courses with hands-on experience to prepare students from diverse backgrounds for careers in the publishing industry.

    In 1998, writer and City College alumnus Walter Mosley, like Saint Paul, was struck by a proverbial bolt of lightning: he realized that if more people of color worked in publishing, diversity among published writers would increase.

    And thats the beginning of the Publishing Certificate Program (PCP) at CCNY. Mosley contacted then CCNY President Yolanda Moses, who was a co-member with him on the Board of the National Book Foundation. They met with publishers on the NBF board and encouraged them to support the

    creation of a publishing program at City College. Major companies John

    Wiley & Sons, Harcourt, Little Brown, Bantam Doubleday Dell, and Scholastic responded to the call with multi-year grants to CCNY.

    The PCP offers a comprehensive publishing program with professional training to CCNY students, especially those from underrepresented minorities, so that they can enter the publishing world as successfully as their counterparts from more elite colleges. We did not duplicate the then existing Radcliffe (now Columbia) Summer Institute or the NYU, Stanford, or Denver programs. We seek students from all backgrounds who love books and reading, and who have never considered publishing as a career option. When they graduate with a PCP certificate, they are ready to go!

    In the 15 years of the PCPs existence, more than 250 students have earned the certificate by taking a minimum of four publishing courses such as E-Book Publishing, Legal Issues, and Books for Young Readers. They also complete internships in publishing houses or literary agencies. In addition to their coursework, this robust internship program gives our students the hands-on experience or apprenticeship necessary to succeed.

    Along the way, we have partnered with Book Expo America and the Womens Media Group to give our students additional support and mentoring. We are proud to say that approximately 50% of our graduates have worked in publishing for at least one year and that today at least 20% of our graduates are employed editors, designers, and publicists in publishingsome with over 14 years of experience.

    We have an amazing faculty comprised of Lisa Healy (Simon & Schuster), John Jusino (HarperCollins), Carol Ross (Hachette Book Group), Tanya McKinnon (Victoria Sanders Literary Agency), Jason Ashlock (Moveable Type), and veteran independent editors Carol Taylor and Rakia Clark. They also act as mentors to our students.

    PCP has been a great success story, and we look forward to expanding the program over the next few years.

    David Unger, Director of the

    Publishing Certificate Program

  • Volume 2014, Issue 1 Page 4

    Retha Powers has [made] . . . familiar to African Americans . . .

    their own intellectual history . . . and to all Americans . . .

    African American history and culture. I cannot stress how

    important publications such as this are to reflecting, and creating,

    a deeper, shared understanding of the richness, complexity, and

    variety of a truly multicultural American culture. Henry Louis

    Gates, Jr., Harvard University

    Bartletts Familiar Black Quotations . . . is not only the most

    comprehensive book of quotations from black thin

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