How to Survive A Long Distance Relationship: Advice On Jealousy

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  • 1. How to Survive ALong Distance Relationship: AdviceOn Jealousy

2. Trust is one of the foundations of a long-lasting relationship. It is also a long distance relationship advice given to me when I had a long distance love. I was assured of her love even though she was away from me. She did not make any promises that she would do this, and she would do that, but she made me feel that I can be a man that he wanted to share her whole life with.
3. Trust is the evidence of a true love. She did not demand letters regularly neither did I demand her to do likewise. Sending her long distance relationship gifts was not even a sign that I wanted her to return the favor to the things that I did.A long list of long distance relationship advice was not enough not until I understood that my confidence for her and her confidence in me were the result of love.
4. It is normal to be jealous at times because it is also a manifestation of concern. Yet, it can also ruin any relationship if it is based on malice and prejudice. How to make a long distance relationship work is not founded on promises but on trust.A long distance relationship advice did work for us. However, in some cases, confidence still works far better than any advice. Jealousy has never been a sign of love but it is the result of insecurity and fear.
5. My love for her grew each day. I trusted her even more despite that it was a long distance love. I focused on her strengths and abilities rather than her weaknesses.On the other hand, jealousy would always result to anger, bitterness, and lack of self-esteem.
6. There will be no misunderstandings, fights, disagreements, and tensions if trust is based on love and not the other way around. If love were based on trust, no relationship would last a lifetime but if trust is based on love, it is unconditional and honest, and can forgive and forget, despite of imperfections.
7. This is a factual long distance relationship advice that cannot be seen and learned if jealousy exists. Restriction or control is one sign of jealousy because freedom is being taken away. She did not dictate me on the choices that I had made in the past but she influenced me how to choose what is right. And that is what trust means to me and that jealousy is based on selfishness.
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