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How to insert a picture in word-PPT Tutorial

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Another assignment from Alvin Trusty's EDFI560 class. A PPT "how to" insert a picture in a Microsoft Word document.

Text of How to insert a picture in word-PPT Tutorial

  • 1. Insert a Picture in a Word Document

2. Place your cursor where you want your picture. 3. Click Insert 4. Select Picture and slide over to From File 5. Find and select a picture to be inserted. 6. Click Insert. 7. Click on the Format Picture 8. Make sure you are in Size and enter the Width. 9. Click OK 10. With the picture selected, click on the Crop button. 11. Click and drag the edge handle to reduce height of picture. 12. May do this to the other points if more cropping is necessary. 13. Click on the Format Picture 14. Cropping can be manually entered in these boxes. 15. Adjust Cropping and Size, under these tabs, until both height and width are equal. 16. Select Tight to make text wrap tight around the picture. 17. Click OK. 18. And you have successfully inserted a picture, cropped it and changed the text wrapping!

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