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Insert Picture. Insert Picture. Insert Picture. Insert Picture. Insert Picture. Insert Picture. Insert Picture. Insert Picture. Insert Picture. Fort Campbell: A World Class Army Home. V. 1 (FEB 2011). Post Overview. Fort Campbell Location. Straddles the KY-TN line in Southeast U.S. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Fort Campbell: A World Class Army Home

V. 1 (FEB 2011)V. 1 (FEB 2011)END SLIDE.

1 Straddles the KY-TN line in Southeast U.S. Over 60% of assigned Soldiers and their Families reside off-post Located within four counties in KY & TNSurrounding four-county region contains 261,220 persons Largest Adjacent Cities: Clarksville, TN (119,735) Hopkinsville, KY (32,076) Oak Grove, KY (9,205)Post OverviewFort Campbell Location

V. 1 (FEB 2011)Slide shows the location of Fort Campbell and surrounding region

Fort Campbell is located within the southeastern U.S. and straddles the KY/TN line It is about 55 miles northwest of Nashville, TN and within 200 miles of Louisville, KY.

The installation is located within parts of four counties, which comprise the Clarksville, TN-KY Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA): Christian and Trigg in KY and Montgomery and Stewart County in TN.

This 4-county region has a population larger than 250,000 persons. Largest cities are Clarksville, TN, Hopkinsville, KY and Oak Grove, KY, which are adjacent to Fort Campbells eastern boundary.

As the next slide highlights, there are over 30,000 Soldiers and 51,000 family members assigned to Fort Campbell. Of this number, over 60% (56,000+ persons) live off-post in the surrounding region. The post also has a large number of civilian employees and supported retirees in the area.

(Info Sources)-KY & TN population data taken from U.S. Census Population estimates as of July 1, 2008.-Fort Campbell demographic info taken from 2010 Post Fact Sheet.



Active Duty Military: 30,179Family Members: 53,116Civilian Employees: 2,598Contract Employees: 3,489Other Civilian : 3,012Military Retirees: 63,776Retiree Family: 87,532Reserve Component: 30

Fort Campbell, Kentucky

Fort Campbell Supports Over 242,972 PersonsCiviliansRetirees and FamiliesSolders and FamiliesContractorsPost OverviewSupported Population

V. 1 (FEB 2011)Supported Population Slide.SOURCE: ARMY STATIONING AND INSTALLATION PLAN-COP Lock 03MAR12.3

$4.5 Billion in FY 2011Largest Single Mobile Employer in KY & TNFort Campbell Economic DisbursementPost OverviewAppropriated FundMilitary PayRetiree PayConstructionBAHCiv. PayV. 1 (FEB 2011)Slide shows Fort Campbells impact on surrounding region.

$4.5B annual disbursement is comprised of payroll, new construction projects, appropriated & non-appropriated fund expenditures, BAH and contracts.

(NOTE TO BRIEFER: Chart contains end of FY11 data) Fort Campbell economic disbursement is broken down into the following areas:

(1) Payroll $3.49 Billion. Payroll figure includes active duty military, civilian employees (to include Army civilians, NAF & schools) and military retirees ($1.4B) within this region. (2) Construction Activities: $160M. Includes MCA and other construction-related activities. (3) BAH ($212M) FY11 funds paid in the surrounding area for off-post housing. (4) Appropriated funds includes other non-pay disbursements from the Garrison and other tenant units such as MEDCOM, MSE and 160th SOAR. Total includes various expenditures such as supplies, printing, (non-DOC) contracts , transportation and travel.NOTE: The above chart does NOT include $25M in NAF expenditures.(Info Sources) GRMO FY11 Economic Impact Fact Sheet dated DEC 2011 (Ms. Crisp)BAH base figure obtained from DPW Housing. BAH (off-post) total calculated by DPW Master Plans (C. Brown)

4Infrastructure$228M in ongoing construction at Fort Campbell$1.22B in construction projects over past 10 Years (FY00 FY10)

Over $181M in new construction in FY11, to include:New Clarksville Base BDE/BN HQ and Barracks ($67M)New Clarksville Base COFs ($25M)Tactical Equip Maint. Facility ($5.5M)Chapel/Multi-purpose Center ($14.4M)5th SFG BN HQ and COFs ($38M)Armed Forces Reserve Center ($5.3M)

Fort Campbell Construction ActivitiesRendering of New Post Chapel

V. 1 (FEB 2011)Slide provides general overview of current and future construction projects at Fort Campbell.

Construction activity on Fort Campbell is one of the major areas that can have positive economic impacts on the surrounding region. Most of the materials and contract labor used for these projects comes from the local region.

There is roughly $228M in ongoing construction at Fort Campbell. Some of the major projects currently under construction includes the Clarksville Base Complex,, Wounded Warrior Complex and a new Child Development Center.

The $1.22B in construction is a roll-up of previous construction projects that have been completed during the period from FY00 FY10 and highlights the robust construction that has been taking place on post.

Fort Campbell currently has $1.52B in new projects programmed in the FY12-FY16 FYDP. While this figure is subject to change, it does highlight the large amount of future construction planned at Fort Campbell.